An erotic pole dancer's special surprise---Chapter 4


Topic: Page title here Angie's surprise --- Chapter Angie’s Surprise ---   Chapter  4
  cook out ! 
Angie and I had seeing each other for a couple of months when my department decided to have a lobster bake with all the trimmings at a local seashore beach. Most of the single guys in the department volunteered to do the heavy work of bringing the logs and preparing the fire pit in the morning.   The remaining people who had families in the group were to arrive later in the day with lobsters, clams, corn and additional trimmings including a re-supply of liquid refreshments.
 I asked Angie if she was interested in going to the cook out. It was a frivolous question on my part since she knew I worked with a few single guys who were always horny. She would arrive and flaunt her stuff and be a cock tease with them throughout the day. She would be in all her glory.
Very few people knew about Angie with the exception of my very close friends. Now all my male fishing buddies whole heartedly approved of Angie for some reason. Our first boisterous beer party and her introduction to my friends as a group was a joy to watch. Angie came dressed as Angie. The guys were jubilant and their girl friends somewhat more subdued. Surprisingly, the wives in the group were more forgiving and friendly to her… that was until she mentioned what she was presently doing to earn a living. Quickly though everybody warmed up to her and all went well.
Now I hadn’t brought Angie home to meet the family yet. Not that they would be shocked at how she was dressed… they were use to me and who I would bring home….

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  . It was how I would explain her occupation for the summer. I was still working on my introduction speech to my mother and family… especially my sister!
The weather for the weekend of the cook out was predicted to be hot and humid.  I suggested that we take the Harley motorcycle because of the nice weather instead of one of our cars. That clinched her decision to go. We had been frequently riding the motorcycles and she now visualized herself as a biker girl! Ooh brother!! 
 We planned to go early in the morning to help dig and start the fire in the pit and get things ready for the afternoon cookout. I explained that most of the people were professionals and it might be more appropriate if she could dress a little bit more conservative …. like not wear her cut off shirt with no bra and let her boobs hang out the bottom.  She did come more moderately dressed with her bikini top under her blouse  …. her boobs now popping out the top of her blouse. The shorts were as always just that …short of material with her butt cheeks peeking out of the bottom…but similar shorts could be seen along the beach front. But not worn by the wives and secretaries that worked in my department. Hell no!! 
 In reality, I was pleased with her decor  … she was exciting … I expected nothing else. And besides, it was hopeless to protest…. she would just look at me …smile and continue doing just as she pleased.

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   I have to admit there were some times that I reached the point with her not listening that I had the strongest desire to kick her in the ass when she bent over with my steel toed biker boots.  
 As soon as we arrived at the location for the cookout, Angie jumped right into helping and organizing the work effort. She had some experience with this preparing of a lobster bake type of cookout before. She ended up being one of the ‘guys’ when it came to hard work. She played to the single guys … they all knew she was just being a cock tease to them.
 Everyone had a good time during the work phase in the morning. I had a good time just watching the guys trying to position themselves to get a better look at Angie’s assets and of course her titset.   I once caught a glimpse of two of the single guys in my section mimicking humping Angie doggie style while she was bending over tending to the burn pit.
Now the afternoon events with the married guys and wives …well I was a little bit more apprehensive! My fully decked out Harley motorcycle acted as a sign post on the cliff face for those people who were not familiar with the cookout location. The cookout was a complete success for everybody … beyond every ones expectations.  
Many of the people had worn their bathing suits under their clothes … they stripped down on the beach and went into the ocean while the lobsters, clams and other goodies were cooking in the pit. The remaining couples went down the shore about a mile to a changing area on the public beach. Angie and I looked around for a secluded spot in the large rocks at the base of the cliff. We found a deep recession in the rocks about 200 yards down the beach and away from everybody with searching eyes. The recessed area in the cliff face was deep enough to conceal us with the exception of our heads when standing.

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   Angie just needed to get into her bikini bottom since she initially wore the bikini top as a bra under her blouse.
 I was changing into my bathing suit when I glanced at Angie who was now leaning back against the rock face wearing one of her big evil grins and no bikini bottom. Her shaved puffy pussy was so white compared to her toast colored tan that she had been working on all spring and early summer. She blew me a kiss and began her little purring and moaning antics that essentially broadcast she was coming in to heat and ready for a little bit of quickie fun.
 Right away I knew what she was thinking.   I asked her to please just get her bikini on. It was not the time and place to fuck around. My request fell on deaf ears.  Angie never uttered a word. She held my arm and slowly pulled me close to her. She then placed both hands on my butt and pressed against me. I tried to discourage her from fooling around because of the proximity of so many people.  Trying to change Angie’s mind set when it came to a sexual activity where there was a chance of being caught or being an exhibitionist was hopeless. The consequence of denying her what she had in mind was not what I wished to experience for the rest of the day and night! I would pay an unacceptable price for not complying with her immediate wishes.  
 I slowly lifted my head to look around … it seemed like no one even knew we were missing from the group.

