Topic: CamcumI was sitting bare assed on my computer chair and carelessly playing with my cock in front of the camera. The excited face of Anne, my chat mate, was staring at me from the screen. That face and her naked tits was all that I could see of her, but the growing typing mistakes in the dialogue window, made me guess that she had her other hand in her panties. And yet it was only the second time that we were online. The first time she immediately started to talk dirty and it only took five minutes for her to start masturbating on the cam. When she had cooled down a little she apologised and confessed that she had just come out of a painful divorce.
 On the advise of some young colleagues and internet wise girl friends she had bought herself a computer and created herself a profile on an erotic dating site. Not without eagerness she had started exploring the frontiers of her new found sexual liberty, of which the piercings in her nipples and her cunt were the visible affirmation. Already in her fifties, Anne was considerably older than myself but with her open face, the short red hair and beautiful big boobs, she was juicier than many a girl half her age. After her personal confession she wanted to know if I fell for older women and had began to provoke me, without even awaiting the answer. Many hours, quite a few orgasms and intense talks, we logged out. Yeah, you could definitely say that we got it on together. Today it felt like we knew each other for years. Both she and I were a lot less tense that that first time and playfully I tried to talk her out of her panties, when once of a sudden two slender over my shoulders two slender arms went for the keyboard and starting typing in my place. “Nice to meet you”. Immediately the cam connection was broken off and I say that Anne went offline.

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   “O honey. Did I frighten away your playmate? I’m so sorry”, my wife’s voice sounded apologetically, although both I and she knew she had done on purpose. It was not as if she had surprised me with some secret hobby. She knew damn well that I cammed and couldn’t care less that I jerked off, as she called it diminishingly. So she left me alone at my games. Until this moment. “Hey, why on earth did you do that?”, I complained.   She turned the chair around so that we looked each other in the eyes. “What if I felt like playing?”, she answered? Ignoring her I turned around again and mailed to Anne, hoping that she would look into her inbox. . “Please come online again sugar. Don’t tell me you have become a prude. And I didn’t tell you I wasn’t married, did I now?”. “She’s not bad looking, commented my wife, “but isn’t she way too old for you? I didn’t now you had a thing going for mature women. You will have to look for another grandma, because this one, she will never lay eyes on again.

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   But don’t’ worry, I have quite a few old aunts you might take a fancy too. ”“We will see about that”, I replied to her misplaced witticisms about Anne, but I was afraid that she was right and that I had lost her. I just about gave up hope, when she came online again. “Aha, I triumphed. I signalled her to turn the cam on and after a few seconds she came in view. She had put on a top. “Sorry that I frightened you”, type my wife over my shoulders. “By the way my name is Ellen”. “And mine is Anne”. By the expression on her face I could see that she didn’t feel at ease. Ellen clearly didn’t intend her to make easy on her and took the offensive right away. “Just now you weren’t so scarce with yourself. Come on girl, show me what got my husband so excited. Anne only hesitated for a second and then pulled the top over her head. She was naked under it and had goose bumps around her nipples, which were erect and hard.

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   “I must admit, you have gorgeous tits”, typed Ellen. “You should see what a hard on they give Rudi. Nice”. She pointed the cam to my dick and indeed, the obvious truth couldn’t be ignored. “You now”, tried Anne, who had regained her confidence. “I never saw the fun in these computer games,” said Ellen to me, “but I start realising that my judgement was a bit premature”. Promptly she adjusted the cam and stripped to the skin, showing herself off. “From one woman to another”, type Anne, “You’re quite a dish yourself”. And then she halted. Where is this leading, I wondered. I should have known, knowing my wife. The she devil! “Do you mind if I sit down,” the continued the conversation. “It’s not really handy typing over Rudi’s shoulders. Answering her own question, she sat down on my lap, her legs dangling on both sides of mine. “That’s better, isn’t it?” And then she teased.

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   “But wait I’m not totally comfortable yet. Something is in the way”, I read on the screen as she typed the message. Ellen lifted her buttocks from my thighs, took hold of my dick and screwed herself down on my cock until he had totally disappeared inside her. “O GOD”, the screen said in big print. I saw how Anne stood up and pulled her panties down over her broad hips. In close up a bejeweled finger slid into her cunt. “Mmmmm”, sighed Ellen starting to go down on my shaft. “Now I get the picture”, and then typing. “Yeah baby finger that pussy of yours. I want to see you come”. Anne’s free arm went to the keyboard. “’I’m so horny. I want to see him ejaculate”. We were all three of us so plugged into looking and seeing that we didn’t want to wait any longer. Ellen slid off my fat cock, glistening with her juices.

