Troubleman rides again, pt 2.

Erotic Poetry

Yolanda wept as I slid my engorged cock in and out of her mouth. Her small hands pushed uselessly against my muscular thighs , my powerful hand trapping her to me with an iron grip on the nape of her slender black neck. My other hand was painfully twisting her nipples, which were long and stiff. The total control of this young woman was causing me to become incredibly turned on, my cock swelling to a steel-like spike from which her  tiny mouth could not escape. I looked into her brown eyes as I face-fucked her, enjoying the power as I thrust into her throat and held her head ,  letting go of her hot nipples to pinch her nose shut. I arched my back and smiled as her eyes grew wide, realizing she could'nt breathe. I waited for a good 10 seconds, untill she really started struggling, desperate to draw air into her lungs. Smiling cruelly at her young face, enjoying her desperate eyes, starting to cry anew, I withdrew my rock hard cock from her mouth, allowing her to breathe, before repeating the heartless process again. After almost choking the little black girl numerous times, I pulled her head back, allowing my stiff cock to pop out of her tiny mouth. "You like sucking that big white cock, Yolanda"? I asked as I held her head back and resumed my rough pinching and twisting of her black nipples. Her reply was silence, weeping softly , this pissed me off and I used my free hand to slap her across the face several times with my cock. Looking around, I discovered a desk a few feet away, iluminated by my flashlight that I had placed on the shelf earlier. I shifted my grip on her throat, moving my hand to the front, and lifted the hapless little bitch with one arm as I spun her toward the desk. Setting the young moaning girl onto her feet, facing away from me, I pushed her against the desk, forcing her head down as my free hand grabbed her ass. Holding Yolanda by her hair, I allowed my eyes to take in her body again. She was very firm, her tiny waist flaring out into a fine bubble butt, barely incased in her jeans, I noted with glee a red thong peeped out of her jeans.

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   I was facinated that my large hand could almost encircle half her waist. "I'm gonna fuck you now, Yolanda. " I whispered into her ear as I yanked her head back, pulling her to me untill my hard cock pressed into her back. She moaned as I roughly undid her pants and pulled them down to her ankles. I pushed her head down onto the desk , bending her over it, enjoying the view of her smooth bubble ass, the color of chocolate. I suddenly ripped the red thongs in half, causing her fine ass to quiver, and tossed them away. Spitting into my hand, I then rubbed it over my steel cock as I guided to her tight pussy.   I pushed my hips forward and eased myself into Yolanda, causing her to cry out in pain. I pulled her head back and stuck my finger into her mouth, fishooking her and causing her head to turn as I shoved my cock into her pussy. "Oh you little black bitch, you got some tight pussy"! I exclaimed as I began to thrust my hips, burying my cock to the hilt, Yolanda was making littler grunting noises against my finger as I pulled her head around even more. I began to pump in and out of her, slapping her ass with my tight belly. Oh man! Here I was again! Brutally fucking the shit out of a hapless woman who didnt really ask for it, but in a way, I felt she was getting exactly what she needed. I increased my tempo, enjoying the sight of Yolanda sweating under me, taking my big cock while quietly weeping. Leaning back, I spit onto her asscheeks, allowing my saliva to run down to her asshole, I rubbed my thumb into the spit and slowly worked it up that tight ass, Yolanda cried out in agony at this, but it only turned me on more. "Please dont do that, Mr.

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  " she managed to say as I worked the massive head of my cock into her ass, finally spitting on it for more lube before sliding it in. This caused Yolanda to cry out and thrash around. I easily pulled her arms behind her and cruelly twisted them up almost to her neck. Holding the small black woman down, I started to pump my cock in and out of her tight ass, "Oh fuck, Yolanda, your tight ass feels like silk, I swear you gonna make me come"! Her reply was a long moan, making grunting noises as I violated her ass. Finally, I came, shoving my cock to the hilt into Yolanda's ass, my hands painfully twisting her arms even higher up her back. After convulsing for a bit, I withdrew my cock with a pop from her ass, noting the cum starting to leak down toward her pussy. Pulling my pants up, I said, "Wait right here, young lady, I'll get that fuse. " I left her cowering on the desk as I went to my truck and got the fuse. Upon returning, I found Yolanda pulling her clothes back on, eyeing me warily.  Quickly replacing one of the fuses, I saw that the lights were back on, and retrieved my flashlight. Turning to Yolanda, I took her chin into my hand, she tried to draw back, but couldnt stop the deep kiss as I slipped my tongue into mer mouth. "You call me if you have anymore trouble with your lights, girl. "She only stared at me, not with fear or hate, but fascination as I walked out. As I rolled out of the parking lot, I told myself " I gotta quit this shit, I'm gonna loose my job".   But in the back of my head, I realized a beast was unleashed, and I liked it.

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