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   I knew Angie by then … she never gave up when she was horny and needed to be fucked.   This was not going to be a love secession; this was to be a fuck secession.   Angie started playing with me to get me wet and hard … that didn’t take long …. I hardened to the attention.   Angie smiled …. turned around and bent over wiggling her ass in a very suggestive manner while looking over her shoulder to keep attentive to my progress. I snuggled up to her big bubble ass with my hardness in hand as I sought the entrance to her love tunnel. I was misguided in my first attempt probably due to the anxiety of being exposed with so many people around. Angie displayed some annoyance to my misguided advance. She reached back, grabbed my hand, and placed my cock where she knew it should be while pushing back against me.
She was beyond wet and horny and I went in full depth with one easy no effort push.   She immediately began ramming her ass back hard and fast …. damn she was really hot, horny and sopping wet …. Her heated enthusiasm was also more than contagious …. now I was ready wanting and willing.

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   The whole surrounding situation of possibly getting caught …. and if not … the idea we put one over on everybody right on the beach created an atmosphere of excitement.
 I reached down and around and between her legs and began to rub Angie’s large hard clit as I pressed against her. She squealed to my enthusiastic stimulation of her clit and surrounding pussy. Angie bucked frantically as I fucked her hard and fast. The slapping sounds of our bodies making strong contact were muffled by the crashing of the surf and the open ocean.   She was right, Angie needed to be fucked hard, right there and then.  I knew she was not going to be able to last long with this combination of fucking. She immediately responded to my fingers making circles around her erect clit …. moaning with the pleasure and whispering that she wasn’t going to last …. Good!   
Within a half minute Angie moaned “I’m going to cum …. I told you I needed it. ”  Her speaking out as to her level of excitement brought forth a rippling wave of tingles cascading within my body and I sighed as I felt my eruption beginning to happen. I wrapped my left arm tightly under Angie’s hips as I stroked her clit with my right hand …. she was pinned to me as I thrust strongly deep inside her love box ….

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   she knew what was happening. I pushed in deep in anticipation of my climax …. Angie pushed back against me … looking back around her shoulder she whispered “Give it to me!” …and I did.
As I emptied all I had in multiple squirts, Angie erupted with strong convulsive undulating body movements …. pushing against the rock face with her hands and thrusting hard back against me while moving her hips from side to side … now attempting to reach back and grab me …. moaning and whispering softly to me that she loved me …. and then just collapsing and slowly sinking and resting her forehead against the cool rock face.
Now she started her giggling antics knowing she had just been fucked with everyone around and nobody was the wiser!
 “Oh that was something else … we have to come here again! It must be the ocean that makes me this horny. ”  
Now that had to be the joke of the day.   Just being able to breathe made Angie horny! 
We both pulled on our bathing suits without cleaning up. I was still stiff but getting soft quickly but the bulge in my bathing suit was still very noticeable . . But we needed to make our selves visible before some one noticed we were missing. … We needed to get into the surf to bathe and wash off the perspiration that was covering both our bodies from fooling around in the high humidity of the day.
We laughed as we tried to climb out of the hole in the rock face.

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   I had to help Angie up and out of the rocks …she was beside herself. We were both sapped of all energy due to the good climaxes.   No one really paid much attention to us as we held on to each other and stumbled along to the water’s edge …. looking at each other and giggling to ourselves that we had put one over on everybody on the beach and right under their noses. …. we were so drained of energy.
Angie began laughing now as we strolled closer to the waters edge. I looked at her and she guided my eyes to her right leg where a rivulet of cream colored juice was attempting to find its way down the inside of leg.   There was no way it could have found its way out of pussy with her bikini on; even with the limited amount of material that was her bikini. It was obvious to me that she wasn’t paying attention to her ‘condition’ as she put on her bikini.
Angie, however, had a different point of view which she spent substantial time to explain to me in jest then and continuously thereafter.   She was such a great piece of ass that she brought out the best in me and I over filled her with all my love.   I agreed she was the reason for all my loving. That got me a big hug and kiss just before she entered the first wave. I did not think this was a subject for disagreement.

