A Soldiers Return!


Topic: A Soldiers Return!I came home after a long time away, injured and in need of a rest. My great friend offered me his ancient cottage for six months, if I did some work in the garden. The place was total heaven, a trout stream next to it and a pub about a mile and a half away. Upon going down the pub and enjoying a pint of English Bitter, all the locals went quiet and indeed would not talk at all if I was there, which was rather strange. This carried on for a few weeks, not that it bothered me, as I was happy in my isolation. Then as men know certain things happen to one's Testicles, and one was in need of a bit of company, to say the least! I was walking back from the village pub and they had a disco in the village hall; there was this stunning girl outside (Jenny), who told me her dad wanted to know who I was, so I told her. I offered to walk her home as I really fancied her, but before I could do anything she grabbed my hand; walked me around the back of the village hall and started to kiss me. She had a wonderful body, huge English country girl breasts, and beautiful lips. It took her but a few moments to get my Army lightweight trousers down and comment how big Army boys were made.  I have had some Blowjob's all over the place, but not like this. She took the whole lot in, lock, stock and barrel, feeling my balls at the same time, I admit to pushing it in to her. I had not had it for seven months; the feeling of her warm mouth and succulent lips taking 9" of penis down her throat drove me mad, I was worried I might choke her as my testicles were full, then I suddenly started to cum. I could not stop or indeed wanted to, but she did not gag at all.   The amount of cum was truly amazing; she could not swallow it all, it dripped slowly out of her mouth, as it dripped, it started to land on her ample breasts and drop down her sweatshirt. She licked her lips and quietly said: " wow you were desperate!" This turned me on so much I could not resist feeling her breasts, I went to pull her top up, but she told me to wait till we got back to the cottage. The mile walk was agonizing, for I had already got a hard on again and she had noticed it, plus the wind and rain were very cold, which made her nipples stand out even more.

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    We got back and the log fire was on, but needed stacking up; being a Gentleman I offered her a whisky as she had already told me she was 18 and one month old and had been "DONE," plus we were cold. I did not quite understand what she had meant by that, but she explained her dad would tell me, tomorrow night, which made me nervous.   Suddenly she stood up and took her wet clothes off, placing them slowly near the fire to dry; gesturing me to do the same, her body was stunning, pert breasts, nipples glistening by the light of the fire and everything a man could possibly ever desire. I kissed her lips then neck, ran my tongue to her breasts; her nipples became even more fully erect, if that was possible, finally but slowly going over her stomach, she then laid on the floor and at last my tongue could get into her love canal, her clitoris was immense and it did not take long, before she came. Much to my surprise it was her first orgasm, she writhed in pleasure, moaning wildly and begging me to make love to her. Slowly she asked me to be gentle as she had never had a penis as big as mine in her, as she had only had lost her virginity a month a go, and his was not very big!I slowly entered her and she gasped as I went deeper, then another gasp as it was nearly all the way in, rapping her legs around my back I pushed it all the way in, she sighed very slowly. Her vagina was very tight although it was wet by now, for it was only the second time she had done it!It felt like velvet as I slowly got my rhythm up, now pounding into her as she arched up into me, her gasps and breathing getting deeper, then her moaning got louder. I could feel her tightening as my testicles slammed into her, and then she suddenly started to come, her juices I could feel, as she contracted my penis inside her. I waited till she had relaxed as I was basically stuck inside her, after an orgasm she described as so intense it was mind blowing. I then started again for I had not cum yet; she suddenly told me not to hang back and I could feel her again tensing, her back arching again, she told me she could feel me swelling even more and at last I came deeply inside her. She moaned and told me she had certainly felt my hot cum inside her. I slowly withdrew and as I finally pulled out a great wad of thick cum was glistening in her open vagina. I put some more logs on the fire, as the wind was blowing off the hill, although she was hot; grabbing a couple of cushions and a blanket we laid in front of the fire and fell asleep.   Next morning I awoke with a shock, her mouth was around my penis; sensing I was awake she took it all in, the feeling of her was amazing and I was starting to get very aroused. Suddenly she stopped to my surprise, I asked what I had done wrong!She asked me quite simply to do something to her she had never done before; rolling over onto her front she pulled her buttocks open, I was seriously taken aback, do you want me to do your private hole I asked, she just smiled, her face lit with a radiance and yet apprehension.

