A Surfing Holiday Ch 2


“You ran off like I’d scared you, I was so nervous you’d tell. . ” she shivered as she remembered the guilt and embarrassment. “Well the glare you gave me made me think I was in trouble or something,” he replied, “So I bolted”. He continued, “You know I stopped and jacked off in the bush before I caught up with Pete, seeing you like that was pretty awesome for a 13 year old”. “Did you know what I was doing?” she asked. “Not at the time but I figured it out about a year or so later, which just made it hotter for me,” he answered, feeling his manhood stirring. “Anyway, so what about Angie,” she persisted, still feeling slightly embarrassed. He smiled and leaned closer, kissing her neck, “But I want you,” he protested. “Believe me Dave, I want you too but we aren’t too compatible age-wise. I mean sexually yes, we’re more than compatible, we just proved that”. “Sure did,” he interrupted, both of them giggling slightly. “Yes but wouldn’t you rather go out with someone your own age,” she asked, not really expecting an answer. The young man was disappointed but deep down he knew the wisdom of her words. The thought of hanging out with a bunch of women his mum’s age made him cringe inside. Karen might be hot in private, but she was pretty formal in public, he’d never even heard her swear until tonight.

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   He realised too, as she pointed out to him, that forbidden fruit always tastes the sweetest. “You’ll always be special to me darling, you know that,” she reassured him. “Anyway you haven’t even been out with her yet so I’d say there’s still a bit of work before you’re doing what we just did,” she opined, laughing, “Angie’s a smart girl, even for a good-looking guy like you she’s not going to be a push over”. “So we can still…” he asked. “I don’t see why not,” she interrupted, feeling him hardening. “You know she thinks you’re gorgeous,” he blurted out, immediately regretting it. “What?” she half-shouted, a surprised look on her face, “Nooooo…. Why do you think that?” “She said it under her breath when you came out in your swimming costume,” he answered. “Are you serious?” she asked, blushing noticeably, “I mean Angie? No way!” “I know what I heard,” came his reply, “she went bright red when she realised I’d heard her”. Karen’s head was spinning, she’d often wondered and even fantasised about the soft touch of a woman, but her daughter’s best friend? Talk about forbidden fruit, she thought to herself, her pussy moistening as she toyed with the idea. She could feel her young lover stroking himself, the horny bastard, she thought, probably fantasising about a threesome with the two of us. “Oh and I suppose you want a threesome,” she teased, “Fantasising about it now I see”. “Hmmm, wouldn’t be a bad way to spend an evening,” he nonchalantly replied, a huge grin giving him away. She slapped him playfully, “You horny bastard!” she laughed heartily as Dave tickled her, making her squeal like a little girl. “Wouldn’t you like my cock deep inside you while Angie sucks on your little love button down there?” “Stop it!” she protested, still laughing, “you’re incorrigible!” The seed’s been planted, he thought, stroking his now fully erect member.

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   Let her imagination do the rest. “Feels good, does it?” she asked, watching him rhythmically massaging his penis, “Can I watch you do that for a while?” “Oooo she likes to watch,” he mocked, but having her watching was turning him on immensely. “You know I’ve never watched a man masturbate himself,” she whispered, “I think it looks hot darling, show me how horny you get for me babe. ” “Fuck I love it when you talk like that,” he panted, his extreme state of arousal now obvious. “My Dave likes the dirty talk, doesn’t he,” she teased, moving away from him and opening her long legs, “see how wet I am, watching you do that”. He gasped audibly, stroking his manhood faster as he spied her glistening pussy. She pulled her legs back and held her labia lewdly open. “Is that wide enough?” she asked, the exhibitionist in her coming to the fore again. “It’s alright,” she smiled as he leaned forward tentatively; “I love showing myself off”. “Oh man,” his breath was coming in short gasps now. “Slow down a bit lover,” she chided as she grabbed his hand, “Karen wants to get into it too”. She reached into the bedside drawer and pulled out a vibrator, it had a metallic finish with a speed control at the base. She moaned as she touched it to her labia and turned the control. The young man’s eyes widened, “This is too much,” he gasped, “You’re fucking amazing Karen”. The 39 year old smiled deeply, she had even surprised herself tonight, and she felt incredibly horny.

