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He watched her from the other side of the classroom. Corryn was one of the sexiest girls he’d ever seen, whenever he plucked up the courage to go and speak to her she would say “hi” and he would go shy and go back to his seat.
Paul had a rare abnormality, he was forever hard, his cock was never satisfied, he never went soft, and the girls who knew about it were mad for him.
Meanwhile Corryn had noticed he always had that lump in his trousers and had, by now, guessed what it was. Every time she saw his trousers go tight she would give a small moan and feel herself dampen. She had to get it.
That day Corryn was catching the same bus as Paul into town. She saw him and asked if she could sit next to him, shyly, he nodded.
‘So how are you?’ she asked, glancing at his throbbing erection.
‘Er…I’m fine…you?’ he stuttered.
‘I’m fine, I’ve noticed you in classes,’ she glanced at his cock again.
‘Yeah, you and your friend,’ she winked, brushing her fingers against his leg. Causing him to stiffen entirely, making her giggle.
‘So where are you going in town?’ she asked as if nothing had happened.
‘Err…’ he said, ‘was just gonna walk around for a while… you?’
‘Was hoping to have fun, then I met you and now I really want some fun,’ she winked again and put a hand on his “leg”. He smiled and realised he could relax, well, so to speak.

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‘No other plans then? He asked, putting a hand on her left tit, but so other people wouldn’t be able to see. She shifted slightly and squeezed his cock.
‘Not really, oh look, here’s our stop’ she winked.
They climbed off the bus hand-in-hand and smiled at each other. Corryn led him down the road until the bus had driven past them and then pushed him down a small alley and into a small abandoned garden and kissed him hard, brushing her tongue between his lips and rubbing his hard-on through his jeans, causing him to groan. He pushed her away slightly and rubbed his hands against her arse, squeezing the cheeks hard, making her moan lightly. He grabbed her wrists and pressed her against a wall, and attacked her neck with kisses and nibbles.
‘Oh Paul, you make me so wet’ she moaned loudly. Paul grabbed both her wrists with one hand and slowly dragged his finger tips up the inside of her thighs then dipped them under the short denim skirt she was wearing. He slid his fingers against her panties, at which she moaned louder.
Paul pushed away from her and pushed her to the floor.
‘Mmm yeah treat me mean,’ Corryn moaned as he undid his jeans and pulled his 12” cock into view, her eyes widened and her jaw dropped.
‘Yeah bitch, come here,’ he grabbed her by her hair and pulled her to her knees, her hands wrapped around his cock, only just. At 12” long and 3” in diameter it’s easy to say he was the most popular guy in school. She began to rub her hand along the entire length of his cock, her mouth watering.

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   He leant back against the wall and she moved to follow his cock, her lips millimetres from his pre-cum covered helmet. He groaned as he felt her breath on his cock, shivering he reached forward to pull her head nearer. Slowly she kissed his pee hole, looking up at his face, then took his bellend into her hot mouth, causing Paul to moan loudly.
‘Fuck Corryn, suck it’ he groaned loudly and Corryn obeyed his request and started sucking his bellend softly.

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