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I drove to her apartment, which was not too far from where I worked. As I entered her apartment I saw that she was still living amongst the boxes, apparently she had not got time to unpack a lot of stuff. She had the basic stuff unpacked like her couch, some furniture, TV, music system and some of the stuff in kitchen like coffeemaker, toaster, microwave etc. As I settled down on her couch, complementing her apartment, she brought two beers and some chips and sat next to me. After a while, I enquired where her PC was and she took me to her bedroom where she had her PC. She had a nice queen size bed, a dresser, and the PC table and a chair in that room. I started working on her PC to fix it while she did something in kitchen. We kept talking across the rooms. I fixed the problem and got her online. I told her that it was fixed shouting from her bedroom and she came running there. She made it sure that it was fixed and joked that I had earned my dinner by completing the task. After shutting down the PC, we went to her living room. She had arranged the dinner and drinks on her coffee-table as she did not have a dining table. She had prepared some pasta and some chicken salad. We sat down on her couch sipping beers and eating and started chatting generally. I did not know much about her and likewise she also did not many things about me.

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   We never got a chance. At our work we always stuck to our jobs. Even in office parties, which she rarely attended, we never got together. So I sought to know more about her. She told her story in short. When she came to her personal lonely life, she got emotional and started speaking in choked voice. She was already 32 and did not have a great career. She had a boyfriend but he was staying alone somewhere and did not want to live together with her. They met only on weekends and she was not sure how serious he was about her. She was not even sure if he was the man of her life. She told me that she was not sure if she would ever get married and have children. She started sobbing and stopped talking. I tried to comfort her saying she would definitely find her man soon, and that she should just take life as it comes. I took her hands and started rubbing her back as some tears rolled down her pink cheeks. I do not know what she thought but she suddenly hugged me and told me that she had always thought that I was a nice man and that she could find comfort in me and that she would like to have me as her friend.

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   I said fine. I thought I should wipe off her tears. But as I held her face up with my hands to wipe her tears off, I don’t know what she thought, she put her lips on mine. I was totally shocked. I could not get away so I remained still. I did not do anything to stop her or to encourage her. I did not even open my lips. She hugged me and started pushing her tongue through my closed lips. I caved in and opened my lips and let her do all the kissing. I did not reciprocate her kiss. She was holding me and embracing me with her hands and my hands were on the couch. I was shell-shocked and was trying to get the grip on the situation. As I realized where was I and what was happening there, I smiled slightly. A woman was hugging and kissing me and was I supposed to mind that. No way.

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   My senses started slowly cooperating with her. I put my hands on her back and started moving my hands through her long blonde hair. She hugged me tightly and played with my tongue. She sucked on my lower lip and then the upper lip. She told me that she had always liked me and respected me. I told her that I liked her too but never got a chance to know her. We were on the couch in an embrace. She was on top of me and we were kissing hard. She was a hell of a kisser. As an effect of the friction of our bodies and the passion in the kiss and the embrace, my dick started jumping. She could feel it on her tummy. Before I could do something to control my dick, she slid her right hand down and caressed my dick form above my pants. I did not know what to do. I did not show anything on my face. I was just condescending with whatever was happening.

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   She opened the fly of my jeans and let her hands slid inside through that window with her tongue inside my mouth. She fumbled inside with my underpants and got to my penis. My prick was erect and hard. She pressed it hard with her fingers and started caressing it. She slid her hand a little further down and fondled my balls. It was a very uncomfortable position. I tried to move and make some way. She realized that and lifted herself up and sat on her knees on the couch and pulled my belt buckle to open it, unbuttoned my jeans and pulled my jeans down to my knees. She then pulled my underpants down thus freeing my long and erect penis. As if the penis got happy to regain it’s independence, it started throbbing due to erection. She took my dick in her right hand and stroking it lightly caressed my balls. She stroked it saying it was the first time she was holding a non-circumcised cock and that she liked it. She pushed the foreskin down and moved her finger on the head of my penis. She asked me how does a non-circumcised cock taste as if to tease me. I told her I had never tasted it and that she would have to ask my wife about it.

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   She said while she has the dick in her hands she might as well taste it herself. I said go ahead. While looking at me, she bent over and moved her tongue on the eye of my head. She sucked it hard and licked from stem to top. She licked the area between my balls and my asshole along the thing line and then licked my asshole. All the while she was rubbing my balls. Then she took my penis in her mouth and circled the head with her tongue. She then sucked it hard and deep. She licked it all over again and again. That was the nicest and hottest fellatio I had ever gotten. I was extremely hot now and was all aroused. I wanted to feel her body, caress her and eat her up. I sat back, pulled her away from my dick and unbuttoned her shirt. She was wearing a bra on her nicely shaped breasts. She does not have big ones but they are nicely shaped.

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   I moved my hands affectionately over her bra. I then removed her bra and pressed her boobs and nipples. I sucked on her nipples for a while and then took her breasts one by one in my mouth and sucked them hard. I kissed her armpits and kissed all over on her hands coming back to her boobs. I went down and kissed her tummy and belly buttons and love handles. She was wearing shorts, so I unbuttoned her tight shorts and tried to pull them down. I could not as they were too tight so she got up and while she was standing I pulled them down. Now she was topless with her black laced panties on her. That was a beautiful sight. But I wanted to see her all naked so I pulled her panties down. I could not take my eyes off her. Something got in me as I started smooching her vaginal area as is I was seeing a naked woman for the first time in my life. She had not shaved and her blonde vaginal hairs were looking divine. I loved the bush and moved my fingers through them. I stood up and took her in a warm embrace.

