Love in Motion

Erotic Poetry

I remember you. Your taste, your touch. I remember your sadness. You always said life was too much. So beautiful, inside and out. You dreamed more often than I could count. The look on your face,The sweat on your skin. It's hard to believe I'll never see it again. You opened your heart to me,You opened your legs. I took what I wanted,and never heard you beg. You tried to save me,tried to show me life. You told me you loved me,told me you wanted to be my wife. Did I ever really love you?I found out too late, I guess. Missing your lips, missing your caress. Since then, you grew up. You did what you said you couldn't.

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  You're living without me,living life because I couldn't. I wasn't good enough for you,that much is obviously true. Although I miss you terribly,and all the things only you can do. .