grant: the nice one

Erotic Poetry

well i wuz just hanging out at my friends party and she and i were rating a group of boys. they were football jocks and suddenly they must have heard us or something bcuz they were walking tward us. next thing i knew my friend wuz waving flirtatiously at them. well if i were dressed like her i probably would have too. she wuz wearing a sleeveless white (all most see through) top and like 4 inch heels with a denim mini skirt. i on the other hand was wearing jeans boots and a brown hoodie with a gray shirt that said my high school name on it. i was 19 i was still a virgin and was not about to give it up to a bunch of total strangers. well anyway they came over and one i reconized. it was grant my high school sweetheart. i tried not to talk or look at him but those BEAUTIFUL hazel eyes drew me in. the big hunky one that christy was with looked like he was gonna explode if he didn't pound her. well some how they got us outside and got christy drunk. the big one whose name was Don pulled a gun out of his pants. "what the hell is this Don!!!, grant shouted. i thougt you were over this". don answered "hell no man! i can't stop fucking these hot ass bitches!" he pulled out his HUGE tool and pointed it at christy who was too drunk to care.

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   he aimed the gun at her head. all right baby. he said. your just gonna make don even bigger so i can fuck the shit out of you and your friend. holy shit i shouted. don pointed the gun at me. " you mean you want us to FUCK you?!" got that right he said. well if your done im gonna get started on your friend. he murmered. " Holy fuck! shes tight!" he said. through all the pumps and oh fuck me you slut"s don never stopped pulverizing her. when he was done more of the others would fuck her. all except grant. he stood by me. dthat is when it hit me like duh.

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   i was going to die. either way you put it. either don pounded me and i died from it or i refused an he shoots me. so when it came my turn don tore off my clothes and continued to try to suck my now moist clit and nipples. when i pushed away he aimed the gun at my head. wait man said grant. i wanna do her. i couldnt belive my ears. GRANT of all people wanted to do me. i was surprised when don agreed. he came down to me and took off his pants. and shirt and everything else. i looked at his face and he looked at me. then we stared he mouthed 'are you ready' and i nodded. he was gentle but looked like he was hurting me.

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   i did feel a little pain and when he came it felt . . . . . strange. but belive it or not he saved me. after that night we have been together ever since. i was crazy about him he was crazy about me. the sad part was christy died from being so abused. she was only 19 about to turn 20. now as i looked into grants eyes that night i knew he would never leave me again. with his light brown hair and hazel eyes i love him even more. - sarah james.