Raniy Days

Erotic Poetry

On those rainy days I find myself remembering you.
The feel of your heat mixed with mine
The days we lay out in the rain under that tree you planted for us when I was three
But you did not know about me
The first time I laid on top and found my hips sway to the rain
I found my power at 17 you were older but you remembered what it felt to be young
You could not stop what I had started because I had laid like this with you many times
I touched the heat between legs at night with this moment in my minds eye
So the day came when we were caught in the rain a warm summer rain sudden powerful
My shirt clinging to my frame making you notice the body I hide from the wondering boys
So we ran to my tree our tree and I asked you to keep me warm as the rain turned cold on my skin only to find the heat you provided spreading
To places untouched by any boy and then I swayed as the drops fell drops finding their way through the leaves
I peeled my t-shirt of my ebony skin revealing my double d breast with pert nipples
I whispered please relieve this ache my nipples hurt until you took your pink tongue and red lips to them
My hips swayed and found you pushing back on my jean shorts
They were straining against my full hips and tight round ass you pushed them off with ease
And found the woman I was waiting to be with you I pushed down letting your hard steel red cock take me
I let my hips sway faster forgetting the pain and feeling my heat mixed with yours
You told me how you had watch me while I had played watched me as I danced with your son
Yearning for your hands on my hips as your son tried to match my sway the sway I meant for you
So I turned as you gripped my hips my skin brushing the bark of our tree as you took me
Please make me yours passed from my lips and the rain made our song and it beat down on our tree
My skin slick stream rising from us the heat we created we went till you were spent and I had fulfilled
The dreams I had since I was 12 my lips sweet with your taste as I licked you clean we taste so good
The contrast of our skin burned into my mind you held me and touched my bruised pussy with your probing tongue
And as quickly as the rain started it stopped
We never spoke about that day even one my wedding day as you gave me to your son
I visit our tree on sunny days but when it rains I remember and I cum hard with your son deep within me
My husband loves rainy days I always remember you on those rainy days
I just wrote this I hope you can help my improve my writing I will try writing more feed back welcome @ [email protected].