Ann's Escape


I met Ann at a friend's party.   She recently went through a rough seperation with her husband of 25 years. He left her and two kids, a son Brent 25 and a daughter Sally 17. Ann had only been with her husband sexually and never thought of having sex with anyone else until she met me. Ann looked fantastic, she had blonde hair, breast that were a full B cup, long legs of a dancer and a ass that was as firm as any 20 year old. We connected immediately at the party and ended the night by exchanging phone numbers.   A week later, I called Ann and ask her if she would like to go on a canoe ride with me on Saturday.   I told her that we would explore the bay and watch some of the marine life.   Ann seemed so excited that I had ask her, she immediately started making plans about packing a picnic lunch and bringing some wine. I told Ann to wear a bathing suit in case we decided to go swimming. I told Ann I would pick her up early Saturday morning around 8am.   When I arrived at Ann's house she came running out, excited that we were going.   I couldn't keep my eyes off of Ann and how she looked.   She had on a one piece white bathing suit with a pair of jean shorts over it and a pair of sandals. Ann was sporting the most beautiful bronze tan and her hair was pulled back into a pony tail. She looked like a goddess to me.

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   I wondered what in the hell her husband was thinking when he decided to leave her.   Ann handed me a picnic basket and a bag that contained two bottles of wine.   As she climbed into the truck, Ann said that she really needed this get away to forget her husband and kids if only for a day.   I told Ann that I would do my best to make sure that she enjoyed herself.
We loaded everything into the canoe and I told Ann to sit in the front and I would sit in the back to guide the canoe and also I was much heavier than her and the weight needed to be towards the back.   A quick show and tell on how to paddle a canoe and we were off.  After about an 2 hours of paddling, Ann was starting to get tired so I suggested we find a place to rest. Ann agreed and we looked for a place that would be nice to pull in and go for a swim and possibly have lunch and some wine.   I located a small inlet with about 12 feet of sandy beach. I ask Ann if this was ok, she said it was perfect. After unloading the canoe, we stripped down to our swim suits and went into the water. Ann was like a little child, splashing around and trying to wrestle with me in the cool water. Several times while we were grabbing and trying to dunk each other, Ann's nipple would slip out from the top of her suit. I was so engrossed in looking, Ann took advantage and jumped on top of me and pulled me under the water.   I came up laughing along with Ann.

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   she told me that she really had not felt this way in a long time. I swam in close to Ann and put my arms around her giving her a long kiss.   She made a low murmur sound and broke away saying that she really missed having someone kiss her like that.   I suggested that we go lay on the blanket and have a glass of wine. Ann smiled and said yes that would be nice.   As we laid there I leaned over and kissed Ann again, this time with more passion. Ann responded by slipping her tounge into my mouth and searching for a response. I pushed back with my tongue and we were like to crazed teenagers that just found out what french kissing was all about.
My hands started to move over Ann's body, first I played with her hair, letting the ponytail down and running my fingers through the blonde strands. Next I moved to her face and ever so gentle, I touched her face wanting to feel every feature. Next I let my hand move to the straps of her swim suit and slid them over her shoulder. Ann continued to kiss me and let out soft purring sounds. I let my hand slip under the cup in her swim suit and immediately had one of her beautiful breast in my hands. I started a gentle massage on her breast and nipple causing her nipple to become extremly hard. My cock was so hard at this point that it felt like it would poke a hole in my swim trunks trying to escape.

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   I slid Ann's swim suit all the way off and began kissing her breast with gentle lip brushes. Ann was starting to move her hips as if she were having sex. I moved farther down to her woman hood and began a slow licking of both sides, trying not to put my tongue into her just yet. Ann's hands had moved to my head and was pressing down to keep me there. I didn't move, I just kept licking her pussy.
(To be continued)
Ann began to fuck my face with my tongue buried deep inside her.   She began to ooze juices that were nearly drowning me. I continued to drink everything that she could give. I was so busy that I did not notice that Ann had slipped her hand up my pant leg and was stroking my cock.  I slipped off my swim trunks to give her better access to my raging hard on. We had ended up in a 69 position and Ann now had my cock in her mouth giving me the best wet blow job that I had in a long time. I let her mouth my cock and balls for the longest time before I slowly turned around and got on top of her.   Ann took my cock and placed it at the entrance to her pussy and pushed it in.  All I could feel was a warm wet engulfing place that I knew would give me pleasures.  I started to move in and out of Ann and she kept up with every movement.

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   Ann finally started to shudder and her legs started to squeeze me like a vise grip.   I felt myself reaching the point of the most intense orgasm when Ann let out a groan letting me know that she too was having an orgasm.   The cum flowed between us, drenching both of us like we had just got out of the water from swimming. Ann and I laid there for some time enjoying the feelings that had swept over us and the afterglow we still had. Finally I ask Ann if she would like to go for another swim and she smiled.   Ann and I had been seeing each other for a year, when she told me that she was going to reconcile with her husband.   I ask Ann if we could remain friends and she replied "Of course, you never know when I will need a canoe ride again. ". has the huge list of girls and escort agencies in Brussels!

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