Field of Wheat


Her delicate fingers found his shirt buttons. The wind had shifted direction, her hair was flying into his face. The strands tickled his cheek, carressed his chest, making him even larger. She had succeeded in removing the shirt, his abdomen now stood bare and perfect. Her fingers lightly traced it, and he gave a groan of impatience. Janice's pink lips turned upward in a sly smile, as she bent down and traced his navel with the tip of her toungue. Unable to stand it anymore, Robert took her face in his hands and gave her a deep kiss. He slipped the shoulders of her dress off, and it fell to the ground around her knees. She shivered, and he held her close. Her bra and panties were white, silken, soft. She lay down on the incline of one of the hills of wheat, legs spread open. Between them, in the middle of the silk, was a wet mark. Robert kneeled on the ground and placed her legs on his shoulders. He licked through the underwear, relishing the softness of it under his toungue, the taste of her juices. Janice's head rolled from side to side in ecstacy, giving an occasional moan or utteral growl. Her fingers found the clasp of her bra.

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   After it had been thrown to the side, her fingers began to circle her nipples, teasing them, getting her slit even more wet. Robert hooked his thumbs into the top of the waistband, and slid them off. His toungue met her bare essence, licking the sides of it, flicking the top, sucking out the juices as though she were an oasis. In instinct, Janice's legs tried to close, but Robert held them open. Her thighs strained at the uncomfortable pleasure, until orgasm rolled over her body. Her stomach heaved up and down, her breaths shallow and quick. Robert stuck his toungue as far as it could go into her, and she was instantly sent into another convulsion, this one deeper and longer. Janice and Robert then kneeled facing each other. She licked his neck, his chest, his abdomen. Her fingers found the clasp of his belt, unbuckling it. She slid her hand down into his jeans, and felt the throbbing pillar underneath. Her fingers found its tip, wet with his juices. She brought her finger out, tracing the juices around her lips. Robert nuzzled his face into her neck as she hastily got him out of his jeans. She lay him on his back on the incline, with his shaft in her hand.

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   Her soft, delicate palms massaged the shaft of his penis, as one finger slowly drew circles around the tip. Robert closed his eyes, focusing on the sensations Janice was giving him. One hand left the shaft and found its way down to the two pendulums underneath, giving each one a light-pressured grab, slightly tugging at the scrotum. His pre-juices seemed to flow like a fountain now, and Janice gave it a quick lap with her toungue. At this, Robert bucked his hips, and gave out a loud groan. Sufficiently recovered from her first orgasm, and wet once again, Janice lay on top of Robert. Her delicate breasts lay on his chest, as she kissed his open mouth. His pillar was throbbing against her thigh, and her slit was undulating at his base. Slowly, she raised her smooth hips, and lowered herself onto him. He slid into her, and she felt his head entering into her core. His body felt her wetness, smooth and slick. They began to move in rhythm, his hips bucking up and down, her hips pumping like cylinders. Her clitoris pressed against the top of his shaft, rubbed back and forth with each thrust. She angled her hips, and his tip was rubbed against the side of her vaginal wall, giving him a sensation he had never felt before. His mouth found her nipples, taking each one in slowly, gently, as he licked it within his mouth.

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   She grabbed his hair, her eyes rolled up with pleasure, her mouth hanging open in ecstacy. Finally, came the moment of climax. Her knees were shaking, her thighs closing tight. He rolled, and pinned her underneath him. With one final thrust, he reached as far as he could go, and came within her, spilling his semen deep into her vagina. Janice gave out one final moan as her orgasm swept her once again, making her entire body shake. He withdrew, his penis now limp and drained. Her slit was tender, and she found she could not close her legs all the way without wincing in pleasurable pain. He held her in his arms, in the wheat. . is the top-class online escort agency in Belgium!

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