Cram Session


I approached the girl, somewhat unsure of myself, but determined to succeed. As luck would have it, she dropped her biology textbook just as I neared her—all of a sudden, I had an in. I bent over and picked the book up for her. She smiled as I handed it to her, and for the first time I got a good look at her face. She was absolutely stunning; looking at her turned my knees to jelly and it was all I could do to avoid collapsing right then and there. Staring at me were the most beautiful set of piercing, vibrant, baby blue eyes. Her skin was silky smooth, flawless, and ever so slightly pale. She had the cutest, slightly upturned nose that fit her face perfectly. She had full, cherry red lips that looked so ripe for kissing. When pulled back in her smile, those lips revealed a gorgeous, blindingly white smile of perfect teeth. She was wearing a light blue, spaghetti-strap tank top that showed off the deep cleavage between her perfectly shaped breasts and the faint outlines of two perky nipples. It brought out her pretty eyes very well. To complete her little ensemble, she wore tight black pants with an extremely low waist, accentuating the soft curves of her hips and a full, round, firm ass. “Thanks!” she said, smiling as I handed her the book. “You’re welcome,” I replied. “My name’s Aaron… may I ask yours?” Taken aback by my forwardness, or maybe by my formality, she took a moment to answer.

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   “I’m Amanda,” she said shyly. “Nice to meet you, Amanda. Hey, can I ask you a favor?” “You seem like nice guy,” she said innocently, turning provocatively from side to side, “what’s the favor?” “Well, I noticed you’ve been taking really good notes and mine… well… aren’t that good. We have finals tomorrow, and it would really mean a lot to me if you could help me out a little. I promise I wont take up too much of your time, just maybe a little cram session sometime tonight. Does that sound ok to you?” She took a moment to think. “Sure it does,” she said, still smiling, “does eight o’clock work for you?” “Eight is perfect… so where shall we meet?” “Well, how about your room? My computer is being fixed and the library won’t have the lab materials. ” “Ok, my room sounds good. It’s room 409 in South Hall. See you then!” “See ya!” She turned and trotted out of the room and down the hall. I couldn’t believe what had just happened! Two minutes ago, this dream girl had no idea I even existed. Now, she’s going to be in my room with me in a matter of hours! What’s more, we would be alone, as I was one of the few students assigned to a single-person dorm room. There would be no roommate—just her and me. It was a good thing biology was the last class of the day for me, as my study date with Amanda was all I could think about from that point on. Soon enough, eight o’clock had rolled around.

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   I waited for her in my room, freshly showered, hair and teeth brushed, looking my absolute best for her. I glanced out my open door and down the hallway; I spotted her walking my way. She looked incredible in the short, navy blue miniskirt and white baby tee. The skirt revealed long, smooth legs that went all the way up; her little top was short and tight, letting her gorgeous breasts stick out nicely and making her cute little belly button visible. The way she looked triggered an immediate response down in my jeans. She knocked on my doorframe and looked in. “Hi, Amanda!” I said, smiling at her while seated on my bed. It felt quite awkward to greet without getting up, but I dared not stand up and reveal the raging hard-on I had for her. Fortunately, everything we needed to study was on the bed, so we could get right to studying without the risk of her noticing my little (or maybe it’s better described as big) problem. “Hey, Aaron!” chirped Amanda. “Well, let’s get right to it. Show me your notes so I know what we’re dealing with here. ” She sat down across from me on the bed and I handed her my bio notebook. A sudden wave of embarrassment hit me as she thumbed through it, as I had just remembered it was virtually blank. I noticed a puzzled look form on her face.