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   A few hard pulls on my dick were enough to make me come. Three pair of eyes testified how my cock exploded in thick blobs of sperm against Ellen’s belly, thighs, cunt and clit, which she rubbed it hastily with polished finger nails. The view was so terrific that it alone was enough to make Anne also come. “OOOO I’M ALSO COMING”, the screen exploded in capital letters as my cock emptied itself layer after layer on Ellen’s body. Anne changed the cam position to allow us to see how the orgasm redesigned her features. Before our eyes her skin seemed to become more supple and soft, as though the climax wiped a sponge over wrinkles and grooves.   She looked years younger and a candle lit her face from the inside. I never get tired looking at a women come. I can’t think of anything more beautiful than that. The spectacle sent electric lust waves through my sex. “How beautiful”, Ellen whispered. “You too”, I moaned in response. Ellen groaned in anticipation. “Mmmm”. Anne’s face totally focused, one hand kneading the tide of her breasts, the other one till between her thighs.

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   “Come”, I saw her whisper with soundless lips. With the last drops of pleasure that Ellen milked from my shrinking dick, I now started to massaged her swollen clit. Her pelvis thrusted, announcing her climax. I slapped my cock lovingly against the inside of her thighs, her slightly protruding labia and against her clit, pushing her fingers aside, and finally rubbing my sex hard it. Then she came. I wrapped by arms around her and pulled her tight against me, pouring sweet encouragement in her ears. Anne was fascinated. Her body was shook by heavy contractions as she saw Ellen climax. I was silent for a while as all three of us had to find our second breath. Anne was the first to regain control. “That was magnificent”, she typed. “You took the words right out of my mouth. ”, Ellen. “I didn’t know that looking was so much fun. Seeing you come almost gave me more pleasure than my own orgasm”.

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   She laid her legs over the armrests of the chair, and pointed the cam on her pussy, separating her labia with spread fingers, showing the pink and moist interior, still pulsating and throbbing. “Mmmm”, she moaned, staring with obvious narcissism at her pussy on screen. “I wouldn’t mind looking once more”, her fingers wrote. Anne took the cam and focused it on her pussy. “No baby. That isn’t what I meant”, Ellen rapidly typed as Anne’s middle finger slid into in. “What is it that you want then…?”, Anne questioned as her hand reluctantly came to a halt on her sex?” “I want to see what you saw just now” Anne put the cam back on top of her computer and sat down. Her expression showed disbelief. “Do you mean…?”, the letters cam slowly as her face a big question mark. Ellen took my dick and gave it a few quick pulls. ‘That is exactly what I mean.   To put it bluntly. I want to watch while you fuck my husband. I really want you to bang his brains out. I only hope that you don’t live halfway around the fucking planet”.

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  Happily that was not the case, though unfortunately Anne did not live near enough for me to be able to fuck her that same day. We drove over the next weekend, arriving at dusk. Anne blushed pink with excitement as she opened the door. “I still can’t believe it, she said excitedly while we exchanged prudish kisses on the cheeks. Purposely she had only put on a nightie which was only slightly knotted negligently around the waist, so that our eyes were drawn to the cleavage between her large pendulous breasts. Shedding all pretence she undid it, sliding it from her shoulders as she preceded us into her house, turning around after Anne had closed the front door after her, meeting our close scrutiny with unblinking eyes. “You have a fantastic body”, Ellen finally said, without the usual trace of sarcasm in her voice. “I hope I still have such a nice bod when I reach you age”, she continued, shamelessly caressing Anne’s tits, pussy and legs with her eyes, while staring to undress until she was as naked as our host. “You are beautiful too”, Anne whispered. And then “I still can’t believe it.
    ” “Can you believe this then”, said Ellen who had walked up to her, taken her by the hand, guiding her towards me, and then placing that hand against my crotch. My cock reacted through the material of my trousers to her touch. Anne moaned, her voice hoarse with excitement. Clumsily she started to loosen my belt while Ellen moved behind me, took off my jacket and unbuttoned by shirt. My pants fell to my feet.

