Diapers  Diapers was a girl I took out fairly often.   She was a cute, sweet, young thing that always seemed happy.   She was in her early twenties and had a one-year-old son.   She lived with her parents who helped her care for her baby.   Diapers carried around a few extra pounds.   Like most heavier girls, she had a wonderfully large set of tits.    I was beginning to really appreciate bigger girls and their big tits.     The first time I picked Diapers up for a date, her father and mother had a very unusual talk with me.   They told me their daughter was free to do anything she liked.   I just needed to be certain she got home safely.   Her father even made a point of telling me, “. . . she’s been fixed. ”
  I had a hard time believing what these parents were telling me.   Were they saying it was ok to fuck their daughter, as long as I brought her home safely?  It sure seemed like it.

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   Diapers got her handle from me.   It came from a near accident, which resulted in another accident.    We had been riding around town one evening in my classic ‘66 Dodge Charger.   We were chatting on the CB with her parents and some of my friends.   We scared the hell out of all of them when, over the air, they heard my tires squeal, Diapers scream, and me yell, “OH SHIT!”   Diapers parents, and a number of my CB friends, immediately wanted to know what had happened and were we were all right.    It took a long time for the laughter to fade when I told them what had happened.
  I had swerved hard to miss a skunk, but got him anyway.   Luckily, it was a clean kill, and he didn’t spray my car.   Thank God for 14” wide rear tires, and a skunk whose business end was aimed toward the roadside, and away from my car.    Diapers, however, continued to look upset after I thought it was all over and all was well.   She didn’t want to tell me why.   She just insisted I take her home right away.    When we got to her home, she quickly got out of the car, and ran inside.   I then realized why she needed to get home.   It was a good thing my seats were vinyl.

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    Her seat was soaking wet.   The near accident with the skunk had caused Diapers to have an accident of her own.   She had pissed her pants, and nearly flooded my car’s seat.    As if she wasn’t embarrassed enough, I added insult to injury.   While she cleaned up and changed her clothes, I drove to the nearest store and bought a pack of disposable diapers.   
  When she came out of the house, I gave her the pack of diapers.   The pack had been opened and one diaper was missing.   She thought her son had needed changing.
  When I opened the car door for her, she saw why the package had been opened.   I had spread one of the diapers on her seat.   “. . . to catch any further accidents. ”  I told her.

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     Hence, her handle, Diapers.   Even her father started calling her Diapers.   After he quit laughing, that is.   Her mother did her best to hold in her laugh.   She failed.
  Poor Diapers.  
  Diapers and I spent many evenings together.   We attended sporting events, watched movies, ate out often, and frequently ended up in bed.    She was a wonderfully energetic lover.   Every time we made love, she acted like it was something new and special to her.    Diapers loved having her sizable tits fondled, pinched, and sucked.   Fingering her pussy would frequently bring her to orgasm.  
  She had just one little quirk.   She always wanted my dick’s entry into her pussy to be hard, fast, and deep.   Each time, before I entered her, she raised and spread her knees.

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    She would then say, “Ram it to me, honey. ”   I would position my dick at her pussy’s entrance, and, with one hard thrust, bury my cock deep in her hole.   Diapers would give a sharp gasp as I slammed into her.   Her pussy was always tight.   After the ramming entry, I’d hold my dick deep in her so I could feel her pussy’s muscles as they milked me.    As I started stroking in and out of Diapers, she would wrap her legs around my waist and put her arms around my neck.   She’d grunt and groan with every stroke.   When I dumped my load deep in her pussy, she would usually cum too.   She said feeling my warm cum flooding into her hole got her off.                I think, of all the dates we went on, the most fun we had was on a two night trip to attend a large CB Break held at the Tucson, Az. County fairgrounds.   Diapers’ parents watched her baby while we went to what became one big party.    We had waited too long before deciding to go, so we could not get a motel room in the fairgrounds area.   Luckily, the weather was warm, and the rear seats in my car folded nearly flat.   So, with some towels covering the windows, and several blankets for a cushion, we had an instant room.

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  From dusk to nearly dawn both nights we were in Tucson, my car’s suspension was kept in action.   I think we were trying to wear each other out.   Neither of us succeeded, but it sure was fun trying.
  Diapers claimed to be sore for a week.   Though I never admitted it, I was sore as well.   
  After a while, we just drifted apart.   Too bad.       

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