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   “Well,” she said, bringing a hand to her soft, rosy cheek. “Looks like we have some work to do. ” With that, she opened her textbook and slid up next to me. I lay down on my stomach to get a better view of the book, and she did the same. We went through the book together, page by page, until we came to a lab section. I was trying my best to concentrate and was actually starting to pick up on the material. For the lab, she reached out in front of me for my laptop, bringing her round, bulging mounds right in front of my face. As she leaned back, her long blonde hair brushed against my face, allowing me to take in the sweet, beautiful aroma of her golden locks. She smelled like the freshest spring flowers, and it drove me wild. I could feel my erection grinding harder between the mattress and my stomach. Thank goodness I was lying on my stomach! We typed up lab reports, went over textbook lessons, and reviewed her lecture notes. The hours were rolling by. 9 o’clock. 10 o’clock. 11 o’clock.

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   It was midnight and we were still going strong. We went over cell mitosis, DNA structures, and protein chains. Although I was able to get through it, we both found it very taxing. By about two a. m. , Amanda and I were starting to get tired, when suddenly she looked down at the textbook and realized we were done! We’d covered all the material that would be on tomorrow’s, or more accurately, today’s final. So she slammed the book shut and collapsed onto the bed, her face flopping against the mattress, facing me. “That was quite a cram session, wasn’t it?” she sighed. She was only a few inches from me and I could feel her hot, sweet breath on my cheek. I could see her chest heaving with each exhausted breath. Feeling her so close to me and watching her movements had me even more turned on than ever. After taking a moment to collect herself, Amanda stood up and announced she should go get some rest before the final. “Amanda, thank you so much for coming here and helping me out,” I said, looking up at her from the bed. “No problem, Aaron. Like I said, you’re a nice guy.

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  ” With that, she held out her arms, signaling for me to get up and give her a goodnight/thank-you hug. “Uh oh,” I thought to myself. I can’t just lay here like an idiot and ignore her, but what if she feels my bulge?” Then I thought, “Ah, what the heck… you were able to hide it for six straight hours, you can definitely get away with one quick hug. Besides, haven’t you been dreaming about doing this?” So, I got up, walked over to her, and put my arms around her. For that instant, I was in ecstasy. I was taking in her heavenly scent, feeling her breasts rub and press against my chest, and gently rubbing my hands up and down her soft, warm back. It was unbelievable, and the sensations of our bodies being entwined in this embrace made my hard-on twitch. Right at that moment, I could feel Amanda stiffen in my arms. “What was that?” She asked as she stepped back, suddenly looking downward. Oh God, I was found out! My bulge had brushed against her leg and she felt it jerk. I started to stutter, trying to think of an explanation as she just stared at my stiff cock. After a few moments, she looked back up and smiled. “Well,” Amanda said with a sexy, mischievous grin on her face, “looks like there’s still one more thing I can help you with. ” After going to close the door, she moved back toward me and put her hands on my stomach, rubbing it gently and started to kiss my lips. I couldn’t believe this girl was attracted to me; I guess all that hard work made her a little restless and frisky.

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   But I chose not to question it as she slid one hand down to my bulge and started to rub the head of my cock with her palm. She let out a soft “hmmm” as she slid her hand down further and started to rub my swelling, juice-filled balls. Amanda then went to work on my pants, undoing the button of my jeans and unzipping my fly. She pushed my pants to the floor and I stepped out of them. As for myself, the excitement was getting to me and I got a little bolder as well. I slid my tongue into Amanda’s mouth and we were sharing a long, deep, passionate, French kiss. Her mouth tasted incredibly sweet and was so hot and wet. I just couldn’t help myself any longer and I slid a hand up her shirt and felt her beautiful C-cup breasts over a satin bra. I reached around her back and with one nimble hand, quickly unfastened her bra. It had no shoulder straps, so it immediately fell to the floor. I pulled Amanda’s shirt off over her head, causing her to put up her arms and momentarily stop her from stroking my cock over my boxers. The brief pause in the action allowed me a moment to take in the beautifully naked top half of Amanda’s body. Sitting before me was the finest, sexiest, most beautiful breasts I had ever seen. They were remarkably round and full, without any signs of sagging. Atop her glorious globes were pencil eraser-sized, perky nipples that stuck out hard with excitement.

