All Good Things Come...


Hugging her close, absorbing her smell, he kisses her softly, as his hands glide lightly up and down her back. "I missed you today, you were running so late. " Locking her eyes onto his, she whispers "Not nearly as much as I missed you. " Smiling, she lets her hand glide across his chest and then fall to his waist. Looking up at her, he can see the playfulness in her eyes and can't help but return the smile. She pushes him down on the couch, laying atop of him, starts to plant kisses on his cheek, to his neck, and down to his chest. Letting her hands slide under his shirt, she lifts it over his head barely breaking her lips from his skin. Loving the smell of his body, she pauses and inhales, taking in his scent. Continuing her trail of kisses, she leaves nothing untouched. Her hands reaching for the button of his jeans, she undoes it with ease and lets the zipper slide down. Her rain of kisses slow as she snakes her hands inside his jeans and tugs them insistently down his hips. Lifting his butt to help her, he trails his fingers through her hair as his arousal is exposed to her view. She sits up, taking in the vision of his well formed body, starting with his eyes, his smile, moving to his chest and his tummy, on further down. . . .

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  . Feeling her pulse race just a bit as the sight of him, and his hardness from what she has done, she slides her hand down, gently encircling him with cool, soft fingers. Stroking him lightly, she closes her eyes loving the feel of him in her hand, feeling his heart pound through the pulsing veins under her touch. The skin of his shaft glides up and down as she moves her hand from the head of him down to the base, slowly, but then building a bit faster, wanting him to be fully excited for what is to come. Reluctantly letting go, she takes her hand and places them on his thighs, sliding up slowly as she presses her body between his legs. Letting her eyes lock his as her head hovers over his hardness, she lowers her mouth slowly over him. First letting her tongue glide around the head before slowly moving down his shaft, licking the skin and letting her tongue dance around it, before working her way up back up and letting her mouth dangle over him. Tongue still moving across the tip of the head, she encloses her mouth around him and takes him in. Slow easy motions of working him in and out of her mouth while her fingers slowly play with his balls, she sucks lightly as she moves herself up his shaft. Trying to go slow, but feeling her own excitement building, she starts sucking a little harder and moving her mouth in smooth, slow motions up and down the length of his manhood, the sound of his gasps and labored moans just encouraging her all the more.
    A little harder and faster she sucks him, her tongue making dancing motions around his glans, the tip of her soft, warm tongue flicking rapidly at the slit of his head, she works her way around the shaft. Feeling the heat building between her legs, she slows down, not wanting to let him go just yet. Sliding her lips past the crown, she removes her mouth from him. A soft groan escapes from his parted lips, sounding off his disappointment and need. Moving her kisses back up his stomach, she trails feather kisses up his chest, neck and finally reaching his ear.

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       She whispers quietly, "This is just a taste of what is to come. " Moaning slightly, he reaches up to her and rolls her under him. "You don't think I am going to let you just stop now are you?" Laughing lightly, she kisses him and says "You don't have a choice for now, I'm hungry and dinner is ready. . . you can have me for dessert. ".