3 for the show.....part 2


As we continued to discover her body MrX and I were starving to cum. . . . Ms X -after she squirted her love shake on her husband's face- suggested we go to her to her home just down the street. We dressed and i followed them to the lobby. . . Once we got to the lobby they introduce themselves as Thomas and Terry Figeroa. I noticed her cheeks were a rosy red. . . I was excited at the idea I would get a chance to her naked body in the light. They said to meet them at their car. . .

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  It just so happened I was parked just two rows from their car. . . I followed them for about four miles. . . . Once inside their house I was offered drink and told to follow Terry to her bedroom. . . Tom put some music on and Terry dropped her dress on the floor and began to do some self exploration. . . Her hands traveled over body tempting me Once Tom entered the room she told us to join her on the bed Tom's pants dropped to his ankles and his wife guided his cock into her mouth. He pumped her mouth slowly at first and as his cock stiffened he shoved it deeper down her throat.

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  . . . She attempted to devore every inch. His hands grabbed her large beautiful tanned titz. I felt a stirring in my pants and wanted to join in so I dropped my pants and kicked them to a corner. Her left hand grabbed my cock. . . she gently pulled on it. . . Watching her juggle both cocks and her husband pinching her nipples I slide two fingers into her wet, perfect and nearly hairless pussy. She moaned and turned her head toward my stiffening cock . .

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  . it slipped into her mouth & her lips closed around it Her husband wet his fingers and slid one, then two fingers up her ass, and her asked, If she was up for some ASSPLAY. . . She moaned with my cock still in her mouth . . . . YAHAA She announced her first orgasm and her body trembled and shook as our fingers plunged in her ass and soft sweet pussy . . . We fucked into the early morning I shot three large loads into her mouth pussy and into her flawless tight ass Thomas jack hammmered her pussy flipped her over and shot a load of jizz in her ass. . . She looked at us, grinned and asked If we enjoyed ourselves.

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  . . . As I dressed, getting ready to leave (with them still in bed) Terry asked if I would like to get together next weekend. . . Yes I said and I'll bring My G/F. . . .