A made and her master


A made and her master. . .    I was still a girl, young and a very poor when my father sent me to earn some money to help feed our big family, my 3 sisters and a brother. . . I heard the count, from the nearest village, sir Tomas - the evil count they called him - apparently needed a servant to help with the chores around the mansion, so fortunately I was offered the job. . . The sun was just rinsing the morning I was brushing my long red hair, preparing myself for the interview with my future employer. . . I stood before the door hesitating, when I finally found the way through the woods to this big scary house…was a bit muddy cause it had rained last night and had a few leaves in my hair, but guessed the count wouldn’t care so much about his made appearance. . . and I wasn’t wrong either.

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  . . When I knocked on the big wooden door and a tall, dark, angry looking gentleman appeared before me. . . as I presumed he didn’t even look at me and already he started giving me instructions about keeping the house clean and tidy and about always being on time, and that he especially doesn’t stand  incompetence and clumsiness. . . the same morning he rang for his morning tea. . . I ran to make tea so I wouldn’t make my master angry waiting. . . I peeked through the door of the big living room.

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  . he was sitting in his comfy chair with his legs crossed. . . I started walking towards him, nervously, and ass I knew it would, the unforgivable happened, I stepped on my long skirt, the tea fell out of my hands and spilled itself directly into masters lap. . . ohhh my good, I became red in my face in an instant. . . he started screaming at me, calling me names, like illiterate, clumsy ,stupid girl. . . I was embarrassed and scared, but not scared of him, I was afraid I would loose my job and wouldn’t be able to help my family. .

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  . so I just said: ” I am sorry sir, it wont happen again it was so unprofessional of me, I will bring u a new cup of tee in a minute, can I excuse myself to gather my thoughts? ”. . . I could see he was surprised of my dearness so he finally looked at my face. To my surprise - although I was young and innocent - I could read from his face that he had impure thoughts about me…He said: ”bring that tea already and live me be u incompetent made, and prepare my horse I am going ridding” he shouted. .  I left the room as he ordered and went to the stables. . . he was back late that night,. . . I was still in the stables brushing the other horses when he made his appearance quietly, but still looked full of anger. .

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  . he said, what are u doing here, u should be preparing me dinner! Yes sir I was just about too, I wanted it to be fresh and warm foe you, so I waited for u to come back. . . He shouted: “ohh u have the nerve to talk back at me, u peasant little whore. ” He pushed me into the wall, I was stunned! He lifted up my skirt and forced him self on me. . . he fucked me hard, strong, violent, like he was ashamed of fucking a girl out of his class but it seemed like that aroused him even more…he touched my breasts like they’ve never been touched before, I liked it. . . ohhh how I liked it. . I started shouting, ohhh master take me, ohh yes, no one has ever done that to me in that way,. .

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  . take me,. . . I humble before u, do to me whatever u like. . . so he said: “turn around my servant and serve me”. . . he knelled me down and he stuck his manhood into my mouth and was still touching my breasts strongly. .  while he was roughly rubbing his enormous penis into my breasts he was sticking his fingers into my  teeth for me to bite…again he put his big, fat thing it into my mouth and my lips where already pumped and prepared to take it…”lick it u poor girl, suck it” he said . . .

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  I was burning with desire. . . I was never taken that way. . . again he lifted me up and threw me on a old wooden tool box. Pull up your legs, he said. . . I want to fuck u, I am your master and u do as I please,. . . get it?. .

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  . I get it master I said and lifted  up my skirt and pulled up my legs,. . . and sighed. . . shut up he said, you are not here to talk. . . my skin was all red cause he was slapping me all over, ohhh how I was aroused, but had to be quiet if I wanted to be fucked. . . he fucked me over and over again in all possible ways. It was like he couldn’t get enough of me and I didn’t mind ;-) he finally came into my mouth and splattered all over me.

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  . . we were both all drained out. . . the next day he acted like that never happened, I was afraid he wont take me again. . . but on the same evening that day, after his horseback riding he forced himself on me again. . . and the night after that, and the night after. . . and so on we fucked like animals.

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  . . and we still lead that life, I am still his made, he looks after me financially, I can look after my family, but at night I am his wife, in bed or in the stables, or in the grass I don’t care, just ass long as he still fukcs me ass he does. . . the end. .   |||||Inbox