A Wedding on Long Island


A Wedding on Long A Short Story a horny couple
A week of work and more work had taken its toll. Ron was exhausted and he and his wife Catherine were on their way to a wedding.   It was a cousin of Catherine and she couldn’t wait to get a way.   The flight was uneventful, and after getting their rental car they were off to her cousin’s house.
Ron was going to take a nap when they got there. It was almost noon, and unseasonably warm for late September.   They found the house easily enough, and Catherine went in to say Hi to everyone while Ron unloaded their suitcases.   He carried them inside, but still did not see anyone.   He flopped down on the couch to close his eyes.
It was only a few minutes before he heard Catherine’s voice.
“Hey, quit sleeping and come out by the pool.   Don’t be rude.   Besides you’ll be glad you did when you do.   The guys are all golfing, and the girls are having a pool party. ”
“Just let me sleep for awhile” Ron begged.
“I think you’ll wish you didn’t” Catherine laughed.

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“This should be good” he thought to himself.   “  Who is here?”  he asked.
“Just the bridal party” Catherine answered. “My cousin went to the store. ”
As he walked through the back doorway toward the pool, his jaw dropped to the deck when he stepped out.   Expecting to see a group of 50 year old women sitting around in their ruffled one-piece suits, he got a little different welcome than he expected.
“Surprise” the girls shouted, all at once. It was really quite a sight.   It was probably largest collection of huge tits that he had ever seen in one place.   And these were not just big tits.   These were HUGE tits, and they were popped out bathing suits that were never designed to retain them.
“God Bless America!” he laughed.
“Are you guys coming in?” Kristin asked
“No” Catherine answered,  “Ron’s kind of tired and I could use a quick nap while its’ still wuiet around here. ”
“Forget that, I can get a nap later” Ray responded.   “Let me go get my suit”
“Don’t bother” Jill giggled “Ray won’t be back for hours,  besides we’re all family.

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Ron’s glance at Catherine told him that he was already in trouble,  What the hell, I might as well be in trouble for something worth getting in trouble for, he thought to himself.
“Why don’t you get some sleep and rest up for tonight?” Ron asked her.   “I’ll just sit by the pool and get to know your future cousin and her friends. ”
“Fine you have a good time, I’m sure you’ll have a great time”  and Catherine pulled away from him, walking back into the house. “I’m taking a nap”  As she went inside and upstairs, she wondered what her lover was up to.   Her imagination was going wild,  and she couldn’t sleep.
Ron spent the next hour in a fantasy tagteam.   Servicing all 4 girls, one at a time, while the other 3 watched.   A bachelorette party that Jill would never forget.   One after another.   Doggy style, pony rides, missionary, and Ron’s favorite, 69. Catherine couldn’t sleep, she got up and parted the drapes, only slightly. As the voyeur in her had gotten the best of her.   She watched from the bedroom window, partly in anger, partly in curiosity, she watched as her husband was finished off by her cousin in the shallow end of the pool.
As Ron stumbled into the house, he could hardly move his legs.

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    This had been an unbelievable afternoon.   Ron-BoyToy he thought.   “I could grow to like this. ”  As he crawled upstairs and into the bedroom, he found Catherine asleep on the bed.   Or so he thought.   He dropped his clothes on the floor and climbed into the shower.
When Ron got out Catherine was gone.   He could hear everyone downstairs.   He quickly dressed and went downstairs.   Everyone was home from shopping and golf.   The house was full of people he did not know.   He looked for Catherine, but she was nowhere to be found.   Catherine’s cousins spent the rest of the afternoon introducing him to people whose names he quickly forgot.  
“Who is the groom?” Ron asked Catherine’s cousin Annie.
“Ray is around here somewhere” Annie replied.

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    They spent the next several minutes checking out by the pool and outside the house.   “There’s Jill, let me ask her” “Jill, honey, have you seen that gorgeous groom of yours?  Ron would like to meet him”
“The last I saw him, he and Tony were talking to Catherine” she answered.
“Who’s Tony?” Ron asked.
“He’s the best man.   He and Ray  are best friends. They do everything together. ”  Jill answered.   “The last I saw them they were talking about shooting some pool. . ”
“Do you guys have a pool table?” Ron asked.
“No, but Tony does at his place.   Its just down the street” Annie answered.
“C’mon, I’ll walk down there with you. ” Jill said.
It was starting to get dark as they headed down the street.

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    “That’s his place there” Jill said after they had walked about 5 houses away.   There were no lights on in the house as the walked up the sidewalk.  
“Do you think anyone is here?” ron asked.   “The place looks dark. ”
Jill reached for the front door, it was unlocked.   “His pool room is around back, they’re probably out there. ”
As they walked through the house, they could see light coming form the room at the end of the hall, and could here sounds, not really talking, but definitely people voices, slightly muffled.  
Ron opened the door, and found his bride with the groom-to-be and his best man.   They were using the pool table, but not in the classic billiards style.   Catherine was startled at first, but when she saw it was Ron, she smiled, and went back to what she  was doing.   “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander” she smiled.
Ron and Jill just stood and watched, enjoying the view.   Ron watched as his innocent wife, always shy about being seen by anyone, offered an Oscar winning performance in a 2-on-1 that these boys would never forget.   Ray finished first, pounding her from behind and firing his load all over her as and back, collapsing to his knees.   Tony was not far behind him, a he lay on his back on the billiard table, Catherine slid his rockhard rod in and out of his mouth, faster and faster until she felt the unmistakable pumping of his lean hips.

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    She grasped his cock at its base, sliding her hand up and down its shaft, faster and faster.   She pushed her lips against its swollen head as the volcano of cum exploded into her mouth and on her face, as Tony screamed.   Screams of pleasure and pain, agony and ecstasy.  
She smiled her evil smile, the one Ron loved.   The one that told her lovers that she had been in control, and that the party was over for them.   “Sorry boys, playtime is over” she said.   “Ray, you've had your bachelor party, this will be your last experience that doesn’t include your wife.   Tony, you’re cute, the weekend isn’t over.   You may come in handy if the old man standing in the door can’t keep up…. . ”
She stood up and walked  over to Ron.   Her incredible body and the act he had just witnessed  was driving him crazy.   She reached up, pulling his head down towards her face, pulling their mouths together and pushing her tongue past his open lips and into his mouth.
This was going to be a very interesting weekend…. .

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