I was walking down the street and just minding my own business, some guys from my old high school walk by. I shot them a sexy look and walked a little more dramatic. As they walked by one grabbed my ass and a chill went down my spine. I stopped walking and he came in close to me still clutching my butt. He was so close I could feel his cock sticking straight out, hard as nails, and he slid his hand up my mini skirt and all I could think of is “Where is the nearest hotel?” I pushed him away and turned around. Now chest on chest he could see how big my boobs really were. I grabbed his hand and we dashed to my car.
            I was driving as fast as I could safely and he said “Quick right!” I shot the car around the corner and stomped on the brake pedal when we reached his house. I laughed as we ran inside and up the stairs.
 He had his shirt of already and I could tell he wanted me to do the rest. I smiled and evil smile and Shoved him on the bed, unzipped his short and squeezed his cock through the boxer and I slowly unbuttoned his pants and took off his boxers and shorts at the same time. He was rubbing my boobs the whole time and ripped of my shirt like a maniac. I lay down on my stomach on his roommate’s king size bed and he chews off my bra as I slide off my skirt. He has my bra off and I roll over then he gets a bite at my thong and chews it off too. He lays on me lightly and kisses me hard and we exchange saliva. I break way and whisper in his ear “Make love to me babe.

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  ” He throws me back on the bed and sucks on my pussy until im way beyond horny and then he does a summersault on the bed and arranges our legs so Im trapped. He fingers me until I cum then he slowly slides his cock into my pussy. He cums, I can feel it, and slides in and out of me.
            The best sex Ive ever had.
            I scream and moan, moan and scream with delight and he fucks me harder and faster than Ive ever been fucked. Once hes done I tease his balls  and give him a blow job. Once Im done he lays me down and sucks my tits until there red and hard. He kisses me up and down and we roll around cluthched to each other.
             I think, “My turn. ” Push him butt up onto the bed and hump him for my pleasure. My cell phone rings on the floor. I dash and pick it up. Its my fried Jess. “Jess? Not a good time. ” He tickes my butt and I laugh, “Kinda having sex.

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  ” She screams and I give her the address. She plans to come over and join in. Still butt naked, we walk into the kitchen and get water we sit on the couch and make out until the dorr bel rings. I check that its her and run tio the bedroom to let him answer. I watch from the top of the stairs.
 He opens the door,”Hello?” He says in his manly voice. She barely replies ‘Hi. ’ Before he has her inside and naked. Shes on the floor and by her screaming he fucking her too. I yelp and run down stairs and suck on her boobs. She makes out with my stomach until hes done then I go in wile hes fucking me again. I eat out Jess and shes dying of pleasure. Then hes done with me and jess stands up and jumps on his back and humps him while kissoing his neck. They fall over and make out while Im in the dust.
            So I run over and scream as Im pulled down  into a group hump-hug.

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   Then I realize its almost 2:00. So I get really tired and fall asleep naked on top of him with jes wrapping her legs around us.   When I woke up I let them sleep and jump into whats left of my clothes after a shower and dash home to change before my roommate wakes up.
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