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   “I feel amazing,” she replied, before letting out a short gasp as the vibrator briefly touched against her clitoris. Dave slowed his stroking and watched intently as she pushed the tip past her swollen labia. “Ohhhhhh yessss,” she moaned, “That feels so damn good”. “Does it Karen, do you use that when you’re real horny?” he panted. “Only when I’m really horny lover, when I want to blow my mind,” she gasped as she pushed the vibrator right inside herself, “Don’t want to…ohhh…. get too used to it”. He could see her getting very worked up and increased his pace as well, “I can’t believe this, I never thought I’d be jacking off in front of anyone,” he gasped. “Ohhh. Dave. …looks so. . . horny,” she replied as she felt herself right on the edge. “Ohhh fuck! That’s too much, let’s see what else we have in here”. Putting the vibrator down she reached into the drawer and pulled out a cock ring, “Come here,” she ordered, reaching for his manhood.

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   “What the hell’s that?” he asked, a concerned look on his face. “A cock ring darling, it’ll make you swell up bigger than you’ve ever been,” she answered, stretching the rubber ring to accommodate his hardness. “It’ll also hold you back a bit, make you last longer. I bought it for Brian ages ago but he wasn’t into it, maybe you’d like to try it”. “Wow!” he gasped as she released the ring and his cock began to swell, “Almost hurts, feels like I’m gonna burst”. Karen laid back and spread her legs as far as they would go “Stroke it, stud,” she ordered with authority, masturbating her aching honey pot. The authority in her voice was turning him on, and he stroked much faster, the head of his member turning a deep purple from the constraining ring. Her eyes widened as his penis swelled grotesquely while he stroked its veiny shaft. “I can’t watch that anymore Dave, I’ve got to have it,” she said hoarsely, pushing him onto his back. “C’mon, let me on!!” she pleaded, but he let go an evil cackle and held her just away from him, brushing her labia. I’m gonna have some fun with you, he thought as a devilish grin lit up his face. He looked down at his swollen manhood; it was bigger than he’d ever seen it, and turning an angry red colour. Karen strained and pushed all she could, but his strong arms held her tantalisingly out of reach of it, only making the ache in her now trembling body more intense. “C’mon,” she ordered him, trying to sound angry. “I can’t hear you,” he teased, lowering her slightly so his cock brushed her clitoris.

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   “DAVE!!!” she shouted, her whole body trembling, her throat raw with emotion. “PUT IT IN ME!” Her frustration with his playful game boiling over. Dave remained calm, but his arms were aching from her insistent efforts to impale herself on him. Just a bit longer, he thought, pushing the head in ever so slightly. “What’s the magic word?” he smiled, mimicking the authority she once held over him. Karen was beyond trembling; her body was shaking almost violently. Sweat was running down her back and sides, dripping off her face and breasts onto the young man. Small electric shocks were exploding in her thighs; her pussy ached for his grotesquely engorged manhood. She felt genuine tears sting her eyes, “Please Dave,” she whimpered, as it became apparent to the young man he’d gone too far. “Oh Karen,” he whispered, releasing his grip, “I’m sorry…. ohhh”, as she thrust downward on his turgid cock. “Ohhhh. . ohhhh. .

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   Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!” she cried, as the electric feeling took over her whole body. She felt amazingly intense now, totally focused on her goal as the ‘build up’ began in earnest, sweat pouring from her body. Dave, feeling somewhat contrite, began gently moving in and out of her as she touched herself, only lightly, but enough in her extremely aroused state. She went totally rigid as an immense orgasm shot through her. “Yesssss…oh yesssss,” she sobbed, tears running down her face as she felt that most intense feeling. The room spun, white lightning shooting through her body, indescribable pleasure causing her to moan deliriously. The feeling didn’t slowly subside, however, but continued to peak, making her pussy spasm uncontrollably. Her vision went black as she climbed that delicious peak over and over, for Karen had never experienced multiple orgasms previously. Light returned momentarily, as she saw the smile on her lover’s face, then she blacked out completely. Dave was in awe of the beautiful 39 year old, watching her orgasm was the hottest thing the young man had ever seen. The way her whole body was quivering, and the look on her face; lips trembling, mouth distorting into different shapes, eyes rolling till only the whites showed. Then when she came how she seemed to flex every muscle in her body, her torso split by a tight ridge as she strained to her peak. As he continued pumping into her from below, he realised she had gone silent and wasn’t moving with him.
    “Karen?” he whispered softly. “Karen? You all right?” He was becoming concerned, “Karen….

