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Erotic Poetry

A lot of people are submitting stories to post on this site and probably wondering why they have not appeared. I will attempt to explain the commonest reasons.
1. . . . . . . Age restrictions. . . . on any sex story the minimum acceptable age for references to sexual acts has to be 16 years of age and if the receipient of the sexual act is forced to carry that out out, then that age restriction is 18 years of age.
2. .

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  . . This web site has filters which are designed to protect the site from accidental or malicious virus attacks, this sometimes allows only the title and author details through so we can not accept stories with no text bodies as it's not going to tell the story anyway. Make sure your submitted story is virus checked and where possible remove any unnecessary html tags. . . . .
3. . . . finally it is the administrators duty to check the story for acceptable content, so after the above two conditions, if your story is still not accepted, it may be deemed to be unsuitable for this site. (This is however very difficult to achieve. .

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4. If your story is denied for any of the above reasons, it will drop from your control panel, so you will need to edit it and resubmit it.