The Assistant

Erotic Poetry

It was a clear Saturday afternoon at the county fair. Hundreds of people gathered for food, drinks to watch various entertainers. The featured performance was a sharp shooting display by a man named Billy. It was to be the final act for him.

Earlier that week, Billy met with his doctor. It was confirmed he had an incurable health issue and only had several months to live. The old entertainer accepted the news with little reaction. He had already lived a long and fulfilling life. There was only one more thing Billy wanted to accomplish before the end.

After a couple days of pondering, he came to a decision. Remembering an old . 22 caliber pistol that was stored in a drawer, he smiled. It was a rather weak weapon that was a little more powerful than an average BB gun. He decided to use the weapon for his final shot at the fair. He knew the shot would be one for the audience to remember.

The crowd rose to its feet as a shapely brunette cowgirl, dressed in tight jeans and a light blue sweater took the stage and reached for the microphone.

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  At 25 years of age, she had been Billy's assistant for the last three years. She had a body most women could only dream about. The tight jeans she wore that day nicely accentuated her large butt.

“Ladies and Gentleman, now feature presentation of the afternoon. A man known for his shooting precision for over thirty years. Put your hands together for The Amazing Billy!"

The performer began to impress the crowd with his awesome pistol shooting. He first shot at various targets around him. His lovely assistant continued to place targets for him as the crowd watched in amazement. Up to this point in the show, all was routine.

The show started to come to its close. Standing a short distance away, the assistant placed the target for the grand finale. It was a silver dollar mounted on a small wooden platform. The setup was nearly finished when she heard an unexpected gunshot.

Suddenly, the situation became clear to the assistant. Her eyes bulged open in disbelief and her jaw dropped.

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  She turned around and saw Billy lowering the pistol.

"You bastard," she screamed. "You shot me in the ass!"

The intense burning sensation that swelled in her butt was sufficient proof for her. Although propelled from a rather feeble gun, the bullet found the middle of the woman’s right buttock and pierced deep into the fleshy target. Her right hand quickly reached back to cover wound, which was now producing a visible blood stain on her jeans. She hobbled behind the curtain and fell face first onto the wooden floor.

Upon seeing the odd occurrence, the mostly male crowd started to laugh. There was nothing to indicate this was anything out of the ordinary. It seemed obvious to them that this man couldn’t possibly have the audacity to perform such an act.

Knowing he had very few days remaining, his motivation was simple. The act of shooting his attractive female assistant in the ass was the ideal way to finish his career. The applause started and Billy took a bow.

The old man was later arrested for his actions. He passed away before the trial and died a happy man.

The bullet was surgically removed from the woman’s buttock and she was quickly released from the hospital.

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  The scar was permanent and infuriated her every time she saw it in the mirror. She knew her right buttock took a bullet simply because it was the final twisted desire of a dying man.