Daddy's Seduction by Katheryn


I found some more stories, and quickly printed them out so that I could read them in my room, and went in and quickly hid them between my mattresses. I really thought that was going to be it with my new discoveries, but then Daddy came home. Daddy taught me to be careful about putting the blank sheets that the computer spits out back into the tray so they can be printed on again. I guess that I didn't pay much attention to the url codes at the bottom of a couple of the papers before I put them into the tray. I finished with my report and printed it out. When Daddy asked to check my work, I didn't think anything about giving him my report. While Daddy was reading the pages, I went off to watch some TV in my room, and got ready for bed, and he brought them back to me, and told me to re-print the report, but to make sure that I used paper that was clean on both sides. I turned over the pages and blushed slightly, then looked at him as he was running his hands through his hair. "Make sure you check for small things, Katheryn" he said and then left my room after giving me a goodnight kiss on my forehead. I didn't think about those stories beneath my mattress again for a few months. Daddy was busy teaching me to drive, and we were spending a lot of time together. I still remember the little scream he made when I asked him which pedal was the break as we were approaching a stop sign. It was during one of the lessons on parking that Daddy lost his patience with me. I still don't think I need to learn to parallel park. I never see anyone doing that anymore, apparently Daddy thought otherwise, and he made me practice over and over until I could do it to his satisfaction. Eventually the big day came, and I took my test and passed it with flying colors.

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   Daddy let me drive us out for dinner that night, and he talked to me about responsibility and being an adult and all the duties that came with having the freedom to drive a car. Then he told me that I'd be allowed to drive the car that once belonged to my mother. It made me happy that he'd trust me with it, and I squirmed happily in my seat as we finished dinner. I drove us home afterwards, and although I stomped on the breaks a little too hard at one light, we were feeling very good. I laid in my bed that night, wondering about my Daddy. You see, I don't know my real father, and my mother married Daddy before she got sick. Daddy has been so good to me, and takes good care of me. I began to feel bad, because Daddy didn't have time to do anything but work and take care of me. He never seemed to have time to date someone more than once or twice, and then I suppose it was because of me that they never wanted more dates with him. I was reminded of the stories that I had printed out, and crawled out of bed and pulled them out from between the mattresses, and read them. One was a bit of a scary story about a woman who was captured and auctioned off to another man who forced her to please him sexually. It was scary and yet exciting. I quickly read through the other two stories and then I had the big idea. The next morning over breakfast, I talked to Daddy. I told him how Craig had invited me to go to the Homecoming dance with him and could I go, and if so, would he take me shopping for a dress that night when he got home from work.

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   Daddy looked thoughtful, and then told me that I could go as long as either he drove us, or Craigs parents drove us we could go, and that he'd take me shopping for a dress on Friday after school. I hopped up and jumped around and then gave Daddy a big hug and a kiss on his cheek and then finished getting ready for school. That week was the longest week of my life. Friday couldn't come fast enough, my friends had their dresses picked out already, and I was finally going to be able to start my plan to make my Daddy happy. When Friday rolled around, Daddy pulled up to school in his Explorer, I didn't see him arrive, but the school slut certainly did, and she sidled right up to him asking him if she could help him with something. He just looked at her and said my name and then she pointed out my friends and me as we were standing in a circle giggling and laughing with each other. He was so nice, and talked with them for a moment, before he held out his hand, pointing towards the car. I walked next to him, making small talk, telling him about my day and asking him about his, when I dropped one of my texts on the ground. He bent over to pick it up, and I stood next to book, hoping that he'd look up and see my cute panties. Daddy held open my door and then took the other books from me, and put them in the back seat of the car, and then got in the car and ran his hands through his hair before starting the car. I turned in my seat a little bit so that I could look at him while we talked. My left knee was pulled up on the seat, with my foot under my right leg, I made certain that my skirt was pulled up enough so that I was certain that he couldn't avoid seeing my panties again. When we arrived at the mall, he motioned towards Victorias Secret, and told me to get appropriate underwear for dressing up. He talked with a saleslady, handed her his credit card and then stepped out of the store and sat on a bench waiting patiently. It took me a while to find something that fit, and then the sales lady came out, smiling at him with a big sexy look in her eyes, and handed the bag with my school underwear in it, to him along with his credit card and then turned, giving me a disdainful look and went back to work.

