Brother and Sister


Topic: Brother and Sister!!!It was a bright monday morning when Kyo and his younger sister Taki were ready to get up!!! Kyo, 19, graduated high school earlier that year and quickly got accepted into college. Kyo is that 1 guy you always dreamed of being with. He was about 5'10 and had a 30 inch waist!!! Having short, black hair and a figure of a stalion made him look like the school bully or someone that u didn't wanna mess with!!! He was actually a nice guy who helps out at his college and had a lot of friends who looked up to him!!! He dressed like a goth!!! His sister Taki, 17, on the other hand was the exact opposite!!! She's 5'2 with a slender body!!! Taki also dressed like a goth!!! She didn't care if wut she did was done right or even done at all but she somehow still managed to get to her senior year where she is 2 weeks away from graduating!!! "Taki, wake up!!! You gotta get ready for school!!!" Kyo said as he was passing her room on the way to the bathroom!!! Taki wakes up and heads towards the bathroom not realizing that Kyo is taking a shower!!! She opens the door ever so quietly so that Kyo won't hear her entering the bathroom!!! She grabs her toothbrush and toothpaste and starts to brush her teeth!!! " I should flush the toilet to make the hot water go away " Taki was thinking with an evil grin on her face!!! She spits the foam into the toilet and flushes!!! In an instant you can hear Kyo screaming " AHHHHHHHHH, THIS WATER IS COLD!!!" He begins to struggle to turn off the water, ends up slipping out of the bathtub while taking the curtain down with him!!! " That water must have been really cold huh" as Taki is pointing down at his region and giggling!!! " That's not funny Taki, I could've been seriously hurt" you hear Kyo say with an annoyed voice!!! Taki decides that she's had enough fun for the time being and leaves the bathroom but as she closes the door she gets a thought in her mind " Why do I have a fuzzy feeling in . . . " she quickly stopped thinking!!! Taki waits for Kyo to exit the bathroom and goes in and takes a shower!!! " Why am I feeling the same fuzzy feeling for my brother as I did for my ex boyfriend" Taki was thinking!!! She finishes her shower, goes into her room and starts to look at what she's gonna wear to school!!! As usual she grabs her fish-net stockings, her red skirt, her stripped black and white shirt, and her knee high boots that she wears every monday!!! She goes outside and gets in Kyo's car where Kyo is quite annoyed that she took so long to get dressed!!! As they got to the high school so Kyo can drop off Taki, no words were exchange but each was thinking on something different!!! Kyo was thinking how childish Taki can be at times as Taki was thinking as to why she was getting that fuzzy feeling towards her brother as if it was her boyfriend!!! They get to the high school and at a moments glance Taki gives Kyo a kiss on the lips but backs away from his lips just as quick as she kissed them!!! "Wh .
    . What was . . . That" Kyo said with a shocked face!!! Taki said nothing but only ran towards the entrance of the school!!! Kyo drives off and arrives at his college!!! All throughout the day as if Kyo and Taki planned it ahead of time went to the  bathroom, ate lunch, went to class, and even left their own schools at the same time!!! Taki arrived at the house first and went straight to her room hoping that Kyo wasn't in the house!!! She was thinking in her room for hours why she had that fuzzy feeling towards her brother, kissed him on the lips before going into the school and why was he on her mind throughout the whole school day!!! She finally decides to step into the bathroom and take a shower!!! She starts taking off her clothes and start getting that same feeling again!!! She ignores it that time and steps in the shower, turns on the water and begins cleaning herself!!! Kyo finally gets home from his school and goes to his room, puts down his books on the computer table, and sits down on his bed!!! He decides after about 15 minutes that he's gonna take a shower so he can go and talk to Taki about what happened earlier that day!!! He walks up to the bathroom door and hears his sisters voice faintly saying in a sexual voice " Ohh Kyo, Why am I acting this way!!! You're my brother . . . but it feels so good!!! Please don't hate me for feeling this way"!!! He opens the bathroom door and finds that his sister is masterbating in the shower!!! " Oh My God, Kyo!!! I'm sorry that you had to see me this way but I felt kinda weird when I saw u naked on the floor and when I kissed . . .

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      " Taki stops talking and starts crying!!! " Sis, its okay!!! Maybe we can talk about this . . . " Kyo stopped talking and realized that he was getting hard!!! Taki slowly moves up close to Kyo's body and starts removing his clothes, piece by piece!!! " Kyo, is this okay with you!!! I never felt this way about no one else until now!!! Its scary that your my brother but . . . . . . I. . . Love . . .

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       . You, and not that love that a brother and sister have for each other . . . but the love one should have for their boyfriend or girlfriend" Taki said!!! " I don't know . . . but . . . I guess its okay but we can't let anyone know" Kyo said with a scared voice!!! Kyo helps Taki remove his clothes and as he is finally naked he steps in the shower and they start rubbing up and kissing each other!!! After about 5 minutes of rubbing and kissing, Taki turns around and tells Kyo " Put it in me"!!! He slowly begins to put it in her slowly going in and moving out in a slow and rhymatic way!!! " Go faster Kyo " Taki says as she's moaning!!! He slowly starts to go faster and faster taking care that he isn't hurting his sister!!! Taki is panting and moaning, and its making Kyo not wanna stop and just ram her with all his might!!! Back and forth, in and out, moaning and groaning, panting and screaming, they both let each other know that they are gonna cum . . . and it happened!!! They finished the shower with each other, dried off, got dressed in their pajamas, and Taki asks " I hope this hasn't destroyed the fact that were still brother and sister"!!! " Of course not, we'll always be brother and sister . .

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       . with benefits" Kyo said with a smile on his face!!! Taki pushed Kyo into the wall and gave him the dirty look and Kyo gave her his dirty look right back!!! " Can I sleep with you tonight " Taki asked Kyo!!! " Only if you promise to be nice " Kyo said back!!! They went to Kyo's room, cuddled and fell asleep!!!
    The end!!!

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