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   We stayed a while in tight warm embrace. I slowly pushed her towards the couch and made her lay on her back. I sat back on couch near her vaginal area and split her wide open by pulling her legs apart. She laid there watching me. I rubbed the lips of her vagina. She moaned by pushing her head backwards. I rubbed her majora and minora and the lips harder. I inserted my finger in her pussy and started fingering her. She was loving it. She told me she did not want my finger but my hard long shaft. I told her to wait. I was not in any hurry. She told me that she was dying to take than manly stuff in. I told her it is coming her way and just enjoy the foreplay as well. I finger fucked her rubbing her G-spot and rubbing the interior walls of her vagina.

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   I then inserted another finger too and finger fucked her even harder. I could feel her pussy getting wet. Then I saw the white colored thick liquid coming out of her pussy. I bent down and licked it. It tasted salty. I started licking her pre cum, her majora and minora, her vaginal lips and then inserted my tongue inside her vagina.
    I threw my tongue deep in her pussy as far as I could and by twisting my tongue gave her a good yoni tongue fuck. She was screaming softly now like “ooohhh. I like it. Wow. Feels soo good. More. hmmmmm. You are good. Yeahh baby.

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       Yeah. . hmmm. ”I pulled my face away from her vagina and getting on my knees on the couch, I held my dick in my hands, stroked it gently, applied my saliva on that and put it on her slit. As I elevated myself over her body, I thrust it into her. It slid in gently as we both were wet. She grabbed me and pulled towards herself tightly. I pushed it even harder and let it go all the way in. Suddenly I could sense that all her muscles loosened up, as she must have felt relaxed. I started giving her soft and gentle strokes while kissing her and pressing her right boob. She was pushing from below. We were kissing hard and fucking harder. My hot rod was going in her wet and hot pussy as a well-oiled piston. I sucked her boobs one by one while she blew in my ear and sucked my ears. Then I sat back folding my legs at my knees and started giving her long shots from that position while rubbing her bush.

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       I grabbed her ass and squeezed it. She told me that she wanted to fuck me from the top. So I pulled her and let myself go on my back. Thus getting her to sit on top of me. She started pumping me with speed and force with her hands on my chest. She was also playing with my nipples. I held onto to her ass so that my cock did not slid out of her cunt. She was all hot and fucking me like a tigress. I had never slept with a woman who was this wild. She also pulled on my nipples, kind of hurting me but I did not say anything and let her enjoy. She started yelling " oooohhh. I feel good. Wow, your dick is good. It is touching my walls. oooohh.


       Let me have it. " and some things like that. I felt like I was about to come. But I have been practicing tantric sex with my wife as that helps me hold my coming. Glad that I was able to do that otherwise I could have easily come. She was in no mood of coming. I did not want to disappoint her. It was clear that she was having a man after a while. She bent backwards, put her hands on couch and started fucking me with her palm on her ass. I loved that. She was looking at my dick. I was looking at her. For the first time I realized how beautiful she was. She was radiating now with the sex. She was looking like a sex goddess in the soft light in her living room.

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       She pulled herself up, threw herself on me, grabbed me from my back and whispered in my right ear, " Now come on me and bang me. Let us come. " I obliged and throwing her on her back, started pumping her hard. I went in lionish position and saw my cock go in and out. She was shouting now. At one time I put my hand on her mouth fearing neighbors might hear it. She removed my hand from over her mouth and said. " Let me have it please. Do not stop me today. I want to enjoy. It has been a long time. " I did not do anything later to stop her. After a while she started yelling " I am coming. I am coming. Oohh.

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       I can not believe I am having an orgasm. You are great. I want you to fuck me all the time, every day. This is great. oohhhhh. " That was music to my ears. I get immense pleasure in satisfying a woman and I feel proud about it. I was relaxed that she wanted to come. I myself wanted to come and was somehow was able to compress that felling. I pumped her hard and fast and as I felt that I would come I pulled my ***** out of her ***** and let myself come on her belly. She shouted" What the hell. I want you to come in. do not worry. I am on pills. " But that was too late as my semen was on her belly and I was finished throwing up.

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       She was motionless for a while and the started crying. By this time , I had slumped on her and was on her. I asked her what is wrong, did she not like it or did I do anything wrong. She replied while still sobbing, " no, it was great. I don’t know what happened. I guess I just let myself go. I really enjoyed it. I do not remember the last time I have had orgasm and such a great sex. I feel so good and relaxed. But what would you think about me. I mean what about your wife. God, this should not have happened. " I put my palm on her mouth so that she stopped talking. I told her she should not feel sorry and that I enjoyed it too. That it was a dream come true for me and that I was feeling someone special.

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       I told her that she was the only woman I slept with after my marriage, so she should feel guilty about it. I spoke to her for a while soothing her and comforting her. After a while, we got up, cleaned ourselves, sat for a while, and then I said, “It is getting late. I got to go. ” We had not eaten much of the dinner and had not opened the bottle of wine. But I was not in a mood and was feeling full already. So, after saying goodbye and giving her a goodnight kiss, left for home. I was thinking that she would ask me to stay but she did not. I got home around 12:30. My wife and MIL were worried. I told them some alibi and went to sleep. I could not sleep all night as I was still trying to grasp all that happened. Even today, I can not believe it. Neither can Kathy. Slowly we started talking in office but just the official stuff.

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