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Jessie laughed, “Oh Ilker it is so good to be here after four years of talking online to each other. I cannot believe that this is happening to me. Did you tell your Mother that you are marrying one of Australia’s best Pub cooks. ” Jessie smiled as the driver got in and drove away from the railway station. Ilker smiled back staring into her dark brown eyes. “I hope you are so like the photos that you sent me Jessie. ” His hands began a perusal of her body beginning with her head. He felt her long hair braided and pinned to the top of her head, his hands slid down to circle her thin neck, and then spread out as they traveled down her front, trying to feel her breasts…Jessie smiled under her veil, “Ilker are you ok, are you having any doubts?” she asked as her own hands traveled up under the lapels of his jacket. She felt hard well developed pecs and huge shoulders and biceps as she ran her hands down along his arms. “Well, Ilker, I definitely like what I have felt so far. ”Ilker took Jessie’s hand and rubbed it against his length outlined in his trousers, “How do you like that? He whispered thickly. Shivers of anticipation shot through Jessie as she rubbed the length of her own accord. “I like this very much. I want it now Ilker. ” She replied with a hint of frustration in her voice. Ilker laughed “Not here my sweet, upstairs we will have time.

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  ” He pointed out the window where the audi had stopped. Upstairs in the suite overlooking the harbor Ilker took off the traditional clothing that Jessie wore. Beneath she wore pants and a small camisole top that had matched the hajjid she had worn. Her overdeveloped breasts were almost butting to get out of their confines, her nipples tight and hard with sexual excitement. Ilker pulled the top over her head to reveal her rockmelon sized tits encased in a deep red velvet, 18 dd cup size bra. His hands cupped around her breasts, releasing them to the cool air and his mouth. He took each nipple, sucking hard before letting it go and undoing the clip between them. Jessie moaned as she worked on the buttons of his shirt, finally she opened it to find a hairless extremely muscled chest. She pulled his nipples working her nails over his golden skin. Ilker’s hands were now at the matching panties, already soaked with her juices. His fingers slipped inside to find a wet, swollen lipped, bald pussy. Jessie spread lifted a leg to give him greater access her body arching towards the hand she had dreamt about for so long. Ilker laughed at her whimpers as he worked his fingers in and out of her juiced cunt while still licking and sucking her huge tits. “You like it baby? You want more?” he asked from between her melons, drawing his fingers out from her hot slot and bringing them to her mouth. Jessie sucked his fingers clean of her juice.

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   “Please, Ilker. ” She begged, as she fumbled with the belt and fastenings of his jeans. Her hands hampered by her lust. Ilker finger fucked her a little more then suddenly picked her up and carried her to the bed. He lay her down and finished undressing himself. Jessie watched in awe as she saw the biggest cock she had ever seen fall out of his boxers. It was rival to the pictures of the black meat she would look at on the net. She knelt at the foot of the bed and took his long hard shaft in her hand to bring it to her mouth. Her hand could not fit around his girth. She licked the tip of him, which twitched, at her touch. Licking her lips, she opened wide to receive this dominator into her mouth. She slowly worked her mouth back and forth along his shaft, each time drawing deeper down her throat until his tickled her nose with his blonde curls. No chick had been able to suck him so deeply, Ilkers hands grasped her hair. “Suck me baby. Suck my hard cock; let me cum in your mouth.

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   Then I’ll eat you until you are screaming for me to fuck that tight wet pussy of yours. ” Ilker withdrew and slowly began working her mouth back and forth along his shaft. “Oh suck it hard Aussie girl, you’ll get a nice drink of my hot cream. ”Jessie used her hands on his balls and ass as Ilker fucked her face. She felt his balls tighten as he started to grind his pubes into her face. He groaned as he began to spurt hot cum down her throat, withdrawing to watch it spurt all over her lips tongue and chin, dripping down onto her huge tits. “Yeah, that’s it honey, lick it up. ” Ilker smiled wickedly at her, as she lifted each breast to her mouth to get the drops of cum that had escaped her mouth. Jessie lifted her head up to look at Ilker, “Do you like what us Aussie girls can do?” she smiled as Ilker pushed her back down onto the bed. “Just wait and see what a Turkish boy can do. ” Ilker smiled back at her, while stripping her of her panties. He pulled her to the edge of the bed, letting her ass hang over the edge. He spread her legs wide, viewing her glistening wet snatch, Jessie’s lips were swollen and her clit poked out begging for attention. Ilker fell to his knees and dipped his head and slowly nipped his way from thigh to thigh until he grazing her lips, his tongue snaked out to taste her. Jessie moaned, trying to lift herself up to him, trying to draw his mouth to her hot juicy cunt.

