Toes Tingle

Erotic Poetry

I taste your tongue, I feel your lips,
Gently trace my neck, with your fingertips.
I breath you in, inhale the lust,
To taste this fire, is a must.
My hands follow, your every curve,
Unto this moment, I will serve.
My breasts ache, for the heat,
Your wet tongue, igniting all in me.
Your lips so soft, breath on my skin,
My hunger grows rapid, deep within.
Tasting every inch, your body wants more,
You moan louder, more than before.
Hard is the member, that throbs in my suck,
Wanting your juices, once before we fuck.
Deeper in you slide, my mouth hungers and craves,
Fingertips down your stomach, tongue in a maze.
You grip & pull the sheets, hot, fast more and more,
Erupting fire, deep from the core.
I lay kissing your thighs, your breaths settle still,
Trace your stomach with my lips, love the way you feel.
You pull me closer, caress my back,
Kiss my lips, give my ass a smack.
This playful, lust filled moment, has me starved for you,
Rolling, twisting, we’re so wrapped up too.
Finally, you’re between my legs, in my face,
A firm but gentle, grasping embrace.
You feel the heat, you feel the juice,
All that is missing now, is you.
You thrust into me, so gentle and slow,
Pulling you deeper, steady the flow.
Light fingertips, caress your back,
Light fingernails, gently scratch.

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Pace picks up, moaning elevates,
Squeezing each other, hearts race.
My legs pull you in, slammed against the wall,
I want you to fuck me, until I am raw.
Harder, faster, deeper more,
I want to cum, make me yours.
Explosions unite, juices mingle,
Hearts race, toes tingle.