Corporate Retreat Part 1


Once a year our company plans a corporate retreat.   They send us to a local resort to bond.   I flew in from out of town a few days early so I could meet with clients and spend some time in the New York office.   I came in early Thursday and grabbed a coffee downstairs.   One of the guys was off this week so there was a spare desk to sit at.   I logged on and opened up my email, logged onto messenger so I could check in back at home. All of a sudden a message window popped up  'Hey what are you doing after work today'.   I smile and look up.   You are tapping away on the keyboard. . . . . . ignoring me.   'I have no plans, what are you doing'.

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    I picked up the phone and called my office to check in.    'Well, I think we should invite a few people out and then disappear early'.   I smiled and looked over at you again.   You still didn't look at me.   'Got a place in mind we should go to' I asked.    We had been chatting playfully back and forth for a few weeks, one night I drank a little too much red wine and shared a few secrets with you.   You in turn told me a few of yours.   My favourite, the one that turned me on the most was your story about visiting the stripper bars.   Lately you had been visiting them quite frequently.   Going to the lesser known bars and enjoying private dances.   I like watching them dance.   I would like to just sit and watch her dance for you.   I don't want to be part of the action, just sit in the corner and watch.    I put the phone down and click back onto my laptop.   My message window is flashing.

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    You tell me you have a place in mind and to follow your lead later.   I click the message window off and open my email.   I can't concentrate on work, its early in the day and yet you already have me wet.   One of the secrets I shared with you was my ability to make myself cum at my desk.   The beauty of having your clit pierced, all I had to do was cross my legs and squeeze and I could have an orgasm.   I crossed my legs and sank back into my seat a little.   Right leg over my left.   Squeeeze them together.   Rub them together just a little bit.   mmmm yea thats it.   I could feel my nipples getting hard under my shirt. The black lace of my bra was rubbing against them.   I click on my laptop and open up a chat window.   I type 'now' and hit send.   I see you look up.

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    I close my eyes for just a second and open my mouth just slightly.   I open my eyes and see you still staring at me.   The chat window is flashing, I ignore it.   I squeeze my legs together again, harder, rub them together.   I reach down with my hand and gently brush my finger over my pussy.   ooohh yes.   yes.   and like that I feel a rush run thru me.    I open the chat window to read what you wrote 'your killing me'.   hahaha.    The day goes by and I round up a few people to go out after work.   We head out to a local bar and knock back a few drinks.   Its not far into the night when you get up and say you have to get going.   What?  Why?  You explain that you have a long ride home and should get going.   I ask you what direction you are headed and could I get a ride.

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    I need to catch up on my sleep before the weekend as these corporate retreats are usually spent drinking the whole weekend.   I say my goodbyes and we head out.   I slide into the passanger seat in your car.   We buckle up and head out.    Its a quiet drive.   Its the firs time we have even been alone together.   Neither one of us willing to make the first move. . . . yet.   You turn the radio on and conversaton turns to small talk.   We head a little bit out of town to a smaller town where nobody will know us.   You turn into a stripmall and pull over.   I look around but don't see any stores that look open.

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    I look over to ask you where we are. . . when you lean over and grab my head.   You hand slide around to the back of my neck and you pull me towards you.   Slow. . . soft kiss.   God I've been wanting to do that for a while you say.   And just like that you start up the car and begin to drive again.   I cross my legs. . . god just that one kiss got me hot and bothered.

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     We pull into another strip mall, but this time the neon lights tell me the bar is open.   We get out of the car and walk in.   Its not the classiest of places, but that is exactly what we wanted.   We walk in, grab a table and order some drinks.   A new song starts and a tall blonde walks onto the stage.   We sit and watch her dance.   I'm acting a bit shy and I think you can pick up on that.   You order another round of drinks and whisper in the bartenders ear.   She sends over a few shots with one of their dancers.   She grabs my hand and tells me that you paid for me to have a dance to loosen up.   The shots are saved for during my dance.   You sit back and smile as she leads me off to the back room.  She leads me into the back room and starts to dance.   I get two songs and quite the show.   I head back our table and tell you that what I really want is to watch a girl dance for you.

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    We grab our drinks and head back. I sit near the back of the room and watch as you take your seat.   The same girl that danced for me is going to dance for you.   I spread my legs and reach my hand down between my legs.   No fun watching if I can't have my own fun ;)   She is naked in no time and I can tell from where I'm sitting that you are enjoying the show.   You look over at me and see my playing with myself.   You reach down and grab your cock, the stripper comes up and rubs her tits in your face.   I can't just sit and watch.   I walk over and stand behind your chair.   Maybe its time for that massage I owe you.   I reach around you and undo your tie.   I start to unbutton your shirt.   Brandi has turned around and is sitting in your lap. Bouncing up and down on top of you.   You reach around her and grab her tits.

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    I am massaging your shoulders, your neck.   I reach my hand in your shirt and run my fingers over your chest.   The song ends and our time is up.   You tell her we want one more song, but this time you want me in the drivers seat - and you are going to give me a massage.    I sit down and let you unbutton my shirt.   Your hands are so warm and strong on my shouders.   My muscles are tense after a long week.   As Brandi dances in front of me my shirt falls open and your hands slip under my bra.   Brandi leans into me and runs her nipples across my lips.   You unhook my bra and let it fall down as Brandi goes down onto her knees in front of me and starts to suck on my nipples.   You reach down and massage them as she sucks on them.   My legs are open and my pussy is so wet. God I want to get fucked so bad right now.   I wish we were somewhere else and she was with us.   I want to fuck both of you so badly.

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    I want to feel you inside of me, I want to taste her pussy.   The song ends.    We get dressed and head out of the back room.   We have a long weekend ahead of us and agree that we should get some sleep tonight.  Tomorrow is the start of the corporate retreat and we both know that when the drinks start flowing it can be quite the party.   You drive me back to my hotel and head off home. . . . . . . . . .

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  . . . . . . . . . . to be continued. .
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