A Fun Game of Pool


The Taboo of doing something you are not supposed to do was exciting to Britney. Britney always followed the rules. To those that knew her she was very much a normal person of great fiber and character. She belonged to a lot of after-school-activities and clubs and was always volunteering to help her mother at her work place. Britney was the pride and joy of morality to her family. And it was that ?Angel? facade that heightened her lust for cock. The more she thought about how good everyone thought she was, the more she hungered to be bad. But ?BAD? was an underused word in her vocabulary and did little to describe what her deep thoughts conjured up, what she longed for was the full out thrill of being slutty. Brittney could recall the memory of how Eric?s room smelled as they snuck up to his room. The room with the soft sheets and the messy floor was a place for her to be free. It was a typical guys room all clutter and no fuss. But if that bed could talk it would howl at the moon with tails of how her ass would grind down into the bed as her legs clung to his shoulders and his cock plugged into her wet cunt. She loved to moan and talk dirty. As she recalled their last time together she remembered with a chill that his bedroom door was not closed the last time. They were both in such a hurry to fuck and since the house was empty they were not as careful as they used to be. A clear mind was coated with the fog of lust.

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   Britney could have sworn she saw someone watching them from the hallway, but afterwards the house was as empty as it was when they had started. Still the thought of someone watching her as she was fucking made her shiver in an odd way. She couldn?t put her finger on it but somewhere in her thoughts it turned her on. It wasn?t just the thought of her being watched that got to her, it was the thought that it might be Eric?s older brother. Britney had always thought he was good-looking and would definitely be on her fuckable list, but he was out her leagues so she thought. He was in college and had a very attractive girlfriend. Britney had even met her once when she was at the mall with friends. Britney new that Eric?s brother thought of her as the girl next door, the so called ?kid? down the block that was annoying at times. Eric was a great friend but his brother was a mystery. The thought of his body made her quiver and all she could wonder about was ?what-if? and ?what-about?? How depraved would it be to fuck two brothers? Of course she would never tell Eric of her thoughts about his older brother, Alex. Britney kept some thoughts private and for now Alex was food for fantasy and what a dish he was. Britney knew that every girl had a crush on someone they couldn?t have, as it was a natural part of growing up. Alex was 8 years older then her and the only things they had in common was his younger brother and the other major fact that he worked for her family. It was a small catering business that Britney often helped out in. She sat there staring at her computer screen as she typed into her diary.

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   Britney loved to write down her thoughts as they often gave her inspiration when she reflected back upon them. From song lyrics to poems to just plain babble about her day she put almost everything into her diary. As she continued to write, Alex kept creeping back into her thoughts. Alex was like a spider whose eyes had weaved a web that captured her curiosity. The other day when she was at work with her mother she couldn?t help but steal glances at Alex as he worked away over the hot stove. He was always kind to her and often joked with her and even at times flirted with her when her mother wasn?t looking. Britney knew she was cute and felt confident when guys gave her attention, but when Alex stared at her, she felt flushed and often found her words stuck in her throat. When what she really wanted was for his cock to be stuck in her throat. However, Britney was not so obvious as to put it that bluntly to him. After all she was still a ?good-girl? in the eyes of those who knew her, but she had the desires to be bad. What makes us keep our composer and what makes our composer break or bend to the underlying cravings we find in the dark pits of imagination and fantasy? The tie that binds our hands is fraught with the molds of our surroundings. Romance is often sought after and yet like the fruit of a tree it often hard to reach on a regular basis. Sometimes we just want the sour taste of haste and the thrill of spontaneity. As she was caught up chatting with her friends she found out no one was free to do anything later that night. As we all know there are times when our friends seem to have plans and one has to find their own amusement.

