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It was a male auction for women. A man goes on stage dressed in a tux and women bid for a date with him. The money then goes to the charity. Initially two of my friends agreed to participate with me but by the night of the auction, they both bailed. I went to the hotel by myself not knowing what to expect at all. It turned out to be worse than I expected. I was easily the youngest person there by five years. I thought these women were going to laugh me off the stage. However, I had dated many older women and I never felt awkward around them. In fact, I proffered older women even ten years older than me. By the time I was called up to the stage, $65 was the highest a guy had gone for. Right away it was a battle between two girls bidding for me. One woman was in her mid 40’s and in my mind was not attractive in the least. The second girl was 31 years old. From what I could tell she was very pretty with blonde hair and a small but lively chest tucked into her sweater. I was rooting for the blonde to win the whole time.

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   My prayers were answered when she asked her friend for twenty dollars to put my bid to $95. SOLD!I met her after the event and she said her name was Jill. I quickly noticed that her face and chest were exactly as nice as I thought but her ass and stomach were her best features. She had a flat toned stomach with a full round ass. I melted when I saw that and could not wait to see where this new “relationship” would go. She said, “ I just paid a hundred dollars for you so our date will start tonight, I hope you like to drink. ” I just grinned at her and said not to worry about my drinking abilities. The two of us closed down a bar down the street from her house. We talked about everything getting to know each other. A few things that stuck in my mind while we spoke set up the rest of the night…and morning for me. She told me that she liked men to take control, she loved giving and receiving oral and that she had not cum from a man for almost a year. The last one shocked me to the point that I took it on as a personal challenge to break that horrible streak. We got to her place and while I made a pit stop, she made up the couch for me to sleep on. I gave her a hug and a light kiss on her cheek before dropping down to my modified bed. She kept her door cracked open when she went into her bedroom to change her clothes.

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   I said to myself that this is my chance. My dick was throbbing in my pants and all I could think of was bending her over and fucking her as hard as I could while she came. I threw her door open and walked up behind her and put my arms around her. She was standing n front of her mirror, wearing only her robe. Jill said immediately, “What are you doing? You shouldn’t. ” With a hand full of bush and a hand on her left breast I whispered into her ear “Jill, you just paid $100 for this and I am going to give you everything you want and paid for. ”She let out a long and seductive sigh, as her body went limp. Jill closed her eyes and I could feel her pussy lips lubricate instantly. I still had my boxers on but I was rubbing my clothed dick between her ass cheeks. I new at this point I could do no wrong. I tore off her robe and threw her on the bed. She kept her eyes closed and instinctively spread her legs as far as she could. I started to lick up both of her legs, concentrating on her inner thigh. “Oh shit…Oh shit…Oh shit…”, is all Jill kept saying. When I made my way up to her juicy slit, I saw something that blew me away.

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       She had the biggest pussy lips I had ever seen. At first I was taken back but I quickly recovered and took one in my mouth and sucked off every bit of juice I could. “I love your fucking lips,” I said. “Suck my lips and bite my clit. You tongue me so good. Can you make me cum? Please work my clit…make me cum. OH YES!”Jill kept telling me how much she liked it. I felt her body really start to swell after five minutes of eating her out. All of a sudden she stopped talking and just tensed up. Her whole body and pussy started to shake and then it seemed like time stood still as a gush of clear liquid shot from her pussy onto my face. It was an amazing feeling to make a girl shoot cum. Jill let out the most relieving sigh I have ever heard. She was trembling from the most intense orgasm she can remember having. I wasted no time however. I pulled off my boxers and pushed the head of my extra thick 6 ½ inch cock into her quivering pussy.

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       Jill gasped again and pulled me onto her. I fucked her missionary through two more orgasms. I was pulling her hair, biting her nipples and slapping the side of her ass the whole time. She had enough and told me she needed a break. I took my cock out of her and crawled up her body. “Now it’s your turn. What can you do with your mouth?” I said. She replied, “Let me lick my juices off of you and then you can fuck my throat. I told you I love to suck cock. ”I have never seen a girl take my dick down her throat the way she could. It was amazing. It took just a short time and I shot what seemed to be the thickest load of cum on her tits and chest. I collapsed next to her as she played with the cum. She ate some and mostly rubbed it into her skin. Jill ended our night by saying “Mmmmmm…I would spend double the money for that again.

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      ” If you liked this story I can tell you about the next morning when I did get to bend her over. Wow, what an ass. Mamoo.
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