Oh MY Best Friend

Erotic Poetry

Oh my best friend
Those are the wettest lips
You like them baby?
You can touch my clit
If I touch your clit, can I eat?
Eat away hun
Make me grab the sheet
How do you like it?
Strong, hard, I want it deep
Spread them open
So I can take a peep
Here you are love
Nice, Pink and sweet,
Intoxicating, the smell is like candy
Come take a taste
Put that tongue in Sandy
Oh Sandy tastes so good
Never Stop Baby
Have all that you could
Your warm juices flowing
Steady down my chin
Don’t waste any baby
Take every bit in
I wouldn’t dream of wasting
I’ll be here all night long
Please do baby, eat it good
It’s singing your song
Yes baby put two fingers in
On second thought give me three again
I won’t stop at three
You are hot I’ll put them all in, trust me
Oh yes, yes now that you’re all in there
Visit my clit with that hot mouth
Make it hard make it stand out
Baby with four fingers in you
Your clit won’t be spared
Good, do what you wish to it
Lick, bite and suck it long
With a cookie like yours
That won’t be hard
Oh god those soft lips
Oh god my lucky clit
Sandy I’m the lucky one
No babe , Your hot hole is nothing but fun
My nipples are so erect and hard
They need your attention sweetheart
I can’t leave your beautiful womb
Don’t you worry those nice tits well see me soon
Baby I can feel the juices dripping down my ass
It’s all mine lover that ass is first class
Holy shit, oh my god that finger
Just hit the spot
Push it in deeper, fill that butt
Your vagina, ass and clit being so loved
But it’s your sweet moans that make me cum
Every move you make I feel the same
Push it in deeper continue the game
Do you feel the touch on your g-spot?
See me shaking? I’m sure that says a lot
With my hair being pulled so strong
It’s amazing how you could last so long
With the way you’re making my clit dance
It’s harder than you think to hold on
Don’t wait then give me your flow
It won’t end there; there will be a second and third show
When I cum hold on tight
You’re so good I’m sure I’ll see the light
I’m pulling my fingers out
To put my tongue back in
I love your tongue babe
Yessss, oh my god babe I’m your best friend
You’re so creamy now
You’re so wet
OMG baby, your wet fingers
Feel like a tongue on my tit
Running them over your nipples with your own juices
Now you know how hot your are
Can you smell the sweetness?
Oh yes my darling Liz
I’m Cumming hard
I love you so much
You are my best friend by far
Written and Copy written By ClementS