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  Now normally Britney would take her frown and find her own amusement in the confines of her room but being inventive and spontaneous she noticed that Alex was on-line. Gathering her courage she clicked the little window and said ?HI?. It is always those first words and the anticipation of waiting for a response that seems to make the seconds pass like hours. We all fear rejection and judgment. Soon her small ?hi? was answered with a ?hey? and so the conversation began. The path was there for trouble and only in boldness could the trail of her lust be traversed. After much small talk and exchanges of words Britney was invited over to watch a movie with some friends since she had no other plans. To Brits surprise Eric opened the door and invited her in. It was not unusual for her to spend time at his house goofing off and killing time. Eric told her to go on downstairs and that he would be down in a minute as he was getting some sodas for them to drink. Britney gave him a smile and told him to hurry. The movie was a comedy called ?The Hot Chick?, so it provided a lot of laughs. Britney sat on the floor while Alex sat on the recliner and Eric sat on the sofa. Mark, who was a friend of Alex was sitting on the other end of the sofa while Eric?s girlfriend was sitting between Eric and Mark. The lights were low and Britney asked for a massage on her shoulders.

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   Eric chuckled a bit, but told her to scoot over to the sofa and he would rub her shoulders. While his fingers worked their magic Britney noticed that Alex was glancing her way as if checking on her. Britney smiled inside, as she knew he was trying to be coy. Britney wondered if Alex knew just how close she was to his younger brother. Alex was not so easily read like most of the guys she knew. The Mystery of his thoughts kept Britney guessing. Eric?s Hands were strong and soon Britney was enjoying the massage. Eric?s girlfriend didn?t seem to mind as she never consider Britney a threat since she was a friend of Eric?s family. ?So, are you enjoying your massage? Alex askedBritney smiled and told him she was, as she slid a bit closer to Eric?s working hands. Everyone was laughing and enjoying the movie. As she sat there on the floor Britney was getting warm and yet the heat she felt was not from the temperature of the room but from the soft tingling sensations that flesh rubbing upon flesh seemed to kindle. Those strong fingers made her muscles relax and all the ache of her day slowly seeped away into oblivion. About this time the movie ended and so too did her massage. With a cute smile she thanked her friend as Eric got up to go for a walk with Tawny. Tawny had long brown hair that shimmered with highlights.

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   Her hair was rich and full of body. She had the kind of hair that guys loved to grab during sexual play. And from the look of her long legs, Britney knew Tawny was probably the type that could crush a guy?s will between her thighs. With a sly grin she knew that soon Tawny would be in the back of Eric?s car moaning and groaning just as she had done a few days earlier. Britney felt no jealousy as she knew the sex she had was just that sex. With an angelic smile she made her way to the other side of the family room where Alex and Mark were now playing pool. She did not want to go home yet. As she sat on the bar stool she watched the game unfold. Mark was making jokes and teasing Britney. At one point Alex commented on her blushing face and with out thinking told her he had not seen her so flushed since she was fucking his little brother the other day. Once the words echoed in the room, Alex realized what he had said. Even Mark seemed silent, as he had just made his shot when the bottom fell out on the conversation. For a brief moment the balls on the table seemed to go in slow motion and the clacking sound into the pocket seemed louder then usual, but broke the silence that seemed to hover in the room. Alex quickly recover by telling her he was sorry that he had mentioned it as he explained he had come home early and as he went to his room he couldn?t help but hear the noise from his brother?s room. The door being open he decided to take a peak and thus he had found out the sweet little Britney was not so innocent as she appeared to be.

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   Britney just smiled as her cheeks flushed with embarrassment and yet she felt some relief in that the subject of sex had been broached with Alex. She knew now that she was not just the little kid down the block anymore. With a more relaxed atmosphere Mark made another joke and soon they were all laughing again. Walking up to Britney, Alex looked at Britney and asked her if she would like his stick. Smiling Brit knew this was an opening for a crude remark but jumped off the stool and grab the cue stick from Alex and joined in on the game. When her turn came about again Britney leaned over the table to make a bank shot and at the same time giving the guys a good view of her firm round ass. Being bold Alex gave her ass a smack just as she made her shot. Turning quickly Britney was ready to give him a punch but quickly found her self pressed against the pool table as Alex bent down and kissed her. Her full lips were now pressed against his. What was once a cocky girl ready to quibble with a comeback of words was now a moaning passion of breath. Her ass ground back against the table as he moved closer to her taking his hand to the back of her head and tilting her head back as he towered over her petite form. Her hair was now woven between his fingers as he began to caress her with both his fingers and mouth. The room seemed to go dark in her mind as she closed her eyes and dwelled in the moment of her first kiss with Alex. As his hands roamed down farther she felt him grip her waist and lift her onto the pool table. Spreading her legs he moved closer and with the quickness of glass shattering on a hard kitchen floor, Britney now found her breasts bare.

