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Topic: Birthday FunAll the birthdays in the past have been marked by the mandatory ties and books and shifrts and sweaters. My wife promised something different this year but wouldn't give any hints of what to expect. The day began normally enough, getting off work , heading home through early morning traffic, having some breakfast. Jenny came down stairs as I was cleaning up from breakfast, greeting me witha big hug and a nice lingering kiss. 'Happy Birhtday old man. ' I returned her kiss and copped a quick feel, her breasts warm and full in hands. Jenny is 38 and has taken great care to always look her best, keeping trim and doing everything to make men keep looking at her. She has long blonde hair , measures 37-23-35 and weighs a slender 124 lbs . 'You need to get some sleep today because I have big plans for tonight. ' I went upstairs to go to bed with Jenny coming up behind me. 'Alright', I thought, a quickie before bed. But that wasn't going to happen apparently as she continued on down the hall past the bedroom, calling 'goodnight' out to me as she passed.
When I got up at 6:45  there was a note to shower, shave , dress nice and meet her at a particular address. After I was ready I found directions to the address on the computer and headed out. Part way there I got a call from Jenny asking if I was on my way and dressed nice. 'Oh yes.

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   Everything as requested' 'Good, love you. See you in  few. ' And she hung up.
When I pulled in to the parking lot it was one of the city's finest cabarets. I parked and headed for the door. And Jenny was there, dressed in a knockout green fishnet dress, very sexy black lace bra showing through the mesh. Her lips were freshly caoted in bright red lipstick, her 5'11" height augmented by a pair of 6" stiletto heels. . I could see through the dress her black thong panties, so small but nonetheless drawing immediate attention to her pussy. I let a whistle as she came up to me, gave me a hug and said 'happy Birthday'
A big night at the tittie bar with my wife looking better than any of the dancers! We have always have a great relationship, remaing faithful because there was never any desire to wander from our bed. Jenny loved to suck cock. In fact that became a foundation of our sex life in our marriage. She could (and did) take my entire 8" deep in her throat and swallowed my cum nearly every time. She loved having me cum on her tits  and give her facials. Obviously she liked getting a hot load in her cunt which she had kept smooth and bare since I've known her.

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   And most recently she had let me know that a good assfuck was not out of the question very once in a while. All in all, a good sexlife even after 16 years. but tonight we were going into unknown territory. She had never gone to a topless bar with me. In fact I hadn't gone without her either.
We went in, happily paid the cover charge and were even more pleased when my cover was waived. it was my birhtday, after all. Entyering the dark richly woodgrained main room we were lucky enough to get a table down right in front of the main stage. On the floor was a girl about 20 years old slowly strutting around in a nice ,, but revealing gown which soon enough disappeared into the wings as she slowly stripped and revealed an average body, nice enough tits and a small g-string. She wore high platform heels and looked particularly bored with the whole operation. She worked the pole a few times and then as the music pounded loudly finished up by pulling her g-string aside briefly to reveal her shaved pussy. After she left to go to another stage the next dancer came on stage . this time a tall black woman, big tits and a full round ass. It was a variation on the theme of the original. Then a redhead with a glittery costume.

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   then another blonde, this one wearing a very sexy red corset that pushed her tits up and made them look huge. One after another , with a few standouts, like the blonde with the corset. I got up a couple of times and went to edge of the stage for a closer look and left couple dollars in tips for a little private titty shake or pelvic grind. Jenny got up once , this time for a girl who looked like a total biker chick. Several tattoos graced her back ond two of the biggest natural tits I've ever seenwere all I noticed of her front. jenny whispered to her, she squatted down smiled at me at the table and shook her tits in my wife's face, the nipples erect and brushing jenny's cheeks. She finished by doing a split while twirling her g-string, her cunt naked and glistening
When her shift on stage ended she came to the table and Jenny invited her to sit down. On my lap. . . I had a massive hardon almost instantlysince she had bneen invited by another woman to sit on my lap the bouncers sort of looked the other way as long as there was no blatant activity. She said' I'm Marilyn, buy me a drink and we'll all go the Champagne Room fora private show. Jenny told me it's your birthday and asked if there was anything special we could do for you this evening.  Ihave a couple things in mind. Just remember, nothing outside the door and nothing forbidden inside the door.

