This is my first Story, it’s a bit rough around the edges , I hope to write several more down the track and hopefully improve with each story.
Before I get started let me describe myself at the age this occurred, (although I haven’t changed much except I am older) Well any way I have long jet black hair, a tanned complexion, blue eyes and quite petite in that I am only 5ft 3, 36C bust.     
Its was quite a few years ago now, but I remember it like it was Yesterday. I had just turned 19 and was supposed to meet a friend for some celebration drinks in the city, after waiting for an hour for her to turn up I decided to head back to the train station, on my way I noticed an old Adult Cinema, I looked at the advertising on the window and began to become quite curious, then thought “what the heck I’m over 18 ” and just walked in.
I was pretty nervous when I walked in and instantly became conscious of many sets of eyes upon me in the foyer as I brought my ticket, right then I wished I wore jeans instead of the short mini I was currently wearing, I was beginning to have second thoughts as the ticket guy handed me my ticket. I guess the curiosity of watching my first Porn movie turned me on so I just took my ticket and entered the cinema. It was real dark at first , I could barely see a thing except for the movie of course , and to my  amazement it showed some woman taking a mans cock into her mouth.
After a couple of minutes my eyes adjusted and I ran to the back far corner of the cinema thinking it would be difficult for any one to keep staring at me. I sat down and began to get engrossed in the film. I was both shocked and aroused at what was going on in the movie. I was so focused on the screen I didn’t even hear anyone sit next to me, not until he coughed anyway. At the sound of his cough I nearly jumped thru the roof, he looked straight at me and just gave a quick smile and turned his attention to the screen. He was an older man I would guess around 60, really heavily built and tall , around 6ft 5 , he looked real rough , unshaven and not too attractive.
I quickly turned my head back to the screen, trying to pretend he wasn’t there. Which was ok for a while until I felt his large hand on my knee, I went real stiff  not knowing what to do, As I went to move he squeezed my knee and pushed down, not hard but just enough to stop me from rising , The worst part was I had a wall to my left of me , so to leave I would have to squeeze past him.
I decided to stay put  and hoped he wouldn’t take it further.

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   I was pretty nervous but one part of me thought it was pretty exciting all getting this attention from a complete stranger. He slid his hand further up my leg and began to rub up and down my leg until he reached the edge of my panties.
With his big fingers he rubbed my pussy thru the material, while he rubbed my pussy  my body was starting to respond , I couldn’t believe it, I was getting wet. He let out a soft sigh as he found my dampness. It was then he grabbed the waistband on my panties with both hands and snapped it, he repeated the process on the other side and yanked them from my body, held them to his nose and in hailed and said “HMMM NICE” then placed them in his pocket.
He then placed his hand back on my bare pussy, and without any hesitation slid his middle finger into me. The roughness startled me , but once he started to slide his finger in and out of me I was lost in ecstasy as he pumped my pussy, I knew he was some fat old ugly pervert but that didn’t really matter now as this felt so good.
He kept pumping faster and faster , sensing he was bringing me to the brink of orgasm he began to rub my clit with his free hand, I let out a moan as I peaked, I bit my lip so not to be loud and attract attention, my body shuddered as I had the most incredible orgasm. He took away his hand as I just sighed and laid back. Before I could gain my composure he asked me to stand. I went to ask why then realized what he had planned. He was sitting there with his pants down and the biggest cock I had ever seen held in his hand. It was around 9 or 10 inches and real thick. My ex boyfriends cock was only 6 inches long and nowhere as thick as the one I was now staring at.
Again he asked me to stand, breaking my trance.

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   I don’t know why but I stood up , I guess I thought I had come too far to turn back now. Well any way he picked me up like I was some rag doll, he placed me in front of him and bent me over the chair in front  so my ass was pointed upwards.
He stood behind lifted my skirt and guided his cock to my entrance, I again bit my lip as he slowly pushed his cock inside of me, he pushed until his full length was deep inside of me and held it there for a few seconds. Then slowly began to pump it in and out.
After a few minutes I felt more comfortable with his cock in me and started to feel fantastic. He reached around and slid his hands under my top and fondled my breasts while he continued to fuck me.   I had never felt this good as he began to increase the intensity of his fucking. My whole body began to shake as I couldn’t help but let out a small scream as I reached my second orgasm. “My God a called out”, as am more intense orgasm ran thru my body. As I began to come down from my peak I could feel his pumping was getting faster and realized he was about to cum also, He let out several Groans as he pumped his seed deep within me.
I laid over the chair for a few more minutes enjoying the feeling of his cock still within me. When finally he withdrew, I stood up and to my shock there must have been 5 or 6 other guys watching us with there hard cocks in there hands. I was so embarrassed I straightened my clothes as quick as possible and ran out of the cinema without looking back. It wasn’t until I got on the train I began to think about what happened , “Wow”  I thought as I began to smile. I began to think about how amazing that was and the fact I had an audience, all of whom I bet wished they had a turn at fucking me, that really turned me on, the thought of several of them fucking me in the cinema, that part I saved for my many other visits.

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