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      ”. He pushed her seemingly lifeless body off of him then shook her roughly, he was beginning to panic. “Karen!” he pleaded, “Karen!” Oh my god what have I done, he thought to himself when she didn’t stir. Tears filled his eyes, as his panic grew, “KAREN, KAREN, WAKE UP!” he shouted. He got up and reached for the phone, realising at least a couple of minutes had passed, and began dialling triple-0, a worried look on his face. He had dialled the first two zeros when he saw one of her eyes open slightly; she stretched her lean body like a great cat and looked up at him, smiling. Her look became one of concern when she saw his teary, panic-stricken, face and the phone receiver in his hand. “What’s the matter?” she asked, “Oh shit take that thing off!!” He looked down and saw his cock was a deep purple, like the head but all over. “Fuck!” he exclaimed loudly, grabbing and stretching the ring with such force it broke. “Shit!” he croaked, “You passed out, I didn’t know what to do when you wouldn’t come round”. Karen was more concerned with his manhood, “It’s ok,” she sounded relieved as she inspected him, “It’s going back to it’s normal colour now”. Concern alleviated, they lay back in each other’s arms. “Dave, no one has ever got me off like that, I didn’t think it would stop!” she giggled, “I think it must have been some sort of ‘sexual coma’! How long was I out for?” “I reckon five minutes,” he answered, “You were just. …limp”. “Wow,” she whistled softly, “I’ve never blacked out completely before”.

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       “I won’t tease you like that again,” he said apologetically. “You will tease me like that again, well maybe not quite as much,” she mock-chided. “Did you. . . finish?” she enquired. “I forgot all about that when I saw you. …” he trailed off. It was obvious to Karen the young man had been quite upset by what he had seen. “Dave, it was fantastic, believe me,” she complimented. “You really blew my mind tonight”. She kissed him passionately; concerned that she had scared him, wanting to reassure him. Looking into his dreamy green eyes she smiled, licking her full lips and cooing. “Now it’s my turn to blow your mind”. The 18 year old moaned softly as she kissed her way down his taught stomach, inhaling his scent deeply.

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       His penis was hard again and he knew after all the stimulation of fucking with the cock-ring on he wouldn’t last very long. Karen licked around the head, causing him to swell up and throb in her hand. His breath grew shorter, “Not gonna last long,” he stammered, feeling a familiar tightness in his chest. Upon hearing this Karen took him into her mouth and began sucking the head of his cock in earnest, all the while masturbating the shaft. Been a long time since you’ve done this, she thought, remembering her younger days. Wonder if I can still … only one way to find out. Moving her hand away she positioned herself so that she was lying almost parallel to him, her face pointing to his feet. She released him from her lips momentarily, “Nearly there?” she teased, feeling him shaking, right on the edge. He could only gasp as his manhood bobbed lewdly in answer to her question, pleading for the pleasure her mouth had provided. The young man felt like a human volcano about to erupt, an incredible pressure was building in him as he bucked his hardness towards her wet lips. Karen slowly but deliberately took him into her mouth, pushing her lips down over his veiny shaft, gagging as he touched the back of her throat. She paused momentarily then over-rode the reflex with sheer willpower, and pushed the head past her tonsils, swallowing continuously in an effort to fight the gagging. For Dave it felt like time momentarily stood still, as the room went out of focus he shut his eyes, mouth open in a silent scream. “Ahhhhhhhhhh,” he gasped as his body was racked with total pleasure. He held her head to him, moaning incoherently as his penis erupted into Karen’s throat, causing her swallowing to quicken as wave after wave of semen was spurted into her, finally filling her mouth, dribbling obscenely down her chin.

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       He kept bucking his hips as the pleasure came in surges, causing her to make lewd gagging sounds as she battled her throat for control. Finally her throat could take no more and she released him from her mouth, retching horribly, semen dribbling down her chin onto his stomach. The young man was still bucking and shaking as he came down from the massive orgasm, smaller spurts landing on her cheek as she masturbated him. “Karen,” he whispered, “I’ve never come that hard before,” as he shuddered again when she released her grip on him. “Back in a sec”, she coughed, walking into the en-suite. The 39 year old stood over the bathroom sink and retched several times, she had never liked the taste of semen, and Dave’s was the largest cock she’d ever tried to swallow. Gradually the feeling subsided, her churning stomach returning to normal. She splashed water on her face and wiped more away with a towel, admiring her breasts in the mirror. Angie's are bigger, said a voice in her head. Where did that come from? She thought to herself. Face it Karen, you’ve always wanted to try it, said the little voice. She shivered deliciously at the thought then headed back into the bedroom where Dave was fast asleep already. God it’s gonna kill me to give you up, she thought, suddenly regretting her earlier words. She collapsed on the bed, feeling very weary herself, and soon dozed off next to him. .



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