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       I stepped out of them and out of my shoes, now only dressed in my boxer shorts. Ellen kneeled and pull them down. My cock stood upright, the head slightly vibrating and spinning tiny threads of lust. I pulled Anne against me, crushing my dick against her belly, and kissed her. She was totally fired up, tongue fucking my mouth while her fingers caressed my shoulders, back and buttocks, her nails slightly scratching over my skin, giving me delightful sensations. Ellen still sitting behind me, now took Anne’s hands in hers, splitting my buttocks with them and laying the tips of her fingers in the seam. My anus itched with desire. Ellen had taken hold of one finger, pressing it against the entry. “Put your finger up his arse” she hissed. Anne massage it gently inwards. The sensation of the knuckle, slipping past my sphincter, made my so horny that I nearly her mouth out of her face. I slid one of my hands between our two bodies, gripping my cock tightly below the head, pushing him down, between her thighs and rubbing him against her cunt lips and the button of her clit”. Her mouth freed itself from mine to moan “Will you please fuck me?”. Her face was transfigured beyond recognition by her hankering. “Don’t worry.

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       He will. But not here”, interrupted Ellen brutally. I looked at her and saw that she had mischief in her eyes. “Where do you keep your cam”, she asked of Anne. Obediently Anne took us to a shielded corner of her living room. De computer stood on table facing a blind wall, the cam on top of the screen. “Turn it on. And put in on record”, commanded Ellen, who definitely had something in mind. She proved it by asking for a small mirror, placing that on top of the screen, leaning against the wall and placing the cam on the floor, a little distance from Anne’s chair, the eye pointed upward. She then pushed the chair away from the table and asked Anne a a full fledged film director to stand in front of the desk, leaning forward, arms stretched, palms flat on the table. “Yes. Like that. Place your feet on both sided of the cam. ” Which she now zoomed in on Anne’s cunt. Ellen then moved behind Anne, looking over shoulder and adjusting the mirror so that Anne’s face and swaying boobs were nicely framed in it.


       Anne saw how her face was reflected in the mirror and stared at her own magnified pussy as filmed by the camera. She blushed, clearly excited by herself and more so when Ellen sat down, pulled the cheeks of her buttocks aside, given me a clear sight of Anne’s sex. “Come on”, she said. I approached. Ellen grasped my cock, pulling me toward Anne’s ass. Before our unbelieving eyes we saw my stiff cock being shoved in close up in Anne’s cunt. “Ooooh” she said. “Do it again”. I pulled slightly back and then pushed my dick back in again in slow motion, as absorbed by the spectacle of the penetration as Anne. In the meanwhile Ellen had cushioned herself in the director’s seat and was masturbating with abandon, her legs spread angled. “Take her”, she ordered. As if I hadn’t already started to fuck Anne. Despite her age, her pussy was still pretty tight, and what she had lost in suppleness, she made up for amply by rhythmically squeezing her cunt around by thrusting dick. . Over her shoulder I stare into her and my face, while both of us were looking from a corner at my disappearing and disappearing in her, the heavy slaps from my balls against her buttocks, and on the background the blurred image of Ellen stroking herself while watching us.

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       But most of all I enjoyed the sight of me and Anne looking each other in the eyes through the mirror while I fucked her. She was only leaning with one arm now, freeing the other one to rub her fingers over her swollen clit. I laid my hand over hers, spreading my fingers between, caressing her clit together with her. Anne breathed heavily, taking in air in big gulps. By the . uncontrolled shaking of her pelvis and the pulsation of her cunt, I noticed that her orgasm was just around the corner. As was mine. I felt the seamen literally rising through the hollow tube of my shaft. At the same time that I started ejaculating I bit her hard in the shoulder. “I’m coming”, I heard a voice yell. But it wasn’t Anne’s. I was Ellen’s. But Anne didn’t seem to hear, she was totally sucked in by the infernal vision of her face, of my face, of our faces, changing and being distorted by that unbearable agony of our orgasm. It was as if we had looked in each other soul. We had done so much more than just fucking.

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      . When the storm was over, I turned her around in my arms, kissing her gratefully. And then, without having to exchange words, we turned toward Ellen, saying “Thank you” from a united mouth. That night I slept between both ladies, Ellen against my chest, and Anne against my back, their fingers entwined around my sex. Did we dream the same dream. Yes, we did.   
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