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   Her fleshy mounds glistened with eagerness as she felt his mouth encircle her breast and a gasp escaped from her lips. Alex twirled his tongue around her nipple making it tense and hard with the teasing lashes of it?s rough surface. Her hands rubbed through his soft hair as she grasped at his head driving his mouth into her chest. Britney knew the real game of pool had just began. ?So, you think you?re gonna enjoy spending some time with us?? Mark asked, moving a little closer to Brit as she was now sitting on the green velvet of the pool table. . She put her hand on Mark?s knee as she still felt Alex sucking her breast. ?Yeah,? Britney said, making a sharp turn of her legs that sent Alex sprawling onto Britney, ?not a whole lot of fun playing pool around here. On the other hand, Mark?do you fuck by any chance??She was looking back at him, her blue eyes pale and innocent, her moist pink lips curled in a smile. ?Well, do you?? Britney asked, punctuating the question with a quick grab at Mark?s crotch. He jumped back a bit from the table, made a soft yelping sound and turned toward his friend, who was shedding his own clothes quickly as her fingers continued to explore the shape of Mark?s cock. And under her touch, there was no longer any possibility of Mark or Alex keeping their hard-on under control. His cock got stiff the moment her fingers fell upon him, and the more she slid them up and down, tracing the bulging shape of his prick, the bigger that shape became. ?Well, damn,? Britney said. ?Look at this thing! I think Alex is a mule in disguise!?Their eyes swept on down from her firm breasts to her flat stomach and navel, to her trim abdomen and then the exciting part, a thin trimmed bush of luxuriant blonde pubic hair that set off the pink of a small cunt that dazzled both guys.

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   There was the sweet slope of her thighs and the clever sensuous curves of her calves; her whole body was now on display for them. Alex and Mark felt better, as they realized they might make something of a sexual adventure of this after all. Staring at the luscious body they both started to jerked off until each cock dry-throbbed, unashamed and unconscious of their masturbation. They both knew this nymph was going to give them both a good work out. Staring into their eyes, Britney ran her small fingers over her breasts until each nipple was swollen and hard. Her breathing increased causing her chest to heave before them. Slowly she let a finger roll off her tongue moist and wet as it now dropped to her left nipple and painted it with her saliva. Mark groaned as she reached over and squeezed his prick. He could feel her heat vividly through the palm of her hand, despite the aroused throbbing that raced through his cock as Britney toyed with it. ?You might play with something too,? she said to Alex, and he got the message, as he stared at her pink-pointed mounds. Britney was tanned all over. Alex?s hands moved onto the soft but firm-fleshed cones of her breasts, and he fondled them wonderingly, feeling her body heave with a sigh of delight. Now Britney was stroking both cocks in each of her hands. Marveling at the hardness of the flesh and yet in awe of it?s soft texture. Jumping up from the table she quickly went to her knees and began to suck on the heads of each cock.

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  . Pulling at the guys like luggage handles she positioned their cocks to the point that they were both touching each mushroomed head against the other. Alex and Mark just looked at each other and then moved their gaze back down to the little slut on the floor as they both felt her tongue swirl of their cocks at the same time. Britney was inventive to say the least and quickly found that bay pulling on their balls she had them standing so close to each other that each cock seemed to meld into one big cock as her mouth opened wide to engulf them both into her now bloated cheeks. Angelic Britney was now sucking upon two cocks at the same time. The sight alone was impressive to view as Alex and Mark helped to balance each other while she milked their shafts with an enthusiasm neither had experienced before. Each cock throbbed in Britney?s clutching mouth, and she could feel the jizz oozing out of the tips making her tongue warm. Each prick trembled and she thought they were going to come soon if he kept up this pressure. She squeezed hard on each cock as they popped from her mouth. Wagging into the air. Each prick remained rigid. ?Tastes sooo good!? she moaned. ?But then, don?t they all??Looking down at her they could see that she had her pussy pealed open, and her fingertip was sliding through the crack. Alex gulped as he saw it ease into the mouth of her pink cunt. His own finger twitched responsively as he tried to imagine the heat, the wetness, the tightness of this delicious little blonde cunt.