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   Daddy finally escorted me to another store that sold formal wear, and this time he stayed in the store. He constantly had me try on dresses that had long flowing skirts and looked like the typical prom dress. I was really starting to get frustrated with the choices, and then Daddy sat down in a chair and told me to pick out a few dresses that I liked, and then come out wearing them so he could see what they looked like. I chose a few that I felt were ones that would make me look more mature, and carried them into my dressing room. Daddy seemed to be so comfortable when I was trying the other dresses on that I didn't think that he would even notice my figure. The first dress that I came out in was a long, beaded dress that hugged my curves. It was perhaps a little too tight, but it made me feel sexy. I turned slowly as Daddy sat in his chair looking at me, shaking his head from side to side in 'no' fashion. The next dress that I cam out in was a long pink satin dress, the necline plunged down to just above the "V" in my bra, and my back was bare. Once again, I turned slowly before Daddy, but this time he was sitting a little different, and he still shook his head from side to side. I tried on a black strapless dress that was fairly short, although I had a hard time getting the zipper up, so I asked Daddy if he would pull up the zipper. I made sure that I turned around while he was standing there so that he could see down the front of my dress. He coughed and said that there was no way I was dressing like that for a school dance and then pointed at his two favorites from the original dresses and told me to choose. I put my school uniform back on over my new underwear and headed out to meet Daddy again. I was a little disappointed, I didn't think that he actually noticed me.

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   It didn't seem fair that all these women were smiling at him, and touching his arm as if he were so cute taking his daughter shopping. I asked Daddy if I could pick up some new pajamas, and some jeans. This time he just handed me his credit card and went off to the mens department. I found a very pretty pink satin night gown with spaghetti straps that went to just about mid thigh on me. It looked very nice with my dark hair, and it seemed to make my skin colors come out prettily. I quickly picked up some jammie pants and shirts and then quickly tried on a pair of jeans. When everything was rung up, I hurried off to meet Daddy in the men's department. "You didn't melt it, did you honey?" he said with a silly smile on his face. "No Daddy" I said, and opened the bag, showing him the jeans on top of the pile. He reached up and touseled my hair, "You are a good girl, Katheryn. " "Thanks, Daddy. " I said and he put the belt that he was going to buy on the counter, and handed the man his credit card. I sat in the Explorer, facing forward, my hands sliding down my skirt as I tried to dry my palms on it. Daddy drove us home, and pulled into the garage. He pulled out the dress and carried it into the house along with the bag from Victoria's Secret.

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   By the time I got my backpack and bag with my jammies into the house, Daddy had already hung up my dress and put the VS bag onto my bed and headed back into his study. I put some potatoes into the oven, and prepared a little salad. Then knocked on the door of Daddy's study quietly. "Come in" he said. I poked my head around the door and smiled. "Daddy, you can start the grill now, the potatoes are in the oven and the salad is ready. " "Good girl" he said and stood up. I finished with my homework while Daddy was grilling, and finished just before he called me to the table. I quickly unbuttoned the top few buttons on my blouse deliberately and then rolled the waist on my skirt to make it just a little shorter and the flicked the back of my skirt up, checking out the thong that the lady at Victorias Secret had me buy. I then put on the makeup that I was allowed to wear, gave myself a spritz of perfume, and helped put things on the table before sitting down. It was pretty funny to watch him struggle. I could see his eyes as they checked out my chest, following the open buttons down to where he could see the little bow between my breasts from the bustier. I wasn't exactly sure what I needed to do, but it was fairly easy to keep his attention. After we cleared off the table, Daddy sat there, reading the newspaper and I washed the dishes. I loudly dropped a knife on the floor, and bent over, flashing him my bare ass.

