A Welcomed Visit - Part 3


Seeing your cock hardening up again, I grasped it in my hand and urged it to its full length and girth.   Your hands roam across my hips and cup my tender breasts.   Your thumbs crossed my nipples, causing them to harden and ache for your mouth.   I moaned softly before lowering down and sucking on your now thick cock.

Your hands continued to play, twist and pull on my nipples while massaging my soft globes.   My mouth envelops your member and sucks on its purple head until I taste precum on your cock.   I heard your groan my name, begging to finish the job I started.   I looked up through my hair to your eyes and spoke softly, “Fuck me.   I want you from behind. ”

Your hand ran through my hair, grasping and pulled me hard up to you.   You kissed me rough and fierce before we positioned ourselves doggie style.   You smacked my ass before kissing it, enjoying the view.

I massaged my own tits, pinching my nipples as I wait for you to thrust into me.   I pushed my exposed ass against you, urging you and moaned your name. You slapped my ass again before I felt your cock, invading me hard and quick.   My finger found my hard clit, rubbing fiercely.

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    I moaned and bit my lip.   I felt your hands running down my back and feel the shape of my hips.   You settled them on my ass, using it as a pull to push yourself deeper and deeper into me.

    I cried out as my first orgasm shocked through me.   You grunted and shouted over my screams, “cum for me baby, cum again. ”   You scratched your nails down my back and tugged on my breasts.   My hand cupped your balls as you slammed into me.     I felt the pressure give and I was cumming again.   I moaned loudly and started to push back against you as you slammed into me.    I was crying out your name as your thick seed filled me.   I felt your cock throb as it emptied and your breath was ragged as we both laid down.

    I looked at you and told you that was the best fuck of my life.   I knew that visit would be a well cummed visit.

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