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Luckily the water was somewhat warm …. enough to get in all the way with a little bit of effort. We bobbed about in the water attempting to surf over the waves with the water up at neck level.
After a while, Angie came over to me and pressed the top and bottom of her bikini into my hand with a big smile and said “Hold on to these for me!” Now she was starting to display some of the fears that I had imagined could happen. I looked about and we were the only ones close by. Most of the people were on the shore relaxing after possibly over eating during the cookout. The hidden exhibitionist side of Angie personality was emerging and she only had but two beers…… thank goodness!
 Angie now smiled seductively as she hugged me close and gave me a quick kiss. Her arms encircled my neck as she brought her legs up and wrapped them around my waist … pushing her uncovered shave pussy against me. I told her I was done …. there was no way I could do anything in the water …my cock was small, shriveled and in hiding between my balls.  The water, while warm for the ocean was too cold for screwing after our quickie in the rocks.   She knew it … she was just teasing as she said …. ”Yeh right”. … She in fact was serious to try again because of the potential audience. I continued to just hold on to her boobs while she stayed close to me.

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She then separated from me and proceeded to do several surface dives that briefly showed her bare ass cheeks for those people on the beach who just might be watching. She then swam over and took her bikini from me and put it back on to transform her self back into a respectable woman!  
All the single people stayed until late into the night … sitting around the fire knowing we had accomplished something special that day. We finally left after covering the fire pit with water and sand. We exchanged the motorcycle for my car at the storage bay and arrived at Angie’s apartment, baked from a day in the sun …. . . covered with salt and needing a shower.
I told her to shower first … I just wanted to rest for a few minutes. I was exhausted.  She just smiled, kissed me on my ear and whispered “We’ll shower together! I’ll wash your back. ” 
The water felt good as the salt from the ocean was rinsed off my body. Angie’s eyes were closed also as the rivulets of water cascaded over her body, over her nipples and tits. The flowing water was obviously raising sensual feelings within her body. Her nipples were now stiff and looked very hard and erect. Her eyes were closed as I gently touched both nipples at the same time.

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   Angie’s eyes slowly opened to my intrusion into her feelings while a wide seductive smile came to her face. She handed me the soap as she turned and leaned against the shower wall and asked to be soaped down …gently! I soaped her back, hips, and butt which brought out a comment as to how good I was making her feel. Her hands slowly slid down the wall as she backed away from the shower wall until she was slightly bent over. She just looked back and smiled. I ignored her unspoken suggestive request as she wiggled her hips … I continued soaping away. There was the suggestive wiggling of the hips again. I just gave up resisting.
 I reached around and under her, soaping her large boobs gently while lingering and squeezing her nipples. Again the backward and some what pleading look as I soaped her belly …her stomach muscles twitching to my caressing with the soap … then moving to her pussy region. She knew I was just teasing … I could not stop what was inevitable … I was just raising the level of expectation.
 I dropped the soap to the shower floor while rinsing the soap from my hand and her pussy. I slid my finger down and into that loveable slit until I was caressing her enlarged clit. She moaned quietly while turning again to look back at me with her pleading baby doe eyes …. now … now she was really ready to be taken. She whined out another of her “Please do me now!” requests.


  My cock was rock hard pointing upwards and was sliding up and down in the crack between the cheeks of her ass as she moved slowly to my gentle massaging of her clit and surrounding tenderness.   She pulled away slightly and my cock slipped down and out of the crack of her butt and into a straight forward erection. Without any guidance and just a little butt wiggling, it found its own way to go and be fully caressed over its full length. Angie’s head arched back and turned to look at me with “I’m not going to last again. Do me quickly again. ”  
Once again it was a replay of our coupling in the rocks. She pushed back and rocked against me for a very short time while reaching back with one hand for me to hold while supporting herself against the shower wall against my thrusting with her other hand.  
I left my attempt to caress her clit and grabbed both cheeks of her ass as I rammed my cock as hard as I could to aggressively fuck her pussy. The effect of the water cascading over our bodies accentuated the sound of our bodies slapping against each other. There was no muffling of the sounds of contact here in the shower like there was at the seashore. I actually think I was working up a sweat in the shower that was being immediately rinsed from my body as I fucked her so fast and furiously. Angie’s ass cheeks rippled and jiggled to the impact of my body as my cock plunged in full length and my balls slapped against her pussy lips.
She was looking back at me as she whispered “I’m cumming …. right now. ” She pushed back as I pressed full depth and climaxed again with her.

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   I didn’t have as much love juice to share with her after so short a time since the afternoon session. The feelings she projected of her wanting me to be coupled with her along with the sensation of the water flowing from the shower so excited me that my climax was very intense. Several of my toes on my right foot began to cramp and that for me is an indication of a great piece of ass.
 Both of us slumped against each other … holding on to each other in an attempt to stay together after so enjoyable a moment. We finally stood and faced each other … still in a weak post climatic state …. I felt exhausted.
 Angie spoke first, stating that doing it doggy style with me produced very strong in-depth feelings that just overwhelmed her senses …. it was a special position just for us. We seemed to have just some how been made to always get the most out of that position compared to others that were also very enjoyable.  
After drying ourselves, we sat on the couch and I brushed her hair for a long time. Angie reciprocated by rubbing and scratching my back very gently. I was so tired but very content. Angie was at first just quiet then murmured she want to tell me something.
“ I do not know what it is with me but you have brought out some thing in me that I never have felt before. When you make love to me you stir me deeply.