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   Britney moaned as she fingered herself more and more deeply, and Mark moaned too, feeling Britney?s tongue on the rigid length of his cock. ?Oh, I need more than my finger!? Britney groaned, working it deeply into herself. Alex shivered, watching the girl?s finger go deep and true into her tight cunt. God, when was he gonna get the chance to put his cock where she had her finger? He hoped soon, even though his prick felt just fine in the warm wet grip of her mouth as she took turns now sucking from one cock to the other. Tilting her head a bit she looked into their eyes as she swirled her tongue around their balls making them glisten in the soft light of the room. Britney was working their senses to the point she knew she was going to be fucked into oblivion soon. But she knew she wanted these two so worked up that they would never forget this night. Britney was sucking hard on Mark?s cock now. Making his hips twitch with each down stroke of her mouth. Relaxing her throat she let his entire shaft glide down into her mouth and into her throat until his balls touched her chin. Holding this position for a second she swallowed onto his cock causing a milking sensation to ripple through Mark?s body. Mark had never felt anything like this before and he was enjoying what his friend had started. He looked down at her pretty face, at the intensity showing as Britney concentrated on her sucking. Her eyes were glittering as if they were on fire. The motion of her tongue on his dick told Mark that she loved what she was doing.


  She licked around and around, moving his cock in and out of her pursed lips. Her teeth scraped him, but not too roughly. She knew what she was doing, all right! Her mouth was wet velvet, and his cock just got bigger and harder and hornier. Mark groaned and thrust, shoving cock deeper and deeper into her mouth, and she gurgled as she took all he could give her. He looked at Alex. He was facing him, his hand gliding up and down his own cock as his other hand glided over the alluring curves of her nude body. Britney?s tits jiggled breathtakingly as she diddled herself, opening the gash of flesh, her fingers sliding in and out with the same impatient rhythm that Mark?s cock showed moving into Britney?s mouth. ?Oh, don?t I get some too?? Alex asked poutily. She pushed Mark?s cock reluctantly from her mouth and moved to Alex?s waiting tool. She was determined to tease him. Staring up into his eyes she gave her pouty smile and told him his little girl would never forget him and with a wink her lips started at one of his knees and scurried up his thigh. Her hand moved slightly ahead of her mouth, and she squeezed on the swollen lump of his cock as her lips took possession of his balls. She sucked them into her juicy wet mouth, and Alex groaned in sheer pleasure. Britney?s tongue crawled up the underside of his engorged cock, tracing the fat bulging veins. She licked and swirled up almost to the swollen cock-knob, then backed down the shaft for another round of teasing licks.

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   Her fingers toyed with the mushroom-knob, squeezing it provocatively, each press causing another bubble of pre-cum to squirt from the slotted opening at his tip. Britney slipped her plush wet lips over the end of Alex?s cock and her mouth moved down the length of his shaft, her cheeks and tongue combining to give him a magic massage. Alex?s eyes almost popped out of his skull, feeling the sophisticated action of this young girl?s mouth. ?So big, too!? she murmured, coming back up, her lips warm and eager to plant lush kisses all over the cock-knob. ?And delicious! Much better then Eric?s? Again Britney went down, swallowing his cock to the roots, and she sucked like a leech at the throbbing hard-on. Jesus fucking Christ Alex thought to himself, Britney sucked cock as if she loved it. His prick got so stiff it hurt, and he?d thought he could never be stiffer than it had been a few minutes ago. Alex?s cock got bigger and bigger inside her mouth, and he was panting and thrusting deep into Britney?s throat, totally aware that there was no way he could keep from pouring a huge load of spunk down her gullet. Soon!He leaned forward, straddling Britney?s chest. The tips of her hard-nippled breasts were hot against his ass, tickling him that much more.
    He stroked her head, twining his fingers through her silky blonde hair. She really was pretty, but she looked gorgeous with her eyes glowing and her mouth crammed full of fat cock. She was smiling as she sucked him hard, and it made his balls ache like hell and swell monstrously as they were jammed with the cum he was dying to squirt. He groaned loudly, and then his cock unloaded filling her cheeks to the brim. Britney was determined not to lose a single drop as she swallowed hard and deep.

