The day off

Erotic Poetry

Topic: And here it goes It all started at my 16 birthday and with my mom at age 26, yes she was 10 when she had me. . . rape. . . We stayed with her parents until i was 8 and she moved out, the father did pay some money until he died, much good he was anyway.
 I was 16 with an average build blonde hair blue eyes, 7 inch cock wide too, a nice girth, it was pretty embarrassing in the showers everyone thought i was odd. And her, wow if you could only feast your eyes on her long legs, her tight stomach, the beautiful double d's she liked to squeeze in a bra a size down. Blonde hair, with deep green eyes, perfect hourglass.
   Now for the day it happen, I woke up ran off to school and my mom stayed home as she wasnt working on fridays. I got to school, but of course i forgot the seniors were graduating and we had the f ing day off. I started home about an hour later. Around 12 i finally got back to the house with my girlfriend who was amazing on her own, dark black hair, a nice c cup, perfect body.  
 I pushed her down on the couch, ripped her clothes off, snapping all the buttons, and started on her pussy after some light kissing, when we heard a noise from up stairs, We got up, naked, and walked up stairs, i opened the door, and my girlfriend almost leaped on her, my mom that is, she was tied to the bed. .

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  . . and crying this was a huge turn on, and she saw me and my grilfriend lizzy, she looked at our lack of clothes and the lust in my eyes, she called to me "Max! help!!"  i undid one hand and she grabbed my cock, her expression had changed, she had the same lust in her eyes as mine "Eat me Out!!! Max!!! I need it, i havent had anything for 16 years, i was going today, but he left me and i need you i need you in me, ive been watching you and Lizzy have sex now for 3 months, and her sucking your long cock"
I bent down and drank my soaking mother while Lizzy sucked my cock. I gave my mothers clit a few likes and moved my cock to her face, and shoved it down her throught, she ate it all, it was the best throat i had been down, Lizzy only could dit 3 inches, and Chrissie before her 4, but my god Chrissie had and amazing love for rent and loved to fuck everytime she watched or heard it, which was every day more then once a day. My mom continued on me while lizzy ate her out  in my place.  I then entered her screaming, and moaing my cock filing her almost virgin pussy, my 7 inches the first shes had since the small 13 year old boy raped her.