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   Some nights I can’t sleep…. I can’t stop thinking about you. You’ve become somebody special in my life. You are the first guy to do that to me and I had to tell you that.   That’s all I wanted to tell you. ”
I hugged her close for a while to let her know she had touched me emotionally. We then lay down on her high pile rug, completely nude and listened to soft music in the darkness of the room. We were comfortable with slowly running our fingers over each other’s body, every once in a while producing tingling feelings here and there until the sleep of the night crept in on us and it was time to go to bed. We just nodded off just holding on to each other after what was a great day.  
 In reality, I was coming to have in-depth feelings for this woman --- she excited me … even when she would just touch me at times and I never knew what she might do next. I now knew she had the same feelings and that I was something special to her also. I would catch her looking at me with a deep and thoughtful way every now and then. When I asked for her thoughts, she would just shake her head no … we were coming to feel deeply for each other and that was for sure.    
One day not to long after the department cook out, my fishing buddy and I just happened to stop at my family’s beach house. Many of my family and extended family was there on the beach.

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   During the congenial conversations, my fishing buddy casually let ‘slip’ that Angie and I had been going together for quite some time now and what was it between us…. anything serious?
 I braced my self. I saw my sister’s body English telegraph that she had heard something different in all the mundane conversations that were going on at the same time between family members. I was looking down at the beach sand at my feet and but I could see my sister with my peripheral vision. My sister’s head was cocked to one side trying to see my face. I turned to look at her. Her lovely large blue eyes narrowed to little slits while her lovely smiled turned to a leering smile while she questioned  “Angie,… Angie, …. who pray tell is Angie ???” 
 I ignored my sister’s inquiry like I didn’t hear the question. I turned my face back to look downward at the zillion grains of beach sand at my feet. Maybe if I begin to count all the grains of sand and ignore my sister’s questions everything will go away!
  My aunt however, picked up on my sister’s voice inflection along with her body English and she was a like a dog jumping on the proverbial bone. My aunt turned to my mother who was not in tune with the conversation …she was more in tune with her third scotch and water.  
“Mary, have you met Angie? Is she a nice girl?”
 With a reply from my mother who came out of glass of scotch and water with  "Angie. !. . .

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  . . Who is Angie???” all was lost!!!  I know I groaned as my buddy could see me holding my head while looking at the ground as I muttered “Thanks a lot Richy!!”
“No problem” was his response as he graciously stood up, looked at the ocean and announced he thought the fish were in the surf and he was going to check it out! He was not going to hang around for this blood letting secession!!! 
 I remember thinking it sure would be nice if Angie had her job back in the business sector. Bringing her home and introducing her to the family with her magnificent set of boobs popping out of the bottom of her halter, if she was wearing one at the time, and her butt cheeks exposed from the bottom of her short shorts was a visual event I did not want to experience. Then telling them that she was an exotic topless dancer on Route 1 out side Boston made me a little bit more than anxious!!  I think petrified would be the more closely correct emotional feeling!
Just then I heard just about everyone in the family say to me in unison “Jaaaayyyyy, who is Angie???”
 My sister continued smiling her evil smirk. She was loving what was about to start. She was going to peel the skin off my back little by little …. and love every minute of it. She could tell I had something to hide and it was her mission in life to find out who Angie was.
 It was the second time I could remember my sister looking at me with just little slits for eye balls. The last time was at night, the early summer before, up in the beach house.   She knew she had just missed catching me up to no good. I had escaped being caught with that little blond nymph of a high school cheer leader in a most embarrassing event by seconds. My sister could detect the aroma of the little nymph’s perfume that lingered after the girl had escaped being exposed. Seconds before my sister and her friends entered the cottage, the nymph had leaped up bare ass from the couch, snatched up her clothes in one hand and did a stunning one hand vault over the back deck hand rail down on to sand dune below and disappeared into the dark of night.

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I wasn’t going to escape again. This time I was about to be crucified! Ohh yes, all the women in my extended family were about to propose that I bring the girl to be met and of course scrutinized. They were once again going to make an attempt to terminate my life of single sinfulness and immorality. Yup it was time for the last single guy in the extended family to end his ways and encourage me to enter into the proverbial life of blissful marriage……. again. They all had mission to get me married and miserable.    
Things just had to get better after this day ends!!!.

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