One Night...

Erotic Poetry

Although I have written a lot of poetry I have never written an erotic poem. This is just a little erotic, not much. Feel free to tell me how you feel about it. It's kind of short.The sun goes down and wind grows hardand her beauty never escapesThe moon arises and the night gets darkand her touch remains the sameHer soft skin beneath my hard rough handsand I wonder how she feels of meHer forever gaze at me with sensual growing eyesand my heart beats a little fasterI lay gently back with a long soft groanand she moves a little longerShe sits up straight and sits back downand controls my every emotionTell me you love me and tell me you careand I will stay here foreverThe sweat rolling down her beautiful ripe chestand I wipe it with my foreheadNever stop and stay like this all nightand I'll make it worth your whileHer curly long hair bouncing in the nightand her soft sweet moans arose meShe doesn't stop until its almost timesand watches me all the longA sweet loud moan carries through the nightand I'll hold her all night long.