Tracy gets her older brother 2

Erotic Poetry

   I had just unloaded into my little sisters, Tracy, tight, young pussy and she was wrapped around me, holding onto my neck and her legs around my waist. My eight inches still buried in her. “Oh, God, Steven, this is the most wonderful feeling I have ever had”. We started kissing again, this time with a little less urgency. Her pussy was clenching my cock like a fist and she was still having little orgasms. I needed to re-adjust my grip on her as she was starting to slip. The wall was about all that was holding her up. I reached under her ass further with both hands and hoisted her up. One of my middle fingers felt the very back of that leaking cum soaked slit getting it just a little wet. ‘Let’s see’ I thought and moved it back to the little bud of her ass and slipped it in. As I did I pushed my tongue into her mouth and she groaned, MMMMMMMmmmmm, way back in her throat. ‘I want to have more of this’, I thought, got us away from the wall and carried her over to the day bed. I sat her on the edge of the bed and she lay back, all the while looking at me. I slowly, no, reluctantly pulled my cock from her amid her whispered protests and my promise of more to come.
   I leaned over her and placed my lips on hers kissing her deeply. She reached up to put her arms around me, but I pushed them back to her sides.

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   I then started in on her neck and slowly moved down her boy licking and kissing along the way. I cupped one breast in my hand and sucked and kissed the other The nipples on Tracy’s pert tits were standing straight up demanding attention and I gave them all they needed and more. I was now lightly biting the nipples and with each one a small moan of pleasure passed through her throat. I moved further down leaving those lovely tits alone for now and was having a tough time taking my time as I wanted a taste of that, until just recently, virgin pussy. I truly love eating a girls pussy and the fact that it was filled with my cum made it all that much more inviting. I was now on my knees with a leg on each shoulder and got my first good look at the object of my desire. Shaved clean! ‘Lovely’, I thought. There was a trickle of cum coming from the bottom and running into the crack of her ass. That is where I will start, I decided and raising and spreading her legs in I dove. When my tongue made contact with the rosebud of her ass there was a sharp intake of air from her. I pushed and finally got my tongue past the ring of her asshole. I wiggled it back and forth a few times letting her know that was what I wanted. “Oh, Steven, that feels good. ” I was glad to hear that as now I knew that at a later date I would be balls deep in that still virgin ass.
   I pulled my tongue from her ass and flattened it against that little piece of skin separating it from her pussy and moved up, getting a taste of my cum.

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   As I got to the opening of her pussy I cupped my tongue and pushed it into her sucking my and her juices into my mouth. Oh, it tasted sooo good. I held the bounty in my mouth and raised up to share it with Tracy. I was also pushing her legs back towards her shoulders and got to her mouth to kiss her and let her, also, taste our combined nectar. I slid my again hard cock along her sweetness as if fucking her, only keeping my steel outside. As our tongues danced delighting in the taste of our first coupling she was soon close to another orgasm. I stopped kissing her and moved back to her smooth, hairless pussy and started to lick her in earnest. I took Tracy’s clit into my lips and sucked until she was right at the edge and then let go, letting my tongue dive into her letting the sensation drop a level, only to do it one more time. Each time I was on her clit she would shake, “Oh, God, Steven, let me come, LET ME COOOOME. ” Her squeals of ecstasy encouraged me to keep it up even more, keeping her as close as I could without sending her over the top. I looked up at her and could not see her head as her back was arched high in the air in anticipation of release. One hand was full of the bed cover, bunched in her fist and the other was kneading her tit and pinching her nipple. “Steven, Steven, STEEEVEN MAKE ME COME, PLEASE LET ME COOOOME”. I had been eating her sweet pussy and ass for quite a while and hearing beg for release, I could keep it from her no longer. I wrapped my arms around her upper thighs and took that sprout of a clit in my lips and sucked it as if it were a small cock.

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   “YES YESS YESSS. RIGHT THERE. THAT’S IT. I’M COMING I’M COOOOOMING” Had I not had hold of her as I did I would have lost her. Tracy thrashed on the bed, a women possessed. I stayed glued to that sweet pussy using my tongue to keep her going into the throes of orgasm. “OH MY, OH MY, OH MY, STEEEEVEN!!!! SUCK MY CLIT! YEEESSSSSSS! I LOVE THIS! GOD, THIS IS SOOO GOOOD!. ” I got off that quivering pussy and put my lips on hers again at the same time pushing my rock hard cock back into her. No virgin resistance this time and started fuck her hard. I raised my head to look at my sister and her eyes were closed tight, each hand squeezing her nipples and her head going from side to side. Tracy wrapped her legs around me and started fucking me back, her hips coming up to meet my every thrust. My balls slapped her ass on every stroke and after just a couple of minutes I could no longer hold out. “TRACY, I’M GOING TO CUM!” “CUM INSIDE ME STEVEN! I WANT YOUR HOT JUICES DEEP INSIDE ME!!! I WANT TO BE THE ONLY ONE YOU FUCK!!! FUUUUUCK MEEEEE!!!” I pushed into her as far as I could, threw my head back and groaned “TRAAAAACY, I’M COMING” and again sent stream after stream of hot cum deep into my sisters hot, tight, young pussy. As we subsided from our lovemaking I pulled out of her and we laid together with her head on my chest, my arms around her holding her, my sister, my love.
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