Night in with anna

Erotic Poetry

* leans in slowly kissing you with passion as i wrap my lips around yours moving our lips together at the same time , i let my tounge slowly ride into your mouth as our tounges twist with each others and i massage yours with mine , as i hold you close in the Bed. i slowly run my hands down your back as we continue to kiss loving the taste of you my hands travel up and down your body from behind continueing to explore and feel about how amazing you feel and loving hot fit you are , i move it and then keep it still as it is around your hot tight ass massaging it slowly as my other hand is placed on your cheek holding you close to me. i move you around so you are now ontop of me  asi breath hard not beliveing my luck as you are so hot and perfect you now sitting on my chest as i pull down your pjs and slide your panties to the side moving You over so you are sitting onmost on my throat , i lean in slowly lickin garound the walls of your pussy up and down in slow hard stokes  and then switching to hard fast , doing this untill i feel you moaning and know you are loving it. i move alittle so your pussy is all in my face sucking up all your jucie as it flows freely from your pussy loving how you taste i move alittle putting 2 fingers up easily and licking and sucking around your clit hot and hard nibbleing on it . i look at you as i feel you about to explode and give me all your jucies , i lean up moving my fingers out looking up knowing your here soon and i cup my lips around your pussy sucking on you rpussy my lips covering the full thing as my hands traver all the way up to you rhot tits massaging them slowly as i continue to lick and suck on your hot now drippin gpussy as it fills my mouth and you explod my tounge going deep inside you hitting you rg spot as you shak alot feeling it cumming on knowing you are gonna cum on my soo much , i move alittle lieing you down on the now finised licking you out , i take out my now rock hard 9 inch cock rubbing it up and down your wet pussy gtting it wet enuf to fuck you nice and slow and thenn furious , i move it up and down alittle more to get my cock all wet from your jucies , i slowly start moving the head in your wet pussy moving it in and out slowly as i feel your pussy clentch my hard cock around its libras trying to stop it from moving in and out just wanting my full load inside your hot wet messy pussy , i move down ontop of you . my cock now going into your pussy deep and slowly inch by inch as i move slowly not going fast or hard just to get it in as i start slidding it in and out of your pussy as you feel less tight and you grab my back pulling me into you hard as i move out to move back in. i look down at you more as i push in harder with my now rock solid 9 inch cock looking into your eyes as i lean in kissing your neck and all around it working my way along your jawline slowly and smoothly going to your hot pink lips kissing you without tounge as i start moving my hips faster into you back and forth and back in forth in a steady motion in and out of your gapping pusssy just waiting for my cock to go in and out of it . i move over alittle and lift your leg abit so your lef leg is older my shoulder and my arm is holding it up still looking at you as i move alittle more now you rpussy spread with my cock in it and it goes deeper inside of you hurting yuou alittle as it hits hard off your womb sending you back into extisy all over again as you feel yourself abnout to cum once more all over my cock . i move your leg alittle higher up stretching you again so it goes in further and harder as my mouth goes down and finds your hot hard nipples as i lick around them slowly switching from one to another as i suck o them biting and nibbleing on them slowly and hard as my saliva drips from my mouth to your nipples running down your nipples down you rtits slowly , i move again this time you feel my cock throubing knowing i am ready to come anytime soon in your dripping wet pussy " fuck your soo amazing " i moan out as i empty exploding all inside your pussy and you feel my cum hit the walls of your pussy and your womb as i continue to move again still fucking you to empty it all inside your hot wet tierd expanding pussy. i move over lieing next to you after we are both finished and breathing hard from the sex, i look around kissing your lips gently loving how good you felt when i was inside you and i see our jucies running out your pussy ans down your thigh at the same time, i lean my hand over and rub your pussy not wanting anything to get out i quickly rub it all in , " lets go to the shower" i say before i take your hand and lead you into the shower the cum still running out of you nice and slow leaving you feeling amazing and on top of the world , we walk in and i put the shower on not to hot and not to cold just enuf that we both love it when the water hits us,after we get in and the water is running i put some shower gel over my hands and slowly work it into your back working my way up and down your back slowly massageing it all in making you nice and clean again , i go down and keep stoping at your ass and then i go down to it runnin gmy fingers along the insides of your ass cheeks all hot and wet with shower gel and the water ,i stop doin gthis after 30 seconds and move my hands down your legs around your thighs as you lean against the wall just enjoying yourself and you are getting washed and feeling really hot again from the way i am touching you all over . My hands travel up and down each leg with passon as i love doing this making you feel so speacil and hot ,i move my ahdns back up running them inside your thigh getting all the cum stains away from it and making sure they go back to been nice and smooth , my hands travel from your thigh around up and down your pussy running my fingers over your clit as the hot steamy water runs down your body and all over your pussy before it drips off leaving you in total extacy as my fingers travel around up and down the inside and outside of your puffy pussy lips making sure i dont miss a spot i turn you around so you are facing me now . i look you in the eyes and lean in kissing you lovinly as my tounge moves from my mouth to yours exploring around your hot welcomeing mouth as our tounge intertwin with each others your hands traveling up and down my back  me holding you close to  wall the water getting  alittle hotter leaving the shower all steamed up . i have you pushed against the wall gently leaning into you as i continue my washing of your dirty body now doing the front of your legs and around about your wasit slowly as i work my way up and down your sides not touching your sensitive tits just yet wanting to wait , i move my ahdns close to your tits with more shower gel on them rubbing realy slow but alittle hard knowing you like it that way i move my hands close together making your tits sqezz against each other as my fingers are moving round and round of your hard nipples as the water drips from them hitting the floor hard ,i take the shower hoose and manover it around your body getting all the gel and foam off your wet body . . . .

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