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   The look of her pink English Rose was truly awesome; I admit to leaking a bit from my penis as I had done it before but not like this. I didn't want to hurt her as we had no lubricant; I told her to relax and push when I told her, she smiled and told me not to worry as a few of her older friends had done it, so she knew what to expect. Very slowly I inserted my helmet, which was still wet from the pre cum, I could feel her tense, then she buried her face into the cushion. I could hear the muffled sounds as I hit half way inside her amazingly tight anus, I wanted to stop but she urged me to go on and when I was nearly all the way in I told her to push against me. This she did and finally it was deep inside her and she started to moan and grip with her muscles, it felt amazing as I started to really pump into her. Then she was begging me to cum as she was feeling something different deep inside her, I held on until she started to moan and gasp, then as she cried out I came with her, my hot cum really deep inside. Resting a bit I slowly withdrew, as I finally pulled out a whimper came from her, and we laid there, in peace under an English Heaven. After a cup of tea she got dressed and left, saying her dad would pop round and see me, this of course left me worried, but she assured me everything would be fine. Later on that afternoon he arrived; I had seen him in the pub, but had been ignored, so doing the right thing I offered and then indeed poured him a beer. He started by telling me that there were no men of marriageable age in the village at all, and that for some reason it was mostly girls that were born. So all the fathers had got together with the mothers and formed a club, the fathers met in the pub and the mothers met in each other’s houses. The purpose of this he explained, was that when a girl was 18 a father (not hers), was picked out of the club, and she lost her virginity to him at a party, witnessed by all. I was stunned to say the least, in fact almost speechless. He then explained that he knew what I had done with his Daughter as she had told him, and that was fine as she had been "Done,” but now properly "Done. "I started to understand now, albeit slowly.

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  I need you to come to a party tonight so meet me in the pub in two hours, for the club may need you to do something, he slowly said as he left. I duly met him and he explained that it was indeed a girls eighteenth birthday party tonight and they were concerned as the father who had been picked had been having erection problems, and after what he had heard from his daughter I would be more than capable of doing the job. I tried to tell him I liked his daughter (Jenny), and the thought of doing something in front of a lot of people was not my thing. He told me his daughter would be there and she was expecting me, as it was one of her friends that needed to be “Done. ” I walked up to the party getting more and more nervous, he noticed it and kept reassuring me all the way. When we got there; the beer, wine and food were flowing well, in fact too well for a man in a dressing gown, who seriously looked like he had a bit too much to drink. Suddenly a woman brought a gorgeous girl down in a small white towel, she smiled but looked nervous at the people. The man in the dressing gown came over and removed the towel; her breasts were lovely and she blushed as she stood there naked in front of most of the village, her vagina had been shaved and she seemed to want to put her hands there to cover it. He took his gown off; there was the smallest penis I had ever seen, it was as small as a baby mushroom and not even hard. He grabbed hold of her shoulders and she knelt in front of him, slowly giving him a blowjob, but after several minutes there was no reaction at all from him. He pushed her away grabbed his gown and made a quick exit. Jenny and her father looked at me, as indeed did everyone else, go on she muttered you will be fine. She looked at me with a sense of apprehension; tears flowing down her cheeks after what had happened with the selected father, so I consoled her for a moment as she thought she had done something wrong in front of everyone, I assured her she hadn’t. I pulled her back up to her knees, now trying to ignore the other people and she pulled my jogging bottoms straight down, then after a gasp of surprise from the mothers she started to suck a very hard thick and long penis. She to my surprise took it all the way in; I was getting very excited, especially as she moved up and down then licked the tip, then everyone started to tell me to cum as all the girls were trained by different mothers about oral sex, which turned me on even more and I did not know that till now.

