My Dream or Yours

Erotic Poetry

It's not a snub. I just wait in silence. Muscle of lust in repose, like a bank account, you can make a withdrawal any time, don't waste words on superficial concerns, don't you like me anymore, why haven't you written, blah blah blah. I like you. I like you best when you leave the whining on the shelf and tell me how you want me. Try harder, work harder, be harder, I like these. Mercilessly violate me continually and/or repeatedly until I flare into a combustion of wanton squirting passion. Are these your words to me or my words to you? Does it matter? I have at least two appendages of flesh with your name on them. . (no, no tattoos--i mean figuratively) My new tongue is a virgin, longer, stronger, brings ancestral memories of the tongue that was before, no slouch, dying to meet you, delicious, responsive, gonna find that one button that totally undoes you, jelly, defenseless, drool soak my pillow, your jism flying up my ass. My clit swells for want of you. Pull over. was it a dream? i love my dreams. This is my first submission to this site. I just joined so please tell me what you think of this. I know I'm not a pro at writing but it's something I lkie to do in my spare time.

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   I have more I've written and lots more ideas. Just give me your honest opinions please. Thanks.