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   These pink little buds were just screaming to be sucked, and were centered in luscious, silver dollar-sized, rosy areolas. “You like studying these, don’t you?” she asked playfully, now with an even wider, sexier grin. “Oh yeah,” I responded, “I think they need closer study, though. ” I kissed her on the lips again, and then started to nibble gently on her earlobe. She started to moan, and in the heightened excitement, she slid my boxers down and I got out of them. I continued kissing my way down. Down her neck, planting kisses down every inch, stopping occasionally to suck in certain spots. Feeling my tongue and mouth move down her neck sent waves of pleasure through Amanda’s body, as it showed in the form of her quickening the pace of her stroking. She grabbed my cock a little tighter and moved her hand up and down my long, hard, throbbing shaft faster. Her other hand started to roam up and down my back underneath my shirt, and down over my ass, stopping occasionally to squeeze it. I removed my shirt and continued moving my way down, kissing her softly on her collarbone, still moving down, until I finally arrived at one of her perfect breasts. I traced the tip of my tongue around one of her soft, pink areolas. She moaned a little louder now and was clearly reaching a new level of excitement. I then took one of her rock-hard nipples into my mouth and started to gently suck on it. She was moaning rhythmically with my sucking and I started to get even more turned on and sucked harder on her nipple.

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   I massaged and gently squeezed and tweaked the other one with one hand, allowing the other to run over her firm, round ass. Then, in a somewhat unexpected move, Amanda dropped to her knees in front of me. She stared up at me, the passion and hunger in her bright blue eyes burning a hole in my soul, the same way they did in the classroom earlier today. I watched as the head of my throbbing cock disappeared into her mouth. Being in her mouth almost made me cum right then and there! Amanda’s mouth felt so hot and moist around my cock, and she swirled her tongue in circles around my head. She moved down a little bit and tickled the underside of my shaft just below the head with the tip of her tongue, and that really hit the spot. I let out a moan as she took more and more of my shaft into her mouth. Her tongue ran all over my cock, stroking my shaft as she sucked on it. Soon I was able to feel my cockhead rubbing against the soft back of her throat. She had nearly all of my length in her mouth and she brought a hand up to my balls and began to rub them and cradle them in her palm. As she sucked me, she lightly scratched my balls with the tip of her fingernail, producing a tingling sensation all throughout my body. She traced her fingernail back behind my balls, massaging that sensitive spot between my balls and my ass. I reached down and ran my fingers through her long, blonde mane as her magical mouth made love to my aching cock. I could feel her warm, moist mouth start to slide back up my cock, her tongue covering every inch of my shaft, until finally she released it from her suction with a loud slurp and pop. Amanda stared up at me once again, and she had that familiar grin on her face.

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   What was she going to do next? She straightened up a little and started to rub her breasts against my cock, and soon it had disappeared between them. My cock was coated with Amanda’s saliva, allowing my cock to be well lubricated for titfucking. My cock slid up and down between her breasts as Amanda responded by pushing them together around it. Just as I was about to reach a climax, Amanda got up, walked over to the bed, and lay down on her back, with legs spread.
    “Come to bed with me, Aaron. ” She called to me in her sexiest, sweetest voice. How could I resist? I was now completely naked, and all Amanda had on were her skirt and panties. I sat down in front of her on the bed and placed a few long, sweet, tender kisses on her flat little stomach. I hooked my thumbs around the waist of her skirt and began to slide it down. She arched her back to help me get her skirt off, bringing her sweet sex to within inches of my face. The heavenly scent of her sweet honey filled my nostrils, and drove me wild with anticipation. I pulled her skirt off and tossed it on the floor. I kissed my way back up her leg, tracing my tongue along the inside of her thigh, until I reached her crotch. I nuzzled up against it, rubbing the tip of my nose in circles around the front of her panty-covered sex. Her panties were sheer and I could clearly see the trimmed patch of fur that sat atop the obvious outline of two pronounced outer lips.

