My Love...

Erotic Poetry

Holding me just a moment, There is more to learn, to teachLifting me, light as a feather, as airBringing me to you, a fruit to be picked~it is yours to take~Slowly, carefully you instruct meA goddess on a pedestal, a maiden atop a towerYou impale me, and wait for my awakeningOpening my eyes, the flash of pain subsiding~I believe in heaven now~I am learning, I am responding, I am gainingDeeply I stare, searching for cluesWhat I see is you, getting lost alsoI take control, I navigate with confidence~You swim in my eyes~Urgency building, tension mountingThe tide is approaching, waves swellingCrashing on the shore- harder they poundHold on to me- come with me, you cry~We are sinking together~Engulfing us, swallowing us wholeOceans of pleasure wash over you and ITogether we drowned, unable to catch a breathSinking to the bottom, we collapse~I am yours always~