Monday Flowers

Erotic Poetry

For you Jeff, my lover complete within our soulsLike monday flowers, you sew your thoughts of love at my feet to propose to me. Your bond, ours, a resemblance of me and you. Together for a lifetime, longer to be true. My heart beckons to you, crying to be held, and with yours it does so melt. One-we are a blending. . . body, soul, mind. In ecstasy we writhe, rising on tidal waves of lust. As our bodies inner cores, burst showering one another in our pure, silken love. My body is yours. Your temple, your concubine of pure sex, an unadulterated bond. Your fingers strumming humming over me making the throbbing spread without. My skin, yours, damp. . slick with our love.

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  Your fingertips dancing in our sweet nectar, for us to taste the flavor of monday flowers. .