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       I quickly slid her panties off and planted a long, sweet kiss right on her slit. Amanda let out a long, low moan. I couldn’t take it anymore. I just had to taste her sweetness. After making a few slow circles around her hot love channel with my tongue, I allowed it to slip into her slit. The aroma of her sex was just intoxicating, and her taste was nothing short of divine. She was sweet like honey, with just a little hint of spice. It was pungent and delicious, and I wanted more. With two fingers, I spread her lips open wider, allowing myself to probe deeper into her soft, pink honeypot. I gently nuzzled and massaged Amanda’s throbbing clit as my tongue explored inside her. Her hot, sweet, creamy juice was filling my mouth, and I savored it for a few moments before swallowing. It felt so good going down my throat. I had her moisture all over my face and chin, and with each movement of my tongue, I could feel her pussy convulsing around my tongue and could hear her moan in ecstasy. I glanced upward to see her massaging her breasts, pulling rather hard on her nipples Just as she was on the brink of climaxing, Amanda reached down to me and pulled my face up to hers. She looked deeply into my eyes again; those brilliant baby blues of hers were wild with passion and excitement.


       She rose up to me and we shared a long, deep French kiss. As our mouths parted, Amanda licked her lips, tasting the sweet flavor of her own sex. “Make love to me, Aaron,” she moaned, “I need you inside me. ” Upon hearing that, I paused for a moment to take in the entire situation. I had pined for this girl for the longest time. I’d fantasized about her, lying awake in bed at night thinking of her. For so long, I’d been dealing with the frustration of her having no clue I was alive. Now, after only a few short hours since my first contact with her, I was going to make love to her. I was going to do something I thought would always remain a fantasy, a mystery, to me. At a loss for words, I smiled down at my sweet Amanda. I leaned down to kiss her, and as I did so, I took my cock in my hand and guided it toward her pussy. I was rock hard and throbbing with anticipation. At long last, I entered her. I felt the head of my cock part and slide between the lips of her pussy. The feeling was nothing short of magical, and was even more intense than I could have ever expected in my wildest fantasies.

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       I felt as if my aching, throbbing manhood was suddenly enveloped in soft, warm velvet, massaging me up and down. I sank myself even deeper into her, and she moaned as inch after inch disappeared into her tight, dripping wet love tunnel. I could feel the walls of her pussy contracting around my cock, and I thrust it and out of her in rhythm with her contractions. I continued our kiss and started to massage her breasts, stimulating her nipples and periodically breaking the kiss to take one of those love buds into my mouth. Before long, but not too soon, the intense feeling of Amanda’s tightness and wetness, coupled with the feeling of my cock probing deep into her pleasure zones, caused us both to reach climax at the same time. The more excited she got, the tighter her pussy became. The tighter her pussy became, the faster and harder my thrusts came. Sensing that our lovemaking was soon to reach its thrilling, intense conclusion, Amanda issued one last command. “Come in me, Aaron. Fill me with your man seed. ” We both cried out in ecstasy as we found our release. Her pussy was convulsing and contracting wildly around my cock, and I could feel my cock throb and jerk inside her as I shot wave after wave of my hot cum deep into her. I could feel her insides filling up with my juice as it began to ooze back down my shaft. I collapsed on top of her, and both of us took a moment to catch our breath. I waited a few minutes, my cock still inside her, emptying its last few drops of cum into her.

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       I looked over at the clock. 5:28 am. We had our biology final in just over three hours. Reluctantly, I pulled out of her and looked deep into her eyes. “I love you, Amanda,” I said, “and thank you so much for everything this evening. You have no idea how much it all meant to me. ” “Oh, Aaron” she sighed, “I love you, too. And thank you for making such sweet, passionate love to me. Tonight meant a lot to me, too. ” She paused for a minute. “Hey, I’m going to go wash up and get some rest… you should, too. We have a big test in a few hours. ” “I guess you’re right,” I admitted, “Though may I give you one more kiss?” Amanda smiled, signaling she would very much enjoy a kiss, and I sealed off our romantic, wild night with one last long, deep, French kiss. Following that, Amanda dressed and walked out. Needless to say, I aced the biology final.

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