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The sheet coming off her beautiful body, slowly exposing the rest of her breast. Breast that are soft, ample with proud nipples hard and needing. The sheet grazes her stomach as it slides down revealing a flat stomach. As it reveals her pussy, completely smooth, Pauls eyes are fixed on her pussy. Needing to touch her to taste her to take Sherrie as his once again. Looking over at him with a naughty smile in her eyes and dancing on her lips, Sherrie moves over toward him on the bed. Starting at his still clad feet she moves slowly up his body pressing her naked breast against his legs. Letting them press into him as she moves up his body. Reaching his cock she kisses him through his pants, her hands rubbing at his balls, while she runs her tongue up and down the length of his erection. Briefly looking up at him letting him see the raw passion and desire in her eyes Sherrie bends down and using her teeth slowly unbuttons his pants. Letting her teeth grip the zipper and pushing her face against his cock she unzips his pants, slowly letting her teeth graze his cock through his briefs. Moving up his body her mouth making contact with his tight stomach she lets her tongue run up his middle. Pressing small hard licks along the way. Her hard nipples pressing against his heated body. Paul is laying there his eyes heavy with desire enjoying being made love to by his lover. Sherrie has found her way up to his chest stopping to lick at his nipple, her teeth taking them and nipping at them then her tongue licking away the pain caused by her mouth.

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   Sherries bare pussy is nestled on top of Pauls hard cock pressing herself against him, her juice wetting his briefs. Straddling him, she puts her hands on either side of his head letting her breast dangle just out of reach of his mouth. Smiling she bends down letting her breast brush against his mouth and she presses her pussy hard against his heated cock. Opening his mouth he sucked her nipple deep in his mouth. Inhaling her, causing her to arch her back making her pussy press even harder against him. Paul taking his time sucking on her nipples, lifting his hips up and pressing his cock against her. Lifting himself off the bed, Sherries nipple still in his mouth, he shifted there position. Laying Sherrie on her back, situating himself between her legs. Moving lower on her body, Paul let himself inhale the womanly scent of her body. His face resting between her legs he let his fingers run up and down the outside of her pussy lips. Feeling her body quiver under his touch, Sherries body jerked under his fingers, her hips moving against his fingers. Spreading her lips apart, Paul blew on her clit sending chills of passion up Sherries body. Slowly Paul ran his tongue up and down her engorged clit. Dipping one finger inside of her, he starts working her heated flesh slowly, making her fuck his finger. Pushing her pussy up and down on his finger as his mouth sucks her clit.

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   Letting herself go Sherrie lifts a nipple to her mouth sucking on it as Paul drives her pussy wild with his mouth and fingers. Reaching down Sherrie rubs her finger along her clit, bringing her finger up and rubbing it on her nipple. Letting her tongue lick it off enjoying the same taste as Paul. her Paul can feel the muscles in her pussy tightening around his fingers knowing she is close to her release he starts plunging his fingers in and out of her harder faster while his mouth continues to suck her throbbing clit. Sherries back is arched lifting herself up off the bed, fucking his fingers with every thing she has she can feel the heat, the tension in her pussy. Screaming Pauls name she thrust down on his fingers one final time her release the most powerful one she has ever had. Paul removing his fingers from inside of her licks his way down to her opening sucking her juice as it comes flowing out of her pussy. Loving her with his mouth as his thumb slowly caresses her clit helping her through her consuming orgasm. Moving up her body Paul lays on top of Sherrie kissing her lips softly bringing her back to him. Looking into her eyes, seeing the look of satisfaction yet promise, Paul kissed her deeply. Sherrie relishing the taste of her on his lips licking at it hungrily, playfully. Rolling him over Sherrie waste no time going down his body needing to feel him in her mouth, wanting to, needing to taste him. Cupping him in her hand, she reaches her tongue out and licks at his head playfully. Watching his cock jump at her touch, enjoying the feel of his smooth, velvety head on her tongue. She licks at him as her hand moves up and down his throbbing cock fucking him.

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   Her tongue finds it way to the base of his head licking underneath, slowly working its way all around his head. Rubbing her tongue against his skin her mouth moving farther down him sucking his head into her mouth as her tongue continues to explore him. Her hand coming up to meet her mouth then moving back down to the base of his cock, her thumb reaching out to rub his tight balls. Sherrie lets her mouth take him in inch by slow inch, her mouth stretching to accommodate his thickness. Her hand is at the base of his cock holding his skin firm as her mouth moves down his cock her tongue licking at him, following the vein running down sucking and licking at him. She can taste this pre cum in her mouth. Sherrie fueled by the taste of him slams her head down taking all oh his throbbing cock into her mouth. Feeling his balls touching against her soft lips and his cock pushing at the back of her throat, she moves her mouth up and down his cock. Sucking and licking at him slowly then picking up the pace and slamming her mouth up and down the length of him. Pauls hips rising to meet her mouth, his hands in her hair pushing her head down on his cock. Grinding it into her mouth, feeling it push against the back of her throat. Sherrie can feel his body getting tense. He is thrusting faster, harder into her mouth. Lifting her mouth up off on him, she leans her body up and impales herself on his cock on one thrust taking him deep inside of her. Leaning forward to steady herself on the bed Paul reaches up and takes a nipple in his mouth while Sherrie fucks him.

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  Lifting her pussy off of him then dipping her hips forward and down taking him back inside of her. Paul puts his hands on her hips trapping her to him, pumping his cock into her wildly aching for his release. Thrust for thrust they meet each other, lost in there own world, enjoying the pure sensation of each other. The only sounds that can be heard is the sound of their skin slapping against each other and pure animal moans as they seek release in each other. Sherries body is tensing up, looking deep into Pauls eyes, she begs him. “Now Paul oh god please now. ” Groaning Paul is thrusting into her harder, his nails biting into the flesh of her hips. Her breast bouncing up and down from the shear force of their love making. Reaching up Paul grabs Sherries head and brings it down to meet his lips. Kissing her passionately he cums deep inside of her filling her. Sherrie tightens around him her own release flowing down his cock, her body shuddering on top of him, as they kiss deeply. Breaking the kiss, Sherrie whispers softly, “I love you. ” With Paul still inside of her she lays down on his chest. The feel of his heart pounding against her chest, the smell of their lovemaking in the air, she sighs a contented sigh and closes her eyes. .

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