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   Ilker lifted her firm buns, spreading them to rim her puckered anus. Jessie gasped at this sensation. “You like this Jessie?” he asked before working his tongue into her rectum. Jessie whimpered her answer. Ilker slowly ran his tongue from her to her clit. His tongue began to flick her clit back and forth hard. Jessie cried out at the assault, her hands tugged harder at her nipples. Ilker’s tongue kept up the onslaught, until Jessie’s thighs closed around his head, trying to lock him to her. Ilker left her clit and searched lower for her slot. The smell of her juice enticed him to drink; he used his tongue to spear her, rolling it around inside her. He began to rim her ass with a finger, and moved the other to work her nub. Jessie cried out as her first orgasm rushed over her, making her thrash on the bed, she shook her head from side to side. Ilker was rewarded with a flood of her juices. “That’s it baby, cum for me. ” Ilker’s voice thick from between her thighs.

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   He slowly inserted his finger into her virgin ass, using her juice to lubricate his finger. He moved his tongue to gently suck her clit as her orgasm died away. He then inserted another finger up her ass working with the first, he began to move them in and out of her faster, turning them this way and that. He used three fingers of his other hand and began to finger fuck her soaked cunt. “You like what Ilker does for you?” He asked before he began to assault her clit with his mouth. “I want to feel your hard cock in me, please Ilker. Fuck me. ” Jessie whimpered as she felt her orgasm begin to grow again. “I’m going to fuck you Jessie, I’m going to fuck your hot cunt, I’ll fuck your ass and fuck your cunt again until I cum. Do you want it baby?” Ilker asked“Yes, Please Ilker, love me, please. Fuck my hot little pussy, fuck my tight ass, cum all over me with your fuck pole”…Ilker began to suck her clit again in earnest, pumping his fingers in and out of her two holes. He started rubbing her clit with his tongue real hard. Jessie was thrashing her head from side to side crying out his name. And suddenly BANG. She thrust her pussy hard into her cyber lover’s face as the first of a series of tremendous orgasms ripped through her.

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   Ilker quickly pushed her further onto the bed and slammed his huge cock into her convulsing wet snatch. Jessie screamed out his name as Ilker thrust into her hot cunt again and again. Jessie was lost, mindless with ecstasy, she was at his mercy; whimpering as Ilker's 10 inches made her body quiver and shake in rapture. He give one final thrust before sliding out of her hot cunt and turned her over onto her hands and knees. Without losing the rhythm he began slamming into her dripping slot. He again started pumping her other hole with two fingers… Twisting and turning them with each thrust… Jessie cried out for him to fuck her where his fingers were…Smilingly he obliged and with out any loss of timing he entered her well lubed back entrance and begin to fill her with his huge dominator. Jessie cried out incessantly, as Ilker enjoyed the feeling of slowly gliding slowly in and out of her tight ass. Ilkers fingers began rubbing her clit hard as he thrust harder and faster into Jessie, causing her buck and strain against him as he made her cum once more. Ilker felt almost out of control as her rectal muscles clenched around his hard thickness. His hard and fast thrusting driving him over the edge, waiting no longer, he let his own orgasm rip from his loins, emptying load after load of hot jiz deep in her ass. Jessie was the first to come to her senses, Ilker smiled at her over her shoulder. She grinned, “After four years of just talking about what you would do, I am so glad you wanted me to come here to marry you. Am I as good as you expected?” Jessie asked. Ilker kissed her cheek and moved his hardening cock around where he was still embedded in her ass. “Just wait for the honey moon Jessie.

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