A New Mistress for Alex


A man comes home, expecting the same thing that had been going on for the last three years of his married life. Not that he didn't enjoy his life. But at times it seemed just a trifle boring. She was amazing in bed, and an amazing woman. But he had hinted to her times before his darker desires. Yet, none of them had ever come through. A sigh escaped his lips, as his key worked the lock of his door. He noticed no smell of food, which he was use to coming home to. Perking an brow, thinking; "Odd. " Yet, not really thinking much of the situation. Maybe she had gotten off of work late herself. Pushing past the entrance of the door, and walking into a room, that seemed naught like his house at all. Dropping his brief case, at the terrace of the doorway. Slowly closing the door behind him, as his steel blues eyes gazed around the room. Not a single light was on, yet the room was brilliant. Dark curtains covered the windows.

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   On all of the shelves there stood pillar candles, all ablaze with the fire of the night. Some of them dripping over . As he inhaled, the smell of the sweet candle enchanted his very senses.
Lips parted, as he attempted to speak. Yet no words came from his lips. Only that of a gasp, as he saw her. His. . . Dark Goddess. Knees started to quiver. Silvia started to form within his mouth, just looking at her. Her raven hair pulled into a single pony tail. Her eyes. By the very gods, her eyes.

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   Lined in the beauty of dark eyeliner, and painted to a perfection. It was as if he was seeing her in a whole new light. She had always been beautiful in his eyes, yet now she was just beyond amazing. His eyes trailed down her neck, where encased was that of a beautiful velvet choker necklace. Gulping, his eyes dared to go lower. To her bouncing breasts. Billowing out of her corset. Adding more of a lovely shape the the beauty of her.   His eyes moved down even more. To her waist, where that of black pair of panties, that appeared crotchless hugged her hips. He could feel himself getting excited, just by looking at this. . Creature before his very eyes. How blessed he was. Her hands, held something within them.

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   Something black. He gulped. And let his eyes lower, a bit more. Oh by the Gods! Her legs. It was the boots he had pointed out to her not so long ago. And she had just giggled at him. Up to her thighs. Laced. Oh. . . His knees began to quiver. He dropped to his knees, and began to crawl over to her upon them. And then, SHE walked out.
Her hair, as deep as red can be.

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   Almost like that of the crimson blood that drips from ones body when they bleed. Her lips painted in a dark red as well. Brilliant green eyes seemed to just burn into you. Her skin tanned to a perfection. Her hair down to her waist. Crushed red velvet adorned her chest. Bringing her beautiful breasts out to a peak. Much like his dark angel, her panties were crotchless. Fish nets adorned her legs. And the boots. Oh the boots!! Patent black leather, with ties all the way up her legs. Within her hand, she had that of a leash.
His Dark Goddess moved up to him, at first stoking his hair. And then, reaching over him, as he raised his head, to smell her sweet frangance, slapping his ass. "Now.

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   Alex. I know you spoke of things you have wanted to do. I figured, seeing it is your birthday, we could do something. . Special. " His birthday. He had all but forgotten. How old was he now? His mind trailed for a moment, until he saw her hands reaching around his very neck. What?! A collar. Looking at at her. "Sabrina. What do you think you are. . . " His voice trailed as the other woman moved to him, and slapped his ass with a riding crop.

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   "She is NOT Sabrina. She is your Queen. Your Mistress. And you will do her bidding!!" Eyes trailed up to his wife. He was looking at her in a whole new light.   The black leather collar snapped firmly about his neck. Almost pinching it. She looked over to the other woman who was standing over him, and nodded. "So. Slave. My bitch! You will call me Mistress Sabrina. And this. This beauty here, is Mistress Storm. Do you understand. A slow nod came from his head.

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   "WHAT?!" The crop from Mistress's Storm's hand, came down upon his buttocks. Slapping hard. Wincing some, looking down in a sub-missive position. "Yes my Mistress Sabrina. And Mistress Storm. I am. . . Your willing slave. " His wife nodded his head, and moved away. "Put the leash on him. " The leash was placed upon his collar, as Mistress Storm moved towards the room. Looking back at the pet, she tugs on the collar. "All fours bitch. Follow.

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  " What could he do? Besides do what she wished. Oh by the Gods, he had been blessed today. On all four he went, and willing followed her. Head lowered, submissive. But oh so very turned on.
To the room, of his main domain they went. How she had changed it all. The bed, was draped with darkened material. It looked to him from where he was as though it was lace. Black lace? His eyes then trailed to the candles. Oh so many of them. As his head picked up, he saw more of the bed. It looked to have objects on it. Tilting his head, trying to figure out exactly what they were. It was then, that he felt the sting upon his arse once more.

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   Mistress Storm's voice stung in his ear, as she tugged on the collar. "No one told you to look about did they?!" Instantly his head lowered, as he shook his head. "No Mistress Storm. " He could hear his Dark Goddess walking about the room. "Click click click click. " Oh how he longed to lick those boots!! The clicking stopped in front of him. He could see her boots. Yet he did not look up at her, until her fingers were placed under his chin, and brought his eyes to meet hers. There was a smile on his face. A smile, that he couldn't think that he had actually ever seen before. And to think, he thought that he knew this woman so well. How she had surprised him. Oh shit! She was talking to him, and he had missed it. The next thing he knew, that ridding crop was back upon his rump, as he winced. "Did you HEAR me Slave?!" Sadly he had to shake his head.

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   He had naught. "I told you to stand up, and strip!"
Promptly he was upon his feet, undoing his belt, and then trousers. The smell of computers was on his hands. God. Work. But. . fuck all that right now.   Would she punish him when she saw. He didn't know. But by the Gods he was so hard. This woman, surprised him, and turned him on so well. Fingers went under his boxers, and tugged them off. Letting them drop to the floor. Now fingers began to work on his shirt, tugging on each button.


   Pulling the collared shirt off, and letting it drop to the floor. His erection, standing straight into the air, as he could feel her fingers barley move against it. Bitting his lip, as he inhaled. "Look at me. " She whispered into his ear. He shook his head. "No. . " Defiance. Did he wish this? Yes. Longed to feel her try to break him. The tugging by his new Mistress Storm, upon his collar, and he pulled back. "No. " His Dark Goddess took the lead then.
She was taller then him now.

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   With those boots on. Oh and by the Gods she made him tremble. Her hand was upon his ever so hard erection, grasping it so tight. Yet there was some pain, yet it felt so good at the same time. A shiver ran through his very body. She used his cock to pull him closer to her, her velvet red lips ever so close to his face, as she whispered. "Everything you want, is before you Slave. But, my dear. you. WILL be Broken. " He begins to shake his head. Her hand grasped him harder, pinching the head of his cock. As he winced, she twisted her hand some. "You will bow to me, Alex. You will be my slave.

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   You will be my bitch. " He nodded his head "Yes. . . " He brow arched, as she leaned down, and pulled her teeth upon his ear, biting down hard. Her breath hot on his ear. "Yes. . What?" He groaned. "Yes. . . My Mistress Sabrina. " She smiled, and let go of his cock, and then pushing into his chest, a new set of leather clothing. "Put these on.

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