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 After the episode where Lois pulls James out of the water, things begin to change.   James realized that he has just got a feel of how big Lois's tits are, while they were in the water- and they were huge.   He goes back to his room and flops on his bed.   As he is laying there. his dick starts to harden.   The more he thinks about Lois's monstrous tits, the harder his cock becomes.   James begins thinking about how it would be to rub and suck on those  two  huge tits, and he reaches down and grabs his now hard cock.   As he continues to  wank his  9 inch  long, thick member; he feverishly begins to wish he had his big cock in her pussy.   On every stroke. he visualizes how it would be to fuck Lois- imagining his dick pumping into her with every powerful move he made.   Suddenly, he felt his cum marching toward his exit, as his sperm shot out of his cock and hit the ceiling with a splat.   God, what a feeling- he  grunted. I have to have her!! I have got to fuck this woman; I have got to feel my long cock pound the shit out of her- she will be begging me for my big dick.
As we turn our attention to Lois, who is laying on her bed- her mind is wandering to today's activities and especially the episode with James in the water.

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    Her thoughts mainly center on the fact that when she was trying to pull him out of the ocean,her right hand  momentarily grabbed for his leg, but instead got hold of his member.   Lois quickly released her grip, and wondered if James realized what had just happened.   Nothing like this had ever happened to her before.   She was so embarrased!! But, in the back of her mind, a flicker began to burn.   She tried to push that thought away .   No!!this is a vile and wanton thought.   Go away devil!!  But she could not get that feeling of lust to go away.
 Her mind was telling her to embrace that feeling- to enjoy the feeling of lust and desire.   Then her mind opened up and the thought of feeling and holding James's big penis flooded her body.   No No!!! I shouldn't be thinking about this 15 year old boy.   It is wrong.   But she could not steer her sudden lust from thinking about James' huge member.   The more she thought about James, the greater her sexual glands took over.   The area between her legs became moist with her own fluids, and her hand began rubbing that sensitive area.   What is going on- I have never felt like this before.

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    Lois began moaning as her fingers continued to work on her clit. The more she attacked that area, the greater the sensations became.   Then it hit  her!!  The greatest orgasm that she had ever  had. "SHIT!! DAMN!!  Where did those words come from, she wondered?  I never talk  that way.   Lois  knew that she could not stop fulfilling her desires- and the real question was How would it feel with a man.   She had to know
 Part 3 coming next
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