Emma discovers a new side


Topic: 1st page Emma was in a dilemna. She had been dating Rick for a few weeks and they had had sex. She was not in love with him but he was rich and that always gets a girl going. He could have been looking for a younger woman but he seemed genuinely interested in her. He did not treat her very nicely but that comes from the territory. When a guy drives a Porsche and lives in a mansion, he does not think he needs to treat his date like she is a princess. Anyway she had gone on a couple dates during the same time with James, her Jamaican friend’s cousin. Despite her hesitations she had let him fuck her. It was not making love, he had taken her. Even though he was charming and good looking, his animal lust had come through and he gave her the best fuck of her life. Three days later, she still felt the damage his massive cock had done to her pussy. It was still tender. But every time she thought about the time they spent in his hot tub she shuddered, her heart skipped a beat.
What should she do about Rick though. She felt bad. Rick called her and asked if she would join him for dinner.

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   She quickly accepted since James had not called yet. Just as she was getting ready for her date, James called her. “Hi Gorgeous, sorry I did not call you sooner. I was very busy. I would love to see you again this weekend. How about Friday night?” She answered yes for sure. Two lovers in two days! That wa so unlike her and so unlike how she had been raised. However, it was very exciting to be wanted by two men at the same time. She dressed very nice for Rick but she felt naughty. She put on a sexy purple dress that left her shoulders uncovered. She could not wear a bra with this dress and her large perky breasts were pushing the fabric. She had on a purple thong that fit her like a glove. Her long legs were accentuated by an expensive pair of purple sandals with 5” stiletto heels. Rick was waiting fo her outside her house in a brand new Ferrari. She had never been in a Ferrari.

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   They kissed and he took her to one of the most expensive restaurants in town. Heads were turning when people saw her walk in. Even though she was 40, she looked stunning in that outfit. They sat at a private table and started chatting and drinking expensive wine. The meal was exquisite and out of most people price range. Finally they took a stroll through downtown and a small park. It was quite romantic and they kissed several times very tenderly. He kept telling her how beautiful she looked. He was holding her ass a few times and she knew he had felt that she had a thong on. They went back to the restaurant and took his Ferrari back. On the way there he was rubbing her thigh and giving her all kinds of compliments. How smooth her skin is, how long her legs are. Driving slowly through the busy street in this Ferrari and getting all this attention from inside the car and all the passerbys was starting to make her feel really sexy. Once they got onto darker roads she leaned over and began massaging his leg and then his privates. They drove in his mansion’s huge garden.

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   As soon as he stopped the car, she undid his zipper slowly while staring in his eyes. He was already erect. She slowly leaned over and licked the length of his shaft. The vibrations of the car were acting like a vibrator and she could feel that she was getting wet. She gobbled his prick and took most of it in until she gagged. She then furiously went up and down his cock. The cramped space inside the Ferrari was not ideal for this type of behavior. He lifted her head and told her, “You are amazing let’s continue this inside shall we. ” They walked in the empty mansion through several rooms and all the way to an entertainment room with couches, a pool table and a bar. He opened a bottle of champagne and they sat on the couch and started making out. She did not see that he had dropped a fine powder in each glass. His glass had a massive dose of Viagra and hers had ectasy. The champagne was starting to make her feel really drunk and soon she was rubbing his cock through his pants. He lifted her dress, and rubbed her pussy through the thong which was soon wet. Soft music filled the air and the lights were dim.

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   He stood up and refilled her champagne. Soon she felt warm and she got up and started to dance to the music slowly while drinking. She swayed her hips in a very sexy way. He got up and stood in front of her with his erection standing in front of him. He pushed down on her shoulders and she squatted on her high heels and started sucking his cock again. After a while He sat down on a couch and she kneeled in front of him going crazy on him. He could not hold it any longer. He grabbed her head and held her down while he came deep in her mouth. She gagged briefly as she had never taken in her mouth a man’s cum thinking it was disgusting. More was coming and she was forced to swallow. Once he was done he released her and told her how wonderful she was. He lifted her by the hand and said he would return the favor. She removed her dress and stood there in her thong and high heels. He pushed her on her back on the couch and started eating her pussy. She pulled her legs wide apart and enjoyed the expert action of his tongue, He slowly inserted a warm vibrator in her pussy.

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   She moaned loudly as the vibrations pushed her closer to an orgasm. She writhed on the couch but he only pushed a couple inches of the device in and then pulled it out. He resumed his slow licking and fingered her anus. Once she was ready to explode he stood up, dragged her to the pool table and made her sit on it. He continued inserting the vibrator to get her going again, pulled it out and inserted his cock inside instead. He grabbed her legs and lifted them high together with one hand. Her stilettos were pointing straight up. He started pounding her pussy narrowed by the position while one hand pulled on her nipples. After a couple minutes she screamed and came suddenly. He kept on pounding her without slowing down and started rubbing her clit with the vibrator. He seemed like a machine and just pounded his rock hard cock in her fast. He would remove almost all of it and slide in again brutally. The combined action of the vibrator and his cock made her come again. This time he came inside her pussy.
She was without strength and thought he would be done so she started walking away to get tissues.


   As soon as she was done cleaning herself up he pulled her back to the couch. He pushed her done over the armrest. Her ass was high up, her face in the leather. He walked to her and shoved his cock in her mouth. She could not believe that it was hard again. She understood what he had done. He smiled at her and said “I wanted to give you all that you deserve. He caressed her breasts and fingered her pussy while she sucked on his cock. He pushed the vibrator against her pussy again and she started moaning and moving away, her clit was sensitive from the previous pounding. He then applied a gel to the dildo and pushed it against her anus. She was surprised but did not move away. She started feeling warm again and sucked his cock faster. He pushed the vibrator further and turned it off. He was using it as a regular dildo now. He moved behind her and removed the dildo.

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   He  took out a bigger vibrator and pushed it in her pussy again. This time she did not complain and was moaning from pleasure. He pushed the big dildo all the way to the hilt and started pushing his cock inside her ass. That time she moved and bucked from the pain. She was trying to push him away so he slowed down his penetration. He turned on the large vibrator inside her pussy and she screamed “oh yesssss” He understood that signal and started fucking her in the ass. Every time he pushed deep, her head would rise and rise up and she screamed a low “raaahhhH”    As he increased his tempo he grabbed roughly her hips and she started screaming louder. She had never been double penetrated and this was more than she could bear. She let out one last scream and came violently. He did not stop even though she was shaking and he attacked her ass very fast until he came inside her. She kept trembling even after he removed himself and the vibrator from her. She could not move anymore. He cleaned himself up and her and sat next to her head on the couch. He was still hard. She whispered “you naughty man”.

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    He laughed while gently rubbing her body. He gave her more of the ecstasy loaded champagne. She revived a bit and he shoved his cock in her mouth again. She did not push him away as she craved more contact. He asked her if she wanted naughtier stuff. She moved away a bit laughed and said no. “That is the naughtiest I can take”. He turned her over and while biting her nipples gently he fucked her in a missionary position on the couch. She took a long time to come that time, she was getting used to the kinkiness. .
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