The waterfall

Erotic Poetry

I sneak up close behind you,It's almost reaching noon,I kiss your neck just gently,Someone will come home soon.You place your hands on my breasts,And gently push me against the wall,Pull off my clothes in a rush,I watch them as they fall.You take your hands in mine,As you lead me to your bed,Take off your clothes and lay me down,I gently stroke and caress your head.You slowly explore your new wonderland,The mountains, the cave, the waterfall,I close my eyes and let you,Wanting you to touch me all.Soon enough I lose control,Need to feel you inside me,Guide you in and pull you close,We're one, connected we finally be.I rock against you slowly,As you push inside me deeper,The feelings getting intense,This memory is a keeper.You gently start to kiss me,And I moan softly in your mouth,I can feel the feeling growing,A feeling coming from down south.I grind against you harder,As the waterfall starts to flow,Our waters mixed together,As they finish we start to slow.You lay down close beside me,And hold me in your arms,We fall asleep together,As our breathing slowly calms.