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I close my eyes and inhale. I smell roses. I reach for the box and notice it is addressed to me. I gently pull the bow off of the box and let the velvet slide through my fingers it feels soft and nice. I carefully lift the lid off of the box, everything here seems so fragile. As the top of the box comes off I see black tissue paper. I gently lift the top layer of tissue paper from the box and smile. For inside the box is an Ivory colored silk gown and a lace robe that goes over the top. I pull the gown from the box and let it float over my skin. It is soft and silky. I can't wait to put it on! I move from the bed and move back toward the middle of the room. I notice a door on the far side of the room. There seems to be a light coming from underneath it. I walk to the door and open it. Inside there is a Huge Jacuzzi type tub filled with steaming water and bubbles. I walk into the bathroom and inhale.

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   It smells like Jasmine I close my eyes and just basque in the scent of fresh jasmine. I walk toward the tub and I touch the water. It is hot. I begin to disrobe. my body tense from a hard days work. I step over the side of the tub and put my feet in. The water stings my feet but it feels good so I submerge the rest of my body in the water. the hot water envelopes me like a warm blanket on a cold winters night. The water stings my breasts as I sink deeper into the tub. I lay my head against the back of the tub and close my eyes and take a deep breath in. the bubbles reach my chin and I just can't believe how incredible this water feels. I lean in and turn some more water in the tub. Steam fills the room. I lean back into the tub just in time to hear the door open. A man comes in and walks across the room.

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   He has short brown hair neatly styled. He has a goatee that accentuates his pouty lips. He has hazel eyes that sparkle. He walks toward the tub and says "Hard day"? I smile and nod my head. He leans in and grabs the Jasmine scented soap and begins to later it up. Rubbing it over my back. It feels so silky and soft. His hands feel like electric currents through my body. He moves over my shoulders and down my chest. He reaches my breasts and takes a nipple and rolls it between his thumb and forefinger I can feel it grow hard between his fingers. I moan it feels so good! He then takes my other nipple and rolls it between his other thumb and forefinger. I begin to turn around and kiss him. Our eyes meet ands he begins to kiss my lips. His strong tongue parts my lips and our tongues intertwine like they are two lost lovers that have just been re-united after many years. After that wonderful soul kiss he tells me to sit on the side of the tub.

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   I oblige him and move up to the side of the tub and the cool air makes my already hard nipples harder. His hands move over my body and are making his way down my body toward my thighs. I open my legs and he runs his fingers up my throbbing slit "MMMM That feels so good" I say. Then he begins to make small circles around my clit. Moaning, I breathlessly ask him not to stop. he just smiles. He leans in to kiss me. He then lifts me and carries me to the bed. " Do you like the gown I bought you?" "Yes, it is beautiful. " I reply He grins an evil little grin. "Too bad you won't be wearing it this evening. "I smile at him knowing what he means. We reach the bed and he gently lays me on the bed. The sheets feel soft and cool against my hot skin. He climbs in next to me and kisses me deeply.

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   I snake my hands around his neck and hold him tightly I run my hands down his body my hands caressing each muscle and curve in his strong back. I reach his ass and grasp it firmly. He just smiles at me. I continue to squeeze his ass cheeks alternating from the left to the right. "Here is what you should be playing with" He says as he move my hands around to his 9 inch penis. "My my, aren't we the excited boy?" I ask with a grin a mile wide. "I got your boy right here!" He replies with a sneer. I take his penis in my hands and begin to rub the mushroom tip and circle my hand around the shaft rubbing with a slight pressure. I continue doing this while he is running his fingers up and down my hot wet pussy. I move around so I can put his large cock in my mouth and begin suckling the head of his penis inching my way down his shaft my hands working what's not in my mouth up and down. He moves me around so that I am laying on top of him and he spreads my thighs and begins kissing and nibbling my thighs. I feel his tongue making light circles around my clit. I am in complete ecstasy. Moaning I continue to work his cock in and out of my mouth playing with his balls with my hands. I feel his hands wander up my ass and I feel them spread my ass cheeks apart.

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   He inserts his index finger into my asshole and I immediately cum all over his face. I can feel his balls start to tighten up and his shaft is beginning to tremble inside my mouth. With a huge moan he lets loose and spurts rope after rope of his hot cum down my throat. I try to swallow every drop but I miss a little and he smiles at me and says "Do you know how sexy you look with my cum smeared across your face?"BEEP BEEP BEEP "What the hell is that?" I ask impatiently"That is my pager" he replies it is time for me to go BEEP BEEP BEEP"HONEY TURN THAT FUCKING ALARM CLOCK OFF!!" It is my husbands voice coming from this mans mouth only the man isn't my husband. Then I realize. . . It was all a fucking dream!!Oh well I must have really enjoyed it because there is a giant wet spot on the sheets from where I have cum. I am smiling as I get up to start breakfast for the kids. .
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