I'm Slept With 5000 Men

Erotic Poetry

Got a confession that I wanna makeAbout howI like to make loveOn the first dateTurn my lovers onWith just a flick of my tongue I'm done 'em allFrom movie stars to men with really nasty scarsI'm slept with 5000 menNow all I gotta ask isWould you like to be number 5001?100 percent safeDisease freeI always use protectionBefore I take my pleasureNot a whoreI just enjoy mi amoreNever have been able to get enoughSometimes even had3 or 4 all in one nightYes, it's true indeedI'm slept with 5000 menNow how you like to be number 5001?Kinky kind of ladyFrom 69 to getting it on doggystyleI'll do itIf that's what it takesTo knock your socks offCos lover there ain't no denying itI like what you got in your pantsAnd just like all the othersI wanna swallow it wholeThen let you stick it deep down insideFact is I'm slept with 5000 menAnd now I want you to be number 5001Play by my own rulesDon't care what others thinkDon't care what others sayCos I knowThey're just jealousThat while they're working so hard9 to 5 and overtimeJust to get paidI'm the oneLoving it on my backGetting laidSoon to write my first tell all book Gonna call itThe Life of a Sex Manic-How I'm Slept With 5000 MenBut before I do.....How would you like to be number 5001? By RAMONA THOMPSON

© 2006  RAMONA THOMPSON (All rights reserved)