The Collaring

Erotic Poetry

 As I kneel at Your feet Â
Your gentle touch I yearn Â
The ache is bittersweet Â
Makes my heart flame burn Â
The look in Your eyes Â
Brings me such joy Â
And makes me realize Â
That I am Your toy Â
You reach out Your hand Â
Brushing lightly against my cheek Â
That’s when I notice the silver band Â
Makes my body go weak Â
“This gift of love Â
makes you forever mine Â
before the angels above Â
and heaven devine Â
if you except this Â
symbol of My heart Â
it will bring me such bliss Â
for we shall never part” Â
I shiver and sigh Â
Eyes dancing with delight Â
And I begin to cry, Â
My soul shined so bright Â
“i accept this token Â
of the love we share Â
our bonds, unbroken Â
i share always wear Â
i pledge to You Â
my heart, unforsaken Â
my life, anew Â
will never be forsaken” Â
Toward You, i bow Â
Offering You everything Â
For I belong to You now Â
Which makes my heart sing Â
“With this collar I pledge Â
we’ll never be apart, Â
may no wedge Â
separate your heart from my heart” Â
my eyes fill with joyful tears Â
my journey now done Â
After all these years Â
My heart, You have won Â
“i except this collar, Ma’am Â
my pledge I give Â
For a sub is who I am Â
i give to You my life” Â
In place, You lock it Â
With great care Â
It was a perfect fit Â
i shall always wear Â
You lift me up high Â
In Your warm embrace Â
i knew, with a sigh Â
i have found my place. Â

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