Kendra's teased

Erotic Poetry

You're lying on my bed, arms above your head and legs spread wide. I look at your naked body, letting my eyes linger where I want to until I finally touch you, letting my hands rub up your skin, up and down your body. My fingers linger, but do not stop when they reach your neck, stomach, hips, and calves. My hands graze your rib cage, across your breasts and down to your waist. I gently scratch and graze your skin with my finger nails, letting you feel me more while I kiss the softest parts of your body making you quiver. I gently bite your neck, hard, letting you feel that a little pain is a good thing. I run my tongue along your collarbone, then down between your breasts, and let it flick across your stomach until I reach your hips. Leaving soft, wet, lingering kisses on your hips, licking across your inner thighs, and down your legs. Touching and licking the back of your knees, making you gasp and squirm, not ignoring any part of your body.

I slowly rub my cock against your wet opening, not penetrating, but making you want me even more. Biting, kissing, and licking your neck and your breasts while I rub my body against yours. Grabbing your hair and pulling your head backwards so I can kiss your throat more easily as you thrust against my hard cock, but still I do not penetrate you.

You want to jump on top of me and force my hard cock inside of you; you want it so bad you scream. Holding your hands, I finally thrust myself inside of you with one hard sure stroke. Thrusting inside of you slowly, every back stroke pulling out to the tip of my cock, then thrusting back inside as deep as I can. You get close to your orgasm, and I stop and just thrust the tip of my cock in and out of you.

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   You moan and scream and thrust against me, forcing me deep inside of you, as I start to fuck you hard and fast. You’re about to cum, but I pull out and stop, and just look deep into your eyes as you moan and tell me to keep going.

I lick my way down your body, down your stomach, licking past your pussy to your inner thighs. Letting my tongue play around your pussy, licking to the left, and to the right, without going inside of you, sliding my hands under your ass and squeezing you, licking up towards your clit and when I get their I lick on it, and nibble on it, and suck on it. I don’t force my tongue between your lips though. When you get close to coming again I stop licking you, and again look deep into your eyes.

I start to fuck you again, my cock sliding in and out of you hard and fast. Grabbing you by the hips and pulling you down with every thrust. I lift your legs to my shoulders and thrust into you as hard and as fast as I can, making you cum multiple times before I shoot my hot load of cum deep inside of you.