A Good Day At The Motel, Part 1


I look down at the pool and see one person there, a decent looking red head girl. As I look down at her, I realize I've seen her before. My thoughts connect and I remember she's staying in the room next to mine. I finish off a bottle of beer that I had been drinking last night as thoughts run through my mind about the girl down at the pool. The thoughts in my mind would only get me in trouble, but it would be worth it. Whatever it takes, I will be in her by the end of the day. I change into my swimming trunks and grab a towel I brought with me and head to the pool. I put my towel on one of the chairs around the pool and get in the water, so far she's ignoring me being there. As I get used to the water she swims over to me and just smiles. I look her over and feel my self getting aroused by the sight of her freckled skin, her hair damp and clinging to her body, and her gorgeous green eyes which are sparkling in the sun light. She's probably around 4'10" with a petite body. "Hi. . . . my name's Tara.

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  . . I think I'm in the room next to you. " She moves closer and giggles. She smiles sweetly at me. "Pleased to meet you Tara. I'm Nick, and you're right, your family is in the room beside me. " I brush one of my hands against her stomach and she giggles. As she giggles I allow my fingers to run over her stomach trying to see what she would say. "That tickles", she smiles and swims from me. I stay where I am, looking at her a few feet from me. "So. . . how old are you Tara?" She looks at me with a little bith of a puzzled look, then answers my question.

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   "12 and 1/2," she swims towards me again, "how old are you? 30?" I feel her swim up against me and she puts her arms around me to keep from going under the water. "30? Not yet, not for a few more years. I'm 22. " She smiles at me innocently, "Older boys are fun. " She swims away just in time to be at the other end of the pool when her parents show up. When they arrive I get out and head to the chair I have my stuff on. I light up a cigarette and pretend to not be paying attention to their conversation. From what I can hear, she doesn't seem to be very happy about being forced to go out with her family. I hear her say something about wanting to stay and swim, even hearing my name mentioned once. I look up to see her standing in front of me with her parents. 'Shit. . . this is never good', I think to my self. Her parents start talking to me, taking me by surprise.

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   I recognize her father, we shared a few beers together last night and talked about the Civil War for a while, seems we both share a common interest. "I hate to disturb you, but my wife and I have a huge favor to ask of you," I listen to him, curious as to where this is going," we have some plans for today, but our daughter doesn't seem to want to go along with us. You can say no to this, but we were wondering if you'd look after her untill this evening. " I look at him, puzzled, before answering. "I don't know why you'd ask me, but I'd be glad to look after her. " I see a smile come across Tara's face seconds after I finish talking. Her father speaks up again, "Normally I wouldn't ask someone I don't know well, but after talking to ya last night, I think we can trust you with her. " Tara hugs her parents then walks over and sits down in a chair next to mine. Her father hands me a key to their room and reaches for his wallet.
    "Here's the key to our room so she can change when she's done swimming, and we'll give you money so you can get her lunch and supper if we're not back by then. " "I appriciate it, but you can keep your money or just give it to your daughter. " With that he gives his daughter a twenty to cover her meals for the day. Tara hugs her parents and tells them bye and with that, we're alone together for the day. After they're gone she gets up and sits down on my lap and puts her arms around me. I can feel my self growing hard from having her so close, and I know she can feel it against her.

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       She giggles and sits on my lap facing me, letting the growing hardness bump against her sweet young pussy. Knowing she likes things so far I reach down between her legs with one of my hands, moving the fabric of her bikini bottom to the side. I get a glimpse of her pink pussy, surrounded by light fluffs of strawberry blonde hair. She takes a hold of my free hand as I tenderly brush one of my fingers over her warm and moist pussy. She gasps alittle at my touch, "That feels nice", she tells me in a soft voice. I continue lightly caressing her for a few minutes before suggesting we go back to my room. With a huge smile she nods her head yes. Part Two Comming!.

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