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       The warm hot liquid spilled down her throat coating her stomach with that warm feeling that only a guy could give her. Britney gasped as her mouth filled with his juice. Alex could hear her gurgling and gulping; drinking his load, and the slutty sounds seemed to send his balls into overtime. They churned, toiled, and shuddered; and more of the hot cumm gushed from his cock, following the previous batch down her gulping throat. Britney sucked, draining his cock, using her teeth on the squirting prick to make sure it stayed big and thick and hard against her lapping tongue. ?You fucking slut! You are fantastic!? he panted. ?Oh, God, that tasted so good!? Britney sighed, taking his cock out of her mouth and running her lips up and down the quivering shaft. ?And now that Alex is done Mark, would you be interest in fucking me??It was, thought Mark, going to be very sweet and exhausting but also very rewarding to fuck this nymph. When Alex moved away from Britney he moved over to the soft carpet by the bar stools and layed himself down onto his back. At Mark?s direction, Britney mounted his hips. He spread his legs really wide and offered his stiff cock Britney to ride. Tongue curling, eyes glowing the blue-eyed blonde slowly impaled herself on his blade, both of them gasping as he was about to violate her wet, ready cunt. The tip of his prick was swollen to the size of a doorknob. Her fingers wrapped around him and guided the fattened cock up and down her wet slit, soaking it in the moisture that oozed from her cunt, and then looking deep into his eyes with lust, she eased it into her pussy mouth, and her hips moved in a slow downward grind as she sucked his prick straight up her hot, tight cunt. ?Ohhhhhh!? Britney moaned as Mark?s cock sank deep into her pussy.

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       Mark could feel her cunt come to life around his flesh. Britney?s knees flexed as she crouched over him, lifting a bit to clutch at his cock with her pussy lips. She drove down deeper, until his cock hit the bottom of her pussy, and she moaned above him, feeling the blunt aroused stirrings of his cock-knob in her womb. ?Oh fuck, it?s so big and hard!? she purred. ?Just the way I like ?em!?The snugness of her cunt massaged the throbbing length of his cock. Even without moving, his cock was getting an active workout inside Britney. Britney slid down again in one long smooth bobbing motion and the wet dribbling lips of her pussy touched his hip. As she sat there impaled now fully she looked down into his eyes and told him she was going to fuck him hard. Mark just smiled up into the little nymph as she began to bounce up and down with a furious pace. Britney?s ass shook and jiggled with each pounding it took as she crashed down onto his cock, mashing her ass into his pelvis as she rode her bronco stud. Mark reached up to grab her bobbing breasts, tweaking her nipples hard until she gasped out with various moans of pleasure. Meanwhile, Alex was getting hard again as he watched his friend fuck the little brat. Her small figure seemed so out of place upon his friend and yet he wasn?t sure who was fucking whom, as this once angelic girl next door bounced higher then ?tigger? and everyone knows that ?tiggers? like to bounce because bouncing is what ?tiggers? do best. Mark saw Alex stroking his cock and knew his friend wanted in on the action so he grabbed a hold of her small waist and slowed down her bounces. This allowed Alex to get behind her and grab her ass.