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  I didn’t want to as I thought I was here so she could lose her virginity, but they told me not to worry, as the party would go on till later. Suddenly Jenny came behind her friend and started to push her head deeper into me, whilst telling me that she wanted me to do what she had had last night. My penis swelled and she could feel it, sucking harder, then suddenly as she felt my testicles I came, a lot. Jenny watched, as my cum ran out of her mouth and cascaded down her friend, she had tried to swallow, but again there was too much, plus she was not experienced enough yet!I started to rub my cum into her breasts; then gently lowering her onto the floor, I rubbed some on her stomach, there was some on the top of her thighs, so started rubbing that into unknown territory. I kissed her and told her not to worry, although she was smaller than Jenny and a true virgin so I was concerned that it was going to hurt us both. I sucked her breasts whilst Jenny held her hand, then moved downwards, eventually reaching her shaven vagina; she opened her legs wide and I started to lick a very engorged clitoris, she was already quite wet, then as I got my tongue into her hole, she started to moan, quite loudly and then her gasps got deeper and deeper. I kept on with licking her as I did not want her to lose her virginity with a finger, as my jaw was now hurting as she seemed to take ages. Then Jenny told her to let it out, her moans got louder and finally a gush came out of her, covering my mouth in her juices. As I looked up Jenny nodded at me; my penis was rock hard by now, I lowered the tip into her opening, looking at her, she was scared, so again I looked at Jenny and the woman who was in fact her mother came over. It must be “Done,” they told me. I slowly pushed it in and at first there was no resistance, then I felt her tense up, I sensed it was her hymen, so I held back a moment, wanting to give her time. Then I felt two hands on my buttocks pushing me hard, and it thrust me in, she cried out as it went all the way in, gasping at first she slowly relaxed and I whispered to her if she was alright, she then smiled and nodded at me. Her vagina felt fantastic so tight and perfect; I started to really pump into her, my testicles slamming into her, she started to groan as Jenny held her hand and whispered to her. I could feel her starting to tense, her legs rising up, she seemed to have trouble gasping then all of a sudden, her muscles contracted and she came, this time I carried on and it was not long before she shouted out loud to Jenny he is going to come I can feel it. I came inside her as deep as I could, she moaned loudly as my hot cum went inside her, I kissed her and she slowly kissed me back.

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  I withdrew and rolled over, quite satisfied at my achievement. The mother and Jenny wrapped the white towel around this lovely girl and took her upstairs. Lying there naked on my own in front of everyone made me get up, a woman gave me a towel, I was going to get my clothes on so I protested. A man came out and gave me a glass of whisky and an ashtray with a packet of my favourite cigarettes in, wow word gets around quickly in an English village, I thought. A few more whisky’s flowed and we were talking for ages as the English do. The door from upstairs opened; Jenny came first then the lovely girl, followed by her mother, she was dressed in a new white towel, as the other one had a few stains on it, to say the least. I looked at Jenny and she told me, I said everything we did last night!You don’t mean the third thing we did, yes she said she is lubricated and ready and she knows what to expect, giving me a kiss. I did not feel like it but the whisky had sunk in and a man lent over and told me that no one had ever seen it done before.  
She came over in her towel and slowly unwrapped it, getting on her knees she opened my towel and started to lick the tip of my penis. Jenny said to make you as wet as possible; I did not disagree as she sucked it deeper and deeper, her mouth was good and she was learning, or Jenny had told her something. I could stand no more, so stood up; she quickly laid on the floor and exactly the same as Jenny opened her buttocks up. I could see where they had lubricated her so I did not hesitate at all. Her pink button was glistening, although she closed her eyes, expecting the worst, I suppose. Pushing the tip in, I heard her cry out, then again as I thrust into her pausing half way, where I stopped telling her to relax. All the time Jenny was talking to her and me, she was telling her to push when I told her, she just nodded.

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  When I was nearly all the way I told her to push, Jenny gripped her hand and she arched up to meet my thrust, finally I was all the way in. I started slowly in short strokes, as she began to moan I started making them longer and faster, her gasps were regular and she really started to moanYet again it seemed to take ages but it might have been the whisky as I continued to pound into her, my testicles were slapping against her, her anus was very tight and a few times she tried to resist me. This made me push harder; finally her breathing got shallow and her moaning increased, her muscles tightened and she cried out as she came, I could hold back no longer and the very last of my cum shot inside her. She gasped as she felt it; sweating and exhausted I pulled out, as my helmet came out I heard a large sigh from her. I turned her over to give her a kiss and looking down on her sweet face there were a few tears in her eyes. She told me she was fine and stood up, putting the towel on she walked with her mother upstairs. I got dressed and after another whisky, walked home with Jenny. She told me her Father was proud of me, Jenny came in when we got to the cottage. Curling up with each other in front of the log fire.  
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