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   ' So we piked up our drinks and headed for the private rooms upstairs, me wondering exactly what was goiung to transpire.
When the door closed Marilyn asked what we'd like to see, a private table dance? a lap dance? anything else?
I was taken aback by this turn so Jenny said 'A lap dance for me. ' She sat in a wide chair with low arms, relaxing comfortably but looking rather flushed.  She had applied fresh lipstick and looked fabulous. marilyn danced slowly up to teh chair, absolutlely naked, eventually ending on jenny's lap, grinding her pussy against my wife and shoving her tits in jenny's face. I was shocked to see the look of pleasure on mywife;'s face and equally shocked to see her take Mrilyn's nipple in her mouth and give it a little suck. the song on the sound system ended and Jenny paid for the lap dance and tipped her generously. Marily looked at jenny and said thank you then delivered a more personal thanks by taking Jenny's face in her hands and giving her a deep wet kiss!.
'Your turn, Birthy Boy. ' Another song started and she moved directly to my chair, only this time didn't even pretend to dance. She reached for my zipper and pulled my cock out , then ground her cunt down on my rock hard member. It was all I could do to not try to thrust it deep into her.   She finisherd the 'dance' and gave me a kiss, not quite so deep, not quite so enthusiastic as Jenny's but my mind was in a whirl. Her tits had been in my face, her breath in my mouth, her cunt on my naked cock, and only moments befroe she had been kissing my wife with great gusto. This time i paid for the dance and I know I tipped her heavily.

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   Marilyn looked at me and asked 'Is that all you want?'
Jenny answered for me. 'No it isn't. You know what we talked about when you were on stage. But I want to hear William say it. ' She turned to me. 'It's ok,babe. Go ahead and tell her. A blowjob, a fuck , anything you want. I've known Marilyn for a long time and we have no secrets, and I want you to have anything you want this year. Besides, I know you'll be fucking me when we get home, so go ahead. ' It suddenly made sense, that particular cabaret, that particular table being open just as we came in, that particular dancer ending her shift just after we sat down.
I looked at marilyn. I looked at jenny, andf while looking at my wife said to Marilyn " Iwant to fuck you in the mouth, in the cunt, in teh ass, anything you can imagine and anything I manage to get my cock up for. '
'That's more like it William. ' said Jenny , and while her words were still in the air marilyn was onher knees taking my cock in her lovely mouth.

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   I felt her tongue working around the head of my cock anlternting with her taking teh entire shaft in her mouth going nearly as far down as my own Jenny. My hands were on the back of her head guiding her up and down as my head was floating away into ecstasy. Jenny came over to me and placed her open mouth on mine in a deep kiss, our tongues jousting. As she broke the kiss she said 'Happy Birhtday. Is this better than a tie? or a morning quickie?' I could only moan in answer as I was just at that moment pumping my first load of cum into Marilyn's mouth. As she sucked iot escaped around her lips and dripped down to her 38D tits. My back arched adn i grunted time after time. i fell back on the chair as Marilyn asked 'Good?'
'O god yes'
'We're not done you know. There are still two holes to go and jenny's when you get home. '
She worked at my cock, fluffing me up without much effort as I was popping up again in a few minutesThere is something about fucking a piece of strange pussy i guess, and knowing my wife was there was making it better rather than more difficult. Marilyn positioned herself so that i could finally see and lick her cunt. My cock was bobbing up and down as I sunk my tongue into her tight pussy. I found her clit, not difficult to do as it stood out like a little cock. I sucked at it hungrily and felt her thrust down on my tongue as her breath came in ragged gasps. She didn't make many sounds which I found surprising until I saw she hjad her mouth plastered to Jenny's left tit.

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   Somehow that green dress had found its way to the floor. She was moaning and rubbing Marilyn's tits and had her eyes closed in bliss.
We adjusted our positions in the chair and I placed my cock at the gates of ecstasy driving it home in one thrust. marilyn sucked in a sharp breath as my 8" hit teh pay day zone. In and outr and round about , both of us now sweating and our pace mounting rapidly when she said 'In my ass. Now. Now. ' Agian , who was I to argue and pulled out of her cunt and began to ease my cock in her forbiddenasshole. 'Hard! Harder!' So i rammed home. She was so tight, so hot , my cock so hard. As I fucked her tight ass jenny laid back in front of Marilyn who fell to licking my wife's cunt, sucking on her generous clit. I pumped and thrust ,Marilyn matching each thrust , Jenny starting to get really involved. Once again I felt the pressure gathering in my cock and with one last push unloaded yet anothe scalding hot load of cum, this one to her sweet ass. As I did,Jenny erupted and pulled Marilyn's head into her cunt, grinding Marilyn's face into her pussy.
We all collapsed, thoroughly exhausted by our private session at teh cabaret.

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As we dressed there was teh obligatory exchange of money, 'tips for the dancer' jenny called it. Was amrilyn a hooker ? According to Jenny , no, because the money was exactly what we had been told a private dance would be. i say no because frankly if a whore did that to me i would expect to pay hnudreds of dollars, and then there would have been rubbers, and no kissing, which there were none of and plenty of respectively, and besideds, teh next comment made it all clear. 'Come on over for drinks Tonight MArily, we still have some unfinished activites to take care of. I owe you one and I don't think William fully appreciated your talents since he was so nervous. '
'Alright, see you in a whileJenny. We must keep this up. I've missed you since college. '
'Goodnight . Hope you had a nice time' said the girl at the door as we left.
'Now we have to get your car home since I also drove. 'I had been thinking about that.
'No worries,' said Jenny. 'Marilyn can bring it with her when she gets done tonight. And she's off for the nest three days, just like you.

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   This will be your best birthday ever. '

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