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      ?Oh, Mark!? came the shrill from Britney, her juices oozing down over his shaft. Because of the size of his prick and the tightness of her small cunt, the friction between them was delicious. And now her eyes became wide and glazed over as she realized that Alex was behind her. She felt his big hands molding and kneading her round ass-cheeks until his cock was pressing between the firm soft moons. Britney began to realize what was about to happen and a shiver shook her entire being as Alex was coming aboard the good-ship of fuck. Alex found plenty of juices in Britney?s crotch to oil his waiting blade. Then with trembling fingers he parted her smooth buttocks and found her ass pucker a couple of inches above her cunt, which was well stuffed with Mark?s cock. The three made some shifts and adjusted until Alex had his prick placed at a good angle for Britney?s tiny asshole. ?Now,? he muttered and shoved. The mingled pain and pleasure made Britney howl and tighten her buttocks as the second cock violated her sphincter and eased inside of her depths. Her head swirled with thoughts as she came to the dizzying thought that ?double filling? would never have the same meaning to her again. The exquisite pressure on her cunt was matched with an even more fabulous pressure on her tender ass. ?Uh, uh, uh,? she groaned as Alex inched his cock deeper and deeper into her. The partition that separated her cunt channel from her rear was stretched incredibly thin between the invading cocks. Mark fucked, Alex moved and Britney screamed, ?Don?t move! I?ll die! Oh!?Yet as the two moved in rhythm and her sphincter sullenly retracted Britney began to feel incredible, hot flames consume her belly and her ass.

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      ?Ah, oh, I?m so fucked!? she cooed happily. The two dicks had a seesaw lock on her body now as both Alex and Mark began to move in and out of her holes. Service with a smile, as she quivered, gasped and moaned her ecstatic joy. The two guys moaned in satisfaction as they felt the silken, hot and maddening friction and listened to her gasps and felt her little body jerks as if she feared being torn open. ?Oh, this is so crazy, good, feels divine!? she cried. The pleasure was growing between her now as she relaxed and became accustomed to the double fucking. She could even move herself, though carefully, and take cock plunges from both studs. ?Hooooo, ooOOoooHHHH,? she chanted in deep guttural pleasure. As the room began to spin Britney was aware of Mark kissing her mouth and tonguing her heaving breasts, making her nipples on fire as he fucked her from below. Alex licked and caressed her satiny back, murmuring to her about how tight her ass was on his cock. . But mostly she felt an unbelievable, deep fire burning from her navel to her knees as the two hungry cocks devoured her holes. Her body shook back and forth as one would plunge as the other moved out sending her body into a rippling mass of jello. The sensation was so fabulous that she lost all control of herself and bucked and rocked at the will of the two studs fucking her brains out. The room was lost in a sea of flesh and the crashing waves announced the impending orgasm building inside of Britney.

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      ?OOOH Fuu uck UCK me,? she went and felt the fury of her orgasm rush at her, then screamed and her juices flowed with her surrounding the impaling cock in her cunt. Her pussy was throbbing, while her ass was milking Alex?s dick. Mark was enjoying her bucking body and knew was close to cumming as he felt the soft hot flesh clench around his cock. Slicing into her like butter he wanted to fill her cunt full of his cumm. Alex gripped Britney?s ass cheeks and slammed his prick into her hard, accentuating the rippling explosion of her orgasm. He slapped her ass until it was red and Britney squealed again, her pussy clenching around Mark?s pounding cock. A double fuck like this could just not last long. The throbbing tight sphincter of little Britney?s ass made Alex explode deep inside her depths. He pounded deep into her as he filled her ass with his load. He never realized that this little brat would be such a wild fuck as he pulled his cock from her ass with a popping sound. Alex now sat back and watched his friend fuck his load into her bouncing body. Mark now felt a double orgasm from Britney as her muscles began to seize around his impaling dick. Here was his friend?s neighbor riding his cock for all it was worth. A cock crazed slut bouncing until her eyes glazed over and then he felt his own balls churn and soon his own pleasure came to a climax as he flooded her cunt with his hot liquid. As she gripped her small tight pussy around him he could feel his own cumm now giving up to gravity and oozing out of her and dripping down between his thighs.

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       This was a game of pool he would not forget anytime soon. .

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