Carrie's Anniversary


Carrie was already a bit drunk when I arrived so in order to catch up I ordered some shots and knocked them back. I was pretty slaughtered when the conversation turned to the fact she and Alex had an anniversary coming up. Carrie told me she wanted to do something special for him, and it had always been his fantasy to watch her with another woman. I got the impression she was implying that she wanted me to be the woman in question, and as I had always been a bit curious about fucking a woman and love nothing more than to have men get turned on watching me, whatever I'm doing, I told her I would love to fuck her wih Alex watching. She went over to him and whispered in his ear and the next thing I knew she was leading me out of the pub, holding my hand. Alex drove us back to their flat, and in the back of the car Carrie wasted no time getting her hands in my top and rubbing my nipples between her fingers while she kissed me deeply and pressed her tongue against mine. My nipples are very sensitive and I almost came from the sensation of her playing with them combined with the massive turn on of the fact Alex was clearly almost crashing the car he was so turned on watching us in the rear view mirror. As soon as we got into their flat Carrie pressed me up against the bedroom door and took off my top and my lacy black bra. She sank down and began to lick and suck my nipples beautifully while sliding her hands up my skirt to find my shaven pussy - I never wear panties. She lightly fingered my wet hole and I moaned in pleasure while keeping eye contact with Alex who was sitting on the bed looking at me with horny disbelief - I could see he was extremely hard through his jeans. Carrie threw me down onto the bed next to Alex and lifted my skirt. Breathlessly she told Alex to get closer so he could have a good view of what she was about to do to my bare cunt. He was so close to be I could feel his breath on my clit as she slid two fingers inside me. I was rubbing my nipples and feeling very frustrated that he was so close but not touching me. "Lick me" I panted - "Either of you - just lick my cunt and make me cum. .

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  . " Sarah obliged and adopted a 69 position with me and I licked and sucked her wet cunt while Alex watched and undressed. He began to slowly wank himself off. I was so close to cumming I was just licking away at Carrie madly with no concentration at all and I could feel she was going to cum soon too as I felt her moans vibrate against my clit. We both came at around the same time, but Alex was still in need of attention. Carrie was drunk and tired and began to fall asleep following her intense orgasm, but I thought it would be immensely sexy to fuck her boyfriend on their bed next t her while she slept.
    "How dull. . . " I said, "You're not going to fall asleep on me as well when I've only cum once, are you?" In answer to that he grabbed my hair and pulled my head towards his big, hard cock. I was determined to give him a really good suck so I licked his head gently and then began taking his cock right down into his throat. He was moaning and incoherently talking to me while I noisily suckd his dick. I felt so horny being on my knees naked making him feel so good while Carrie slept in the same room. The idea was he was only meant to watch me and her together, so it felt really naughty that now I was going to make him cum. Alex didn't want to cum in my mouth though, he begged me to stop while he could still contain himself and ansked me to get on all fours.

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       I was expecting him to ram his cock up me and fuck me furiously as he was so close to cumming, but instead he held his cock had to calm himself down and spat on my asshole. Using his other hand he worked one, then two fingers up my tight ass, using my cunt juices and his saliva to lubricate it. he started to finger my ass so hard I was moaning and I reached down to rub my clit. It felt absolutely amazing, but it was when he rammed his cock up my cunt, with his fingers still in my ass and my own still on my clit, that I really lost control and had a truly unbeleivably orgasm. He came insid me shortly after and lay down besid me, kissing me and running his hands over my body. Carrie didn't wake up despite all of my screaming and moaning. .
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