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   I wiggled my backside deliberately as I sang and danced with the music on the radio. I was all about hoping that he was watching me as I tried to attract his attentions. When I finished, I turned and smiled. " Daddy, do you want to watch movies tonight?" "Sure baby. " He said and we talked about what we wanted to see. Daddy put the movie in and I went off to put on my jammies. I sat on the sofa next to Daddy and looked at him, as he watched TV. Eventually I got up some courage, and scootched closer to him, leaning against his arm and resting my head on his shoulder as we watched the TV. My robe fell open and he could see my bare thighs as I curled up my legs on the sofa. I lightly traced my fingertips over his thigh as I sat next to him, pretty soon, he wrapped his arm around me and pulled me up against his chest. I could hear his heart pounding as he held me. I gently brushed across the bulge in the front of his pants, my heart began to beat wildly as I felt how hard he was, and pulled my hand back as if I were burned. "Be careful, honey. " Daddy said as I wiggled around, trying to make it look like an accident. I settled back down, and made my decision that I was going to do what I wanted to do, and then once more, gently caressed Daddy's thigh.

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   I saw him staring at my hand as I touched him and turned and looked him in the eyes. "Katheryn, don't play with fire. " he said. I stopped caressing him, and laid my palm flat on his thighs, my fingertips deliberately brushing the side of his bulge as I met his gaze. I stood up and untied the sash on my robe, opening it so that it displayed my new nightgown. "Do you like it, Daddy?" I asked. He coughed and blinked hard, looking at me. I shrugged the robe off my shoulders and let it pile on the floor in a heap, and then turned slowly before him. I rocked my hips from side to side as I showed him the back of my night gown. I turned around again, and straddled his lap, sitting on my knees with his legs between mine as I faced him. "Do you know what I want, Daddy?" "You'd better be ready for the consequences of any actions you take tonight, Katheryn. " I ground my pelvis forward against him in response. "Daddy, I want to make you happy. " "I am happy, Katheryn. I've got you.

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  " "No Daddy, I want to make you REALLY happy. " I leaned forward, and pressed my lips against Daddy's. I softened them when he responded, and parted them as he slid his hands up my back and into my hair. He cradled me as I suckled on his tongue when he slid it into my mouth to explore. One hand sliding down my back and finding it's way under my nightgown, finding a bare bottom. "You are a naughty girl, Katheryn" he said before pulling me back towards him and kissing me again. I found myself squirming against him as his kisses made me feel so warm and excited. He stopped kissing me and held me as he looked into my eyes. "Katheryn, I want to you to think about this. I know that you've been on my computer reading stories. I want you to know that once we start, we aren't going to stop. I'm going to take you completely, and there will be no going back. " My heart thudded to hear those words, I licked my lips and met his gaze, nodding my head. "Yes Daddy. It's what I want.

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  " Then Daddy had me climb off his lap, and he led me to his bedroom. He had me get into bed and spent hours kissing me, touching my breasts and bottom and the tender smooth skin between my legs. He told me how happy he was that I shaved myself just for him. Eventually, he had me so excited that he pressed his thigh between my legs and then climbed between them. "Katheryn, I'm going to make you mine now. " he said, and then he rubbed the head of his cock in my wet slit and slid himself deep inside of me slowly, just the head pushing deep inside. He pulled out and then thrust himself deep inside of me, grinding his pelvis as he seemingly tried to enter me. He held still for a moment, and kissed the tip of my nose and said, "Mine. " Then he began to slowly slide in and out, grinding up against me as he took me and made me feel every inch of his cock. It didn't take long before the sensation of him stretching me open to fit him started to feel really good, and I began to buck up towards him as I spasmed in pleasure. Well, I suppose that I should end my story now. It's time for me to do a few chores before I go home and talk to Daddy again. Tonight he's going to teach me how he likes his cock sucked. It makes me feel